BULLET St. Louis Media Archives: Guide to Collections

Television programming:

Films, slides, and videotapes of St. Louis television programs, news spots, advertising, etc. Of interest are:

Charlotte Peters shows. KSD-TV, 1950s. Videocassette of clips from Peters’ shows.

Edna Carroll /Fred Czufin commercials. Late 1950s-early 1960s.

Seventeen television commercials written by Carroll and filmed by Czufin. Subjects include Blueberry Pancake, Duncan Hines, Roi Tan Cigars, and Whitman’s Chocolates.

Texas Bruce show. Videocassette of early 1960s program of Texas Bruce (Harry Gibbs) with George Abel. The children’s show ran on KSD-TV from 1950 to 1963.

KETC-TV Channel 9 archival television footage.

VHS videocassette with seven excerpts from Channel 9 programs and promotions, 1950s and 1970s.

KSD-TV weather, September 23, 1965.

"KSDK-TV 25th Anniversary." February 1972.

Videocassette of the special half-hour show commemorating KSDK-TV’s 25 years of broadcasting.

"Litton News Extra." KMOV-TV, August 4, 1976.

Film of the Jerry Litton obituary. Litton, running for the U.S. Senate seat from Missouri, was killed in a plane crash on primary election night. The spot aired before the 10 p.m. news.

Cliff and Nance St. James, 1979-1980. KSD-TV.

Their Midday AM Christmas shows; Cliff St. James last Midday show, September 30, 1983.

KMOX-TV Sunday Sports Wrap-Up, 1980.

Summarizes the 1980 St. Louis Cardinals football season; St. Louis Steamers vs. Phoenix Inferno. Commercials produced for KPLR-TV, 1980-1987.

KMOX-TV newsclips and outtakes, 1980s.

Includes Herb Humphries, Julius Hunter Steve Schiff, Kathi McDonald, Ollie Raymand, Debbie Warshawski, Al Wiman, Tim Van Gelder, Robin Smith.

"The television picture and those who make it," 1980s. KMOX-TV. A CBS educational project and promotional film. It features KMOX-TV personalities. Veiled Prophet Fair, 1982-1985. KMOX-TV.

"KMOX-TV 25th Anniversary," 1983.

Contains vintage newsclips from 1958.

News report of Jack Carney’s death, November 1984. KMOX-TV.

The Media and You. KETC-TV 1984. Five one-hour videocassettes.

Produced by James Wilson, with Eric Newhouse as moderator. Topics covered are "Ethics in Journalism," "Invasion of Privacy," "Libel Suits," "Stress Management," and "What is News?"

VP Parade reporting, 1985. KMOX-TV.

Includes Jim Bolen, Debi Faubion, Debbie Warshawski, Don Gray, Chris Abel interviewing Governor John Ashcroft, Gene McNary, Richard Gephardt, Robert Young, Veiled Prophet queen Molly Hyland, float builders, among others.

"Missouri Lottery Special," 1986. KMOX-TV.

Includes Jim Bolen and Debbie Warshawski.

Videorecordings of Chris Abel reporting the news on KMOV-TV, Channel 4, 1987.

KSD reunion videotape.

Arch specials, 1990. KTVI-TV. 3/4" videotape of the 25th anniversary of the Gateway Arch.

Includes KSDK’s "The Arch – A Silver Celebration."

The Viets Beat, 1990-1991.

Includes Elaine Viets’; programs on Channel 5, KSD-TV.

Face to Face, 1992. KSDK.

Includes Karen Foss.

Panel on Women in Television, May 1993. 2 audiocassettes.

Includes Anne Keefe as moderator, Karen Foss, Christine Buck, Betsey Bruce, and Sharon Stevens.

"City on the Air," KETC-TV, August 13, 1994.

Includes program on St. Louis’ broadcast history.

"When Harry met baseball," WGN-TV, July 24, 1994.

Includes tape, hosted by Bob Costas, highlights Harry Caray’s broadcast career, with footage of reminiscences of his work in St. Louis.

"Stadiums of St. Louis: Hear the echoes." SNI Sports Network, Inc.

Russ Mitchell.

Includes highlights of his career on KMOV-TV.

Television – manuscripts, clippings, publications, ephemera, etc.:

4 boxes. Clippings, histories, TV guides, programs, promotional, and other materials for St. Louis television stations, arranged by station; items of interest include:

Clippings on the history of television in St. Louis from the 1940s; clippings on television maintenance and repair, on UHF, and on educational television.



Promotional slides.

Includes 620 program, station, and network slides used for TV network and station identification and programming by local television stations.

Television photographs:

2 boxes.

Laclede Little Symphony and other programs on KSD-TV sponsored by Laclede Gas Company, 1950s. This was the first locally produced program to feature national celebrities. 110 black/white photographs of Lex Barker, Hoagy Carmichael, Liberace at the Mrs. Missouri contest; the Oberkirchen Youth Choir and The Randolphs on the program. The programs were produced by D’Arcy Advertising, written by George Stemmler, with Bob Chase and Frank Eschen as announcers.

Photographs of television personnel and personalities generally arranged by station; among the more interesting are:

KSD-TV: the KSD-TV set, October 1949; photographs from the 1950s and 1960s of Genevieve Bierman Chase, with Chase dressed as elf, bringing mail to Santa Claus; Russ David, Frank Eschen with Ed Roeker, Ernie Hellman, Bob Hille, and Charlotte Peters.

KTVI: Eddie Albert, George Abel and two guests on KTVI, 195-?; Romper Room, 195-?, with Miss Jane and children; 1988 news team; staff, 1990 – Lisa Allen, John Auble, Lisa Brown, Betsey Bruce, Bruce Gordon, Greg Gizinski, Donn Johnson, Susan Kidd, Dave Murray, and Diane Willis.

Television promotional items:

1 box. Includes posters, T-shirts, mugs and cups, pencils, magnets, and various other items.

KPLR-TV11. St. Louis Money Maker board game, c. 1976-77.


Gail A. Evans.

KPLR-TV, Channel 11, 1948-1970: The birth and first decade of an independent VHF. M.S. thesis, Mass Communications, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 1985.

Thomas M. Chamblin.

Children’s television: an examination of the St. Louis market, 1950-1978. M.S. thesis, Mass Communications, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 1990.

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