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Radio programming:

A collection of more than 200 audio tapes and phonorecord albums, which includes programs, interviews, air checks, promotional spots, and similar materials. Finding aid available. Examples include:


Airchecks of St. Louis radio programming, 1960s- .

News, entertainment, advertisements taped from St. Louis radio stations. Includes such radio personalities as Spencer Allen , Alan Barklage , Miriam Blue, Bruce Bradley, Jack Carney, Dick Clayton, J.C. Corcoran, Bob Costas, Nancy Drew, Ron Elz, Art Fleming, Heather Frampton, Ralph Graczak, Bob Hardy, Gene Hirsh, Kevin Horrigan, Grant Horton, Donn Johnson, John McCormick, Joe "Mama" Mason, Don Miller, Buddy Moreno, Clarence Nieder, Bob Osborn, Mary Phelan, Guy Phillips, Don Pietromonaco, Scott St. James, Don Shafer, Bob Shea, John Ulett, Mike Wall, Bill Wilkerson, Wendy Wiese, Don Wolff.

KXOK sports. Interviews with the Soldan High School basketball team, taped before the game, 1940.

Early Ralston Purina Radio shows, 1940s-1960s.

Includes Ask Your Vet and a Tom Mix air check from 1945.

Airchecks from three Music of the Municipal Opera programs on KMOX radio, 1946-1948.

Two programs from the Dizzy Dean Show on KSD radio, 1948.

The program, which originated at KSD, was broadcast nationwide on the NBC Radio Network. It featured KSD’s Frank Eschen.

Saturday at the Chase, KMOX radio.

Includes a 1948 broadcast featuring the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, with Lambert Diamond, announcer; Tommy Reed Orchestra in 1952, with Ollie Raymand announcing; 1947 and 1949 broadcasts featuring the Buddy Moreno Band; also Spike Jones at the Chase, 1949.

The St. Louis Story sound recording St. Louis, Mo.: Boatmen’s National Bank of St. Louis[1952?] Two phonorecordings: analog 78 rpm, 12 in.

Boatmen’s National Bank recording of the broadcast made November 2, 1952, on station KMOX radio, St. Louis. "This album is presented to Mr. Louis M. Nourse, Librarian of St. Louis Public Library." With insert: "Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. Instantaneous recording."

Louise Munsch Dopking.

Recording of Louise Munsch – Just for Women show on WEW, January 22, 1953, with interview of Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, efficiency engineer and author of Cheaper By the Dozen, on "Managing Minutes in Your Kitchen;" interviews with Betty Furness, CBS television personality, and home economist Nancy Haven, as well as other programs, 1955-1956.

The Sacred Heart Program on WEW. Programs on phonorecords from 1946, 1957, 1958, 1970, and 1988.

Don Pietromonaco as Johnny Rabbitt on KXOK, 1957, 1964-1968.

"Crusin’ 1958." Cassette recording features Jack Carney’s WIL radio show. <.font>

The tape was released as part of a series entitled Crusin’ the Fifties and the Sixties.

KMOX’s At Your Service program, February 29, 1960, with Paul Wills, announcer, Bob Holt, character voices, and Jack Buck, host. The first broadcast.

Other shows include the At Your Service first anniversary, February 28, 1961; its twentieth anniversary show, February 29, 1980, with Anne Keefe interviewing Robert Hyland; J. Roy McCarthy interviewing Al Fleishman in 1965; Jack Buck hosting Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, May 8, 1965.

Gene Chase interviews. Twenty-three tapes of interviews on WIL, 1963-1969.

Includes such celebrities as Cab Calloway, Andy Devine, Gene Krupa, Robert Goulet, MacDonald Carey, Marge Champion, and Jane Morgan. Also, two cassette tapes of radio personality Genevieve Bierman Chase’s auditions, with examples of commercials and the characters she performed throughout her career.

Radio commercials, 1965-1967. A cassette recording of St. Louis radio commercials, including commercials for the Yellow Pages, Community Federal Savings and Loan, Central Airlines, and Telephone Long Distance.

Bob Hardy interviews and programs. Various broadcasts on KMOX radio.

Includes interviews with A.J. Cervantes on April 7, 1965, the day after his election as mayor of St. Louis; with former St. Louis mayor Ray Tucker, November 11, 1967; with U.S. Representative William Clay May 13, 1975; with Jack Carney 1975; also, reviews of the year’s news in December 1966 and 1970; cassettes of his live broadcasts made in Berlin and Moscow, April 1990.

KMOX radio news broadcasts and news series, 1974-1982. 26 audiotapes.

Includes award-winning programs, such as the Edward R. Murrow award-winning series for public service The High Society, January 1976; Consumer Protection, March 1976, Peabody Award winner; Unsafe Bridges, 1977, awarded first prize in a competition sponsored by Uniroyal Tires; Declaring psychological warfare against cancer, April 1981, winner of the 1981 Media Award from the American Psychological Foundation; and Black-on-black crime, recipient of the 1981 George W. Polk award. Other programs concern the East St. Louis schools, autumn 1974; St. Louis sheet metal workers strike, December 1974; child abuse, 1975; the Jerry Litton plane crash, August 1976; St. Louis magnet schools, September 1976; The Broken Promise, on treatment of the disabled, August-September 1977; problems with St. Louis ambulance service, November-December 1977; series of journalistic ethics, September 1981; and broadcasts on the1982 floods.

