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1. St. Louis City Ordinance 69984
Abstract: An ordinance establishing an Civilian Oversight Board in the City of St. Louis; establishing the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board, containing definitions, delineating the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board's composition, powers and duties, the administrative structure, inspection and investigation procedures,
2. St. Louis City Ordinance 69982
Abstract: An Ordinance pertaining to applicants seeking employment with the City of St. Louis in positions in the civil service system; finding that service in the U.S. Armed Forces is meritorious, adding new provisions that establish a military veteran hiring preference system; containing definitions; scoring system and
3. St. Louis City Ordinance 69955
Abstract: An ordinance repealing Ordinance 68663, codified as Chapter 3.110.120 of the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis and in lieu thereof enacting a new ordinance relating to a "complete streets" policy for the City of St. Louis, stating guiding principles and practices so that transportation improvements are plan
4. St. Louis City Ordinance 69937
Abstract: An ordinance authorizing and directing the Street Commissioner to take all necessary actions to honorarily designate Walton Avenue as 'Rev. Melvin Smotherson Avenue.' Whereas, Rev. Melvin Smotherson is the Founder and Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church; and Whereas, he pushed for a cooperative venture between p
5. St. Louis City Ordinance 69936
Abstract: An ordinance pertaining to the New Age Federal Savings and Loan Building, located at 1401 N. Kingshighway (the Property), having as subject matter the designation of the Property as a City of St. Louis Landmark, containing definitions, Landmark Standards and a severability clause. The Board of Aldermen hereby dec
6. St. Louis City Ordinance 69925
Abstract: An ordinance recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment pertaining to, and providing for the issuance of obligations payable under an annually renewable lease agreement, authorizing and directing the execution and delivery, in one or more series, of lease certificates of participation obligations of t
7. St. Louis City Ordinance 69922
Abstract: An Ordinance recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation (the 'Corporation') to issue and sell its Forest Park Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds (City of St. Louis, Missouri, Lessee), Series 2015, in an aggregate principal amount n
8. St. Louis City Ordinance 69893
Abstract: An Ordinance recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing The City of St. Louis, Missouri (the 'Cit') to establish green community program for the purpose of making low-interest loans for residential energy efficiency projects and public building energy conservation projects and to issue a
9. St. Louis City Ordinance 69797
Abstract: An ordinance appropriating the sum of $20,153,420, as described and defined in Section 94.600 through 94.655, R.S. Mo. 2000 as amended for the period herein stated, which sum is hereby appropriated out of the 'Transportation Trust Fund' to the Bi-State Development Agency for transportation purposes; and further
10. St. Louis City Ordinance 69796
Abstract: An Ordinance pertaining to the Transit Sales Tax imposed pursuant to Section 94.660, RSMo., as adopted and approved by the voters of St. Louis City on November 4, 1997, pursuant to Ordinance 64111 creating the 'City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund' directing the Treasurer of the City of St. Louis to deposit

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