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1. St. Louis City Resolution Number 243
Abstract: The Board of Aldermen recognize Mayor Clarence Harmon and wish him continued success
2. St. Louis City Resolution Number 88
Abstract: WHEREAS, Mrs. Antionette Cousins is a native St. Louisan, born and raised in the community she serves. She has been married for over ten years to her college sweetheart, Lieutenant Ryan Cousins and is mother to a son, Ryan, and daughter Addison; and
3. St. Louis City Resolution Number 61
Abstract: The Board of Aldermen congratulate Officer Sandra Watson on her retirement
4. St. Louis City Resolution Number 184
Abstract: Troupe/French - The Board of Aldermen directs the Public Safety Committee to convene for the purpose of investigating and examining the issues of the City as related to the Building Division and the building inspection process
5. St. Louis City Resolution Number 381
Abstract: WHEREAS, an intrepid band of committed residents under the leadership of Rita Ford formed a neighborhood organization in October of 1999 in the Gravois Park Neighborhood in the southeast section of the City of St. Louis, bounded by Cherokee (north) and Gravois (northeast); Chippewa (south); Jefferson (east); an
6. St. Louis City Resolution Number 340
Abstract: WHEREAS, we have been apprised that Officer Mark A. Meyers was selected by his peers as the 2008 Officer of the Year for the Second District; and
7. St. Louis City Resolution Number 163
Abstract: Moore - The Board of Aldermen recognize the many contributions of Ronald Jenkins to the citizens of the City.
8. St. Louis City Resolution Number 324
Abstract: Conway - Congratulations to Michelle Boston-David on her award for the Shaw Neighborhood Public Servant of the Year.
9. First Reading of St. Louis City Board Bill 47
Abstract: WHEREAS, the Board of Aldermen finds that there are a growing number of residential rental properties within the City, and that many of these properties are in a declining state of maintenance; and WHEREAS, inadequate maintenance directly affects the health, life, safety and welfare of the citizens of St. Louis a
10. St. Louis City Ordinance 69821
Abstract: An ordinance pertaining to enforcement of code violations relating to the health and safety (ie. environmental sanitation issues, animals, nuisances, hazardous materials, air pollution, businesses, buildings and premises) and enforced by the Department of Health in the City of St. Louis; establishing an adminis

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