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Following is a list of currently existing (1994) St. Louis city streets which was compiled by Dr. Glen Holt and Thomas A. Pearson. Entries are alphabetical by street name, and include information on street orientation (east-west, north-south), street name origin, dedication date, and neighborhood(s) through which the street runs (when known).

ULENA AVENUE (N-S). Appeared in the 1914 Wanda Place subdivision and probably named for a female relative of the developer. "Ulena" is a highly unusual name composed by adding the letter "u" to "lena," which is a pet form of names ending in "lena," like Helena. (Oak Hill)

UNION BOULEVARD (N-S). Originally named as Second Kingshighway between the Olive Street Plank Road (Delmar) and St. Charles Road (Martin Luther King Drive), in the 1850s. It derived its present name during the Civil War when many of its abutting property owners were Union sympathizers. Northern sections of Union bore the names of Bernays and Barton at various times. In the Arlington neighborhood, it was Barton Avenue from Easton to Natural Bridge until 1880 and was Bernays Avenue in honor of a prominent doctor, between Bircher and West Florissant until 1916. (Arlington) (Cabanne) (Central West End) (Walnut Park)

UNION DRIVE. A drive in Forest Park, it begins at the Union Boulevard entrance to Forest Park. (Kingsbury)

UNIVERSITY COURT (N-S). Named for its close proximity to St. Louis University and Harris-Stowe State College. (Midtown)

UNIVERSITY STREET (E-W). In the 1850 Union Addition, it was named for St. Louis University. It was Magnolia Street from Jefferson to Glasgow until 1881 and Wright Street from Twenty-second to Glasgow until 1886. (Fairground) (Old North St. Louis-Yeatman)

UNTER DEN LINDEN (E-W). So labeled after a famous street in Berlin, Unter den Linden was part of the 1891 Greenwood Subdivision. (Oakland)

UPTON STREET (E W) Named U Street in old Carondelet and then called Union Street in 1854. The new name applied only to the section extending from the wharf to Michigan Avenue; west of that, it was called Fourth Street. In 1881 it was renamed Upton Street, honoring Emory Upton (1839 1881), a U. S. Army officer and writer who served with distinction through the Civil War. He originated a system of military tactics and was a commander at West Point in the 1870s. Upton Street was named Caroline Avenue west of Grand until 1881 82. (Carondelet) (Morganford)

UTAH PLACE and STREET (E W). The name of this street was derived from the Ute or Utah Indians and for a river of that name discovered by John C. Fremont. Utah Street is named for Utah Territory which was created in 1850. The name is in consonance with the method adopted for naming the east-west streets in the platting of the St. Louis Commons after Indian tribes or rivers. (Benton Park) (Marquette-Cherokee) (Soulard)

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