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1. St. Louis City Ordinance 69798
Abstract: An ordinance pertaining to the adoption of a policy supporting the practice of the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of feral cats by Sponsor(s) approved by the Department of Health of the City of St. Louis; allowing the same to humanely trap, spay and neuter, and return feral cats to a colony in the area they were foun
2. St. Louis City Ordinance 69790
Abstract: An Ordinance establishing a four way stop site at the intersection of Tesson Street and Schroeder Court by regulating all northbound and southbound traffic traveling on Tesson Street at Schroeder Court and regulating all eastbound and westbound traffic traveling on Schroeder Court at Tesson Street and containing
3. St. Louis City Ordinance 69757
Abstract: An ordinance establishing a bond oversight committee to help ensure efficiency, equity, timeliness and accountability in the expenditure of proceeds from any general obligation bonds issued in the city of St. Louis after the effective date of this ordinance. WHEREAS, in times of need for capital improvements that
4. St. Louis City Ordinance 69682
Abstract: An ordinance pertaining to the collection of funds to assist in the City's efforts to support the restoration of St. Louis City Hall; authorizing the Comptroller to establish "The City Hall Restoration Fund" to help provide needed repairs and restoration to the St. Louis City Hall, located at 1200 Market; direc
5. St. Louis City Ordinance 69674
Abstract: An Ordinance submitting to the qualified voters of the City of St. Louis a proposed amendment to the Charter of the City of St. Louis adding Paragraph (e) to Section 4 of Article XVIII of the Charter of the City of St. Louis relating to the granting of a veterans' preference to applicants who successfully pass
6. St. Louis City Ordinance 69638
Abstract: An Ordinance pertaining to the transfer of real property ('Police Property') from the Board of Police Commissioners of the City of St. Louis ('Board') to the City of St. Louis ('City') as a result of the merger of the Board and City pursuant to Section 84.344.2 RSMo. and pertaining to the amendment of certain b
7. St. Louis City Ordinance 69592
Abstract: An ordinance establishing stop site for all northbound and southbound traffic traveling on Macklind Avenue at Finkman Street and containing an emergency clause. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF ST. LOUIS AS FOLLOWS: SECTION ONE. There is hereby established a stop site for all northbound and southbound traffic travel
8. St. Louis City Ordinance 69454
Abstract: An Ordinance adopted pursuant to Sections 70.210-70.325 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (2000); authorizing and directing the Mayor and the Comptroller, on behalf of The City of St. Louis, Missouri (the 'City') to execute and deliver an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement by and among the City, St. Loui
9. St. Louis City Ordinance 69429
Abstract: An Ordinance establishing policies for the possession and enforcement of marijuana offenses in the City of St. Louis, Missouri; containing a severability clause, and a penalty clause and an effective date clause. WHEREAS, the Missouri State Court system and Circuit Attorney's Office of the City of St. Louis curre
10. St. Louis City Ordinance 69427
Abstract: An ordinance repealing ordinance 68412 and enacting in lieu thereof an ordinance pertaining to City public works projects, Tax Increment Financed (TIF) Projects and St. Louis City Bonded Projects, establishing apprenticeship training, and workforce diversity, and city resident programs for City-funded public work

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