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Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis

Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis records. 25+ boxes.

The modern Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis dates to 1955, when an informal group calling itself the Catfish Club began meeting at the Bismarck Cafe on 12th Street, St. Louis. The first members included Martin Quigley, then of Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.; Dickson Terry, Ernest Kirschten, and John Keasler of the ,Post-Dispatch; and Al Dopkingof the Associated Press. The Club obtained a charter on October 18, 1956. By the end of 1959, plans focused on a more formal organization. An organizing committee was formed and prospective members asked to join. The Press Club opened on February 19, 1960, in offices in the Paul Brown Building, with a constitution and bylaws, officers, and dues. The Press Club is open to members of the media, public relations practitioners, and others with media-related backgrounds. The Club sponsors social and educational programs, supports the Media Person of the Year award, a scholarship program, and the St. Louis Media Archives at the St. Louis Public Library.

History and general information. 2 boxes.

Brief history of Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, articles by Martin Quigley and Sue Ann Wood; history of earlier St. Louis press clubs, including the 1882 constitution of the Saint Louis Press Club and publications of earlier press clubs; constitution, bylaws, 1992 mission statement, lists of officers, membership brochures. Other materials include a copy of the 1959 charter; drawings for Press Club logos and other artwork; records from the 30th and 40th anniversaries; and winners of the Catfish Club plaque. Also, copies of leases, clippings, menus, material on Club administration, etc., regarding the various locations of the Press Club, starting in 1967 in the McKinley Hotel.

*Souvenir of the 2d ann. Frolic Given at Delmar Garden, Friday, June 26, 1914; Men of Affairs in Saint Louis: A Newspaper Reference Work / ed. by Cecil Morrison Baskett. Comp. by C.C. Story, Press Club of St. Louis, 1915.

Also, an audiotape of the 1966 Press Club dinner honoring Mayor Raymond R. Tucker; videotapes of Sam Muchnick’s 1992 talk "Wrestling at the Press Club; the TV news directors forum, 1993; and the 40th anniversary dinner in 1996.

Press Club memorabilia includes match books from the Club at the Radisson Hotel; Press Club stamps; various mugs and glasses given as prizes at Club events.

Press Club records. 7 1/2 boxes.

Minutes, 1961-1976, 1980/83, 1986- , which include correspondence and reports; financial records, 1962- ; reports from the Long Range Planning Committee (1970) and the "Operations Appraisal" by Dulle & Company (1991); correspondence, 1959- ; reports, correspondence, assignments from Press Club committees.


Press Club Notes and Comments/ by the scribe. v. 1, no. 1 (February 19, 1960).

Courier, 1961- . 2 boxes. Also called Press Club News, Catfish Courier Press Club Courier. Published irregularly.

Roster, 1965, 1970, 1981/82-1993, 1996- .

Programs & special events. 2 boxes.

Includes programs, press releases, flyers, clippings, correspondence, etc., re: the Club’s lectures, forums, fundraisers, and social events, from 1962.

Media Person of the Year. 3+ boxes. 1988- .

Includes correspondence, invitations, programs, press releases, clippings re: the Media Person of the Year award; caricatures by Amadee of Joseph Pulitzer, Al Fleishman, Mary Kimbrough, Karen Foss, Bob Costas, Martin Duggan, and Ray Hartman; and audiotapes from most of the award dinners. Recipients are:

1988 Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. 1995 Karen Foss
1989 Alfred Fleishman 1996 Martin Duggan and Ray Hartman
1990 Robert F. Hyland 1997 Bill McClellan
1991 Bob Broeg and Bob Burnes 1998 Charles Brennan
1992 Mary Kimbrough 1999 Wendy Wiese and Bill Wilkerson
1993 Julius Hunter 2000 Charlene Sherman Bry and Karen
1994 Bob Costas Carroll

Photographs. 2 1/2 boxes. 1950s- .

Photographs of Press Club formal and informal activities, including anniversaries, forums, seminars, final Fridays, and outings. A collection of framed caricatures of Press Club members is on loan from the Club.

Press Club Charitable Fund. 1 box.