John Roedel interviews. Collection of eight taped (audiocassette) interviews conducted by Roedel while he worked for KSD radio.

Includes interviews with Les Dill and Bob Hudson owner and manager, respectively, of Meramec Caverns, discussing the proposal for the Meramec basin dam on Information 55, February 1974; Thomas Eagleton U.S. senator from Missouri, on Information 55, September 1973; Duke Ellington jazz musician, on Information 55, May 5, 1972; John T. Farrell, author of Studs Lonigan, on Information 55, March 11, 1973; James Pike, Episcopal Bishop of Diocese of California, on Image, October 1964; John Cameron Swayze, radio and television newscaster, on Information 55, June 14, 1973; James Symington, congressman from the second district of Missouri, on Information 55, September 1973; and Harry S. Truman, U.S. president (partial interview), 1963.

Charlie Menees airchecks on KWMU, 1972 and 1978, and on KMOX radio, 1990.

Jack Carney bits on KMOX radio shows, 1975-1979, 1984. 12 tapes.

Other Carney programming includes radio tributes on November 28, 1984, and December 25, 1984, following his death in November 1984.

"Parachuting Santa Hoax." December 1980 cassette tape.

Robert Lynn of KMOX radio interviewing a caller who claimed to have seen a man dressed as Santa Claus parachute from the top of the Arch. There was no other substantial evidence, and the story was considered a hoax. Three pages of explanatory articles accompany the tape.

KSHE nuclear attack, January 29, 1991.

A spoof nuclear attack reported by John Ulett followed by an explanation and apology.

Jim Bolen’s "Jazz Comes Calling" on WSIE, April 13, 1991.

"KMOX radio – 70 Years in the Making" aired on December 24, 1995, with Jack Buck and Jim White as hosts. Features Jack Carney with Bob Starr and Rex Davis; Bob Hardy interviewing Eleanor Roosevelt; Casey Van Allen, and John McCormick.

Radio awards:

Marconi awards. 1 box of audiotapes.

St. Louis Radio Association’s advertising awards, 1987, 1989-1994.

A.I.R. (Achievement in Radio) awards. 1 box of audiotapes.

"A broadcast competition celebrating excellence in Saint Louis area radio," started in 1996. Library has 1998- .

Radio – scripts, manuscripts, publications, photographs, etc.:

11 boxes. Pamphlets, promotional material, magazines, and clippings related to St. Louis radio stations. Clippings, dated from the 1920s, have been copied from the Library’s extensive collections. Other items of interest include:

The Community Forum scripts, weekly broadcast on KSD radio, June 21, 1942.

R. Fullerton Place served as master of ceremonies.

Inquiring Girl Reporter scripts, KWK, 1942-1943.

New Events in Social Work scripts for the weekly WIL program, chiefly January-May 1942.

"Sunday afternoon commentators bringing you events of community interest in St. Louis and St. Louis County . . . the news of the week in our town and about our people. Page 1 of the Newspaper of the Air, sponsored by United Charities and the Social Planning Council ..."

Down Memory Lane scripts, "a presentation of Franchon & Marco," 1949-1954?, KXOK radio.

Donated by Ellie Ohrn, who wrote the script copy. Popular music, jazz, and light classics by such musicians as Margaret Whiting, Bing Crosby, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Fred Waring, Duke Ellington.

KDNA. 6 cartons, unprocessed.

Includes publications, correspondence, program logs, and other material.

KDHX. 1 box.

Photographs, 1980s-1998. Show KDHX studio, personnel, promotional, and special events.

KMOX-Muny Opera. 13 phonodiscs of Municipal Opera shows broadcast on KMOX, 1946-1948.

KMOX Celebrity Cookbook, Spender by KMOX Radio, Illinois Farm Bureau, National Missouri Farm Bureau; Proceeds Benefit Holiday Harvest. [St. Louis, Mo., 198-?]

Prom, v. 1-23 (1947-1969).

St. Louis: Miller Publications. Magazine "exclusively for youth," which featured frequent articles on St. Louis radio and disc jockeys.

Transit News/St. Louis Public Service Company. Typescript, n.d., with corrections.

For program on the World War I service of St. Louisan Major John H. Quick.

Union Electric Company of Missouri. The Land We Live In. 1937-1952.

Scripts of 380 shows broadcast first on KSD radio and later on KMOX radio. The shows present the history of the St. Louis area.

 Radio – promotional items:

3 storage boxes. A variety of promotional items from St. Louis radio stations, including coffee mugs, T-shirts, bags, bumper stickers, posters, pens and pencils, postcards, buttons, patches, frisbees, visors, keychains, magnets, balloons, coupons, posters, and more. Among the more unusual, the KATZ license plate.

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