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1. St. Louis City Ordinance 69982
Abstract: An Ordinance pertaining to applicants seeking employment with the City of St. Louis in positions in the civil service system; finding that service in the U.S. Armed Forces is meritorious, adding new provisions that establish a military veteran hiring preference system; containing definitions; scoring system and
2. St. Louis City Ordinance 69929
Abstract: An Ordinance to amend Section Seven of Ordinance No. 69190, adjusting the salaries of employees in the Sheriff's Office and enacting in lieu thereof a new section, at the discretion of the Sheriff, employees may receive a two percent (2%) salary increase upon passage of this ordinance and containing an emergency
3. St. Louis City Ordinance 69892
Abstract: An ordinance, recommended and approved by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, authorizing the Mayor of the City of St. Louis, on behalf of the City, to apply for funding under the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control being offered p
4. St. Louis City Ordinance 69730
Abstract: An Ordinance pertaining to public nuisances; repealing Ordinance 68535 and enacting in lieu thereof a new ordinance establishing procedures for the abatement of public nuisances identified by the Public Safety Director and establishing an occupancy list requirement; containing definitions, penalties and an emer
5. St. Louis City Ordinance 69707
Abstract: An ordinance requiring the recording of all public meetings of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, including committee meetings; the Board of Estimate & Apportionment; the Board of Public Service; and the Preservation Board; making such recordings publicly available; containing definitions; distribution of recordi
6. St. Louis City Ordinance 69682
Abstract: An ordinance pertaining to the collection of funds to assist in the City's efforts to support the restoration of St. Louis City Hall; authorizing the Comptroller to establish "The City Hall Restoration Fund" to help provide needed repairs and restoration to the St. Louis City Hall, located at 1200 Market; direc
7. St. Louis City Ordinance 69674
Abstract: An Ordinance submitting to the qualified voters of the City of St. Louis a proposed amendment to the Charter of the City of St. Louis adding Paragraph (e) to Section 4 of Article XVIII of the Charter of the City of St. Louis relating to the granting of a veterans' preference to applicants who successfully pass
8. St. Louis City Ordinance 69671
Abstract: An ordinance establishing a stop site for all eastbound and westbound traffic traveling on Maurice Avenue at Leola Avenue and containing an emergency clause. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF ST. LOUIS AS FOLLOWS: SECTION ONE. There is hereby established a stop site for all eastbound and westbound traffic traveling on
9. St. Louis City Ordinance 69489
Abstract: An Ordinance adopted pursuant to the terms and conditions of the recently approved Proposition A voter initiative, accepting local control and responsibility for the City's police department.<br> WHEREAS, on November 6, 2012, a majority of the voters of the State of Missouri approved Proposition A, which enables
10. St. Louis City Ordinance 69461
Abstract: An ordinance approving a blighting study and redevelopment plan dated March 19, 2013 for the 5429-31 Chippewa St. Redevelopment Area (as further defined herein, the 'Plan') after finding that said Redevelopment Area ('Area') is blighted as defined in Section 99.320 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, as amende

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