Includes bylaws; Articles of Incorporation (1988); Certificate of Incorporation (1988); applications for tax-free exempt organizations; minutes, 1988-1993; and publications: The Foundation: News From the Press Club’s Charitable Foundation, v. 1, no. 1-v. 3, no. 1 (Dec. 1989-Spring 1992); "Introducing the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Charitable Fund." Also, correspondence re: and report from

Barbara Gibbs Ostman, recipient of the first fellowshipJoseph Pulitzer, Jr. Fellowship, 1988- 1989.

St. Louis Media Archives. 1 box. 1987- .

Includes materials from the October 1988 opening exhibit, correspondence, publications.

St. Louis Newspaper Guild. 2 boxes.

Page One Ball: Souvenir Program . . . , 1946-1958; newsletters, including "The Newspaperman Who Founded a Union," the recollections of Heywood Hale Broun, printed as a special supplement to the December 25, 1964, issues of the Guild Reporter; clippings from the Guild Reporter, chiefly "Reporter and Photographer Top Minimums," 1958, 1961, 1966; pamphlets, "As Simple as ANG / American Newspaper Guild," n.d.; "Why This? St. Louis Newspaper Guild," rev. June 1948; Feb. 1961; "Union Political Activity Spans 230 Years of U.S. History," American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, July 1960; material on the 1959 St. Louis Globe-Democrat strike; lists of standing committees; Newspaper Guild membership cards for 1956 and 1957.

St. Louis Newspaper Guild. 2 photos.

Newspaper Guild convention, 1949, Columbus, Ohio, shows Charles Crawford,

Adolph Rahm, Betty Loeffler and Charley Loeffler, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Con Kelliher, Morris Tennebaum, St. Louis Globe-Democrat; and Paul Meskil, Ray Noonan, St. Louis Star-Times. Also, members of the Post-Dispatch management and Guild negotiation committees looking on as the 1969-1972 union contract is signed on May 9, 1969; includes Dave Pasternak, Barney Wippold, Don Schomburg, Gil Shearing, Bob Steineke, Ian Crowder, Martin Goldman, and Bill Bolata.

Sigma Delta Chi, St. Louis Professional Chapter.

Charter, 1947; rosters, membership lists, 1961, 1965; "Towards a better understanding of Sigma Chi, professional journalistic fraternity," ca. 1960; clippings on the Con Lee Kelliher award, 1962-1970; clippings and ephemera.

Sigma Delta ChiSigma Delta Chi, St. Louis Professional chapter. 2 photos.

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch 34th annual convention, Sigma Delta Chi dinner, 1953.] May 7, 1954, at the Bates Hotel, Sparta, Illinois: H.R. Long, Alva Dopking, Charles Clayton, Irving Dilliard, James Flagg, Ed Gugler, Francis Klein, Karl Monroe, Horace Barks, Howe Morgan, and others. Also, an Art Witman photograph of new SDC members, ca. 1954.

Society of Professional Journalists, St. Louis Professional Chapter (formerly Sigma Delta Chi).

Constitution and bylaws, with proposed changes, 199?; code of ethics; proposed guidelines for media coverage of Missouri judicial proceedings, 1991; Headlines & Deadlines , 1990-1996, incomplete; membership lists, clippings, and ephemera.

Theta Sigma Phi, St. Louis Chapter.

"And now a word from our sponsor . . ., " 1955? List of St. Louis businesses which sponsored St. Louis chapter concerns and activities; newsletters, 1957-1958; minutes of the Christmas book party meeting, 1963; October 1965 issue of The Matrix, with report on the 33rd national convention, held in St. Louis, Mo., August 12-14, 1965; letterhead stationery; clippings and ephemera.

Theta Sigma Phi. 1 photo.

Happy Bookworm book wrapping, December 1963, with Betty Jo Isbel, Roselee Wollman, Mary Gamble Abney in photograph.

Women in Communications, Inc., St. Louis Chapter (formerly Theta Sigma Phi).

WICI membership directory, 1986; The 80th Anniversary Women in Communications, Inc., The membership (1989).

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