BULLET Public Library Benefits Valuation Study
St. Louis Public Library promised to host "a post-project" conference to disseminate the methodology developed in this study. The other four participating libraries were invited to act as co-sponsors. Project researchers obtained the opportunity to meet this goal before the end of the project funding when they organized and delivered a pre-conference program on the methodology at the summer 1999 ALA convention. The conference organizers invited the executive directors of major metropolitan libraries to attend or to send representatives. Forty-five persons attended. They received instruction on the methods, instruments, sampling, and end products from the proposed research. Funds from the IMLS grant supported the instruction and materials for the workshop. Participants were responsible for their own travel, meals, and lodging. The American Library Association (Public Library Association) charged a regular pre-conference registration fee to help defray expenses.

Participants in the post-project dissemination conference evaluated the applicability of the methodology to their own libraries. Several months after the conference, participants were asked to respond to surveys asking whether they have plans to implement the methodology and, if so, when and how. A summary of participant responses is available in Appendix C.

The researchers also disseminated the results of this study through publications in library and academic journals and by making materials available on the World-Wide Web. Original project plans for dissemination have been and will continue to be exceeded. In addition to the successful PLA Pre-Conference in Chicago, dissemination will continue with an invited articles in a 2003 issue of Library Trends, an invited feature article in The Bottom Line, and an invited book to be published by the American Library Association, probably in 2003.

As this project was being anticipated and then started, the PI gave state conference presentations on CBA in California, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, and Washington, DC. The PI has given CBA conference presentations to library professionals gathered for national meetings in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. The research team communicates via email with CBA researchers in Norway, Brazil and New Zealand, all of which are developing or refining their methodology based on the St. Louis-based project. The methodological consultant has given a speech in Wisconsin. The PI is scheduled to give CBA presentations in Arhus, Denmark, in June 2001; Roturra, New Zealand in September 2001, and Springfield, Illinois, in October 2001.

Research publications about CBA project have appeared in the Library Journal, Public Libraries, School Library Journal and The Bottom Line.

It is likely that major CBA studies based on the St. Louis model will be accomplished in Houston, Texas; Topeka Kansas, and by the Illinois State Library.

Research faculty in library schools in New York and Florida have expressed interest in pursuing research on CBA. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles R. McClure, Bruse T. Fraser, Timothy W. Nelson, and Dr. Jane B. Robbins drew heavily on the St. Louis project's CBA methodology to publish Economic Benefits and Impacts From Public Libraries in the State of Florida: Final Report to the State Library of Florida, November 30, 2000. (


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