BULLET Two Hundred Years of St. Louis Places of Worship - 1770 - 1970
St. Louis Public Library staff presents Two Hundred Years of St. Louis Places of Worship (1770-1970). This directory includes information about churches, synagogues, missions, temples, and other places of worship in the City of St. Louis Missouri between 1770-1970. The directory uses the boundaries of 1876 to define the City of St. Louis.

Listings for places of worship in St. Louis County or its independent municipalities are not included. If a place of worship moved outside the City of St. Louis, information following the relocation is not included.

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Series published 1932 till 1935 on St. Louis churches.

City Directories 1861-1970 (approximately every five years)

Vertical File Collection of St. Louis Public Library

Archivists of Christ Church Cathedral

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