BULLET St. Louis Media Archives: Guide to Collections
Newspapers/print journalism

Newspapers, general:

1 box. Includes stylebooks for various newspapers; folders of pamphlets, clippings, articles, etc., for several newspapers, including the Riverfront Times and the Suburban Journals.

*St. Louis Public Library holds St. Louis area daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals in paper and microfilm starting from Joseph Charless’s publication of the Missouri Gazette in 1808, including the Missouri Democrat, Missouri Republican, St. Louis Republic, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Star-Times, and many others. Newspaper collections are especially rich in German-language material, such as the Westliche Post, Anzeiger des Westens, and St. Louis Arbeiter Zeitung. Such periodicals as Reedy’s Mirror, St. Louis Life, Criterion, Freie Blätter, and many others can be found in Library collections. In addition, a collection of clippings, chiefly from St. Louis newspapers and ephemera is held in over 100 file drawers. Coverage of the clipping file starts in the 19th century, but is particularly strong for the period of 1910 to 1974.

*A file of historic newspaper issues in the Library’s Special Collections department holds such examples as the April 8, 1728, New-England Weekly Journal; the November 7, 1783, New-York MorningPost with George Washington’s farewell orders to the armies of the United States; the May 19, 1864, New-York Times, which reports news from General U.S. Grant’s headquarters in Virginia and other Civil War news; the July 26, 1809, Missouri Gazette; and issues of several St. Louis newspapers, such as the weekly Little Giant (1897), The National American (1878), the National Review (1888 and 1889), The National Rip-Saw (1921), The Printers’ Journal (1882), The Sunday-School Evangelist (1889-1890), and the Weekly St. Louis Evening News1863).

Sample issues of contemporary periodicals and newspapers published in St. Louis are kept in the St. Louis Media Archives.

*Editorial cartoons.

Original art work for more than 280 editorial cartoons from St. Louis newspapers, ca. 1890s-1920s (bulk 1910-1920). Cartoonists Archibald B. Chapin; Paul S. Berdanier, Sr.; William Byrnes; Robert Minor; Daniel R. Fitzpatrick; Roy H. James; Daniel Bishop; Isaac (Ike) Morgan; and others are represented. Themes cover local, state, and national government; foreign relations; World War I; women’s suffrage. See also St. Louis Post-Dispatch cartoons.

Framed front pages from St. Louis newspapers are on loan from the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis.

Extra Pointer, April 1969-October 1987 (incomplete).

Newsletter of the St. Louis Quarterback.

Fort Leonard Wood News, v. 1, no. 28-v. 5, no. 37 (Sept. 12, 1941-Nov. 16, 1945).

Published by the United States Army Training Center.

Focus Midwest, v. 1-15, 1962-1983.

Monthly published by Charles Klotzer that covered politics and public affairs in Missouri and Illinois.

Jefferson Barracks Hub, v. 1, no. 36-v. 4, no. 18 (Dec. 12, 1941-April 30, 1944).

"Official publication of the Air Corps Replacement Training Center, Jefferson Barracks, Mo."

Millcreek Valley Intelligencer, 1965-1976.

"Published . . . for the residents of Laclede Park, Laclede Town."

Missouri Times: The Statewide Journal of Government and Politics. 5 v., 1 storage box.

Collection includes bound volumes of the Missouri Times, published in Jefferson City, 1979-1984; 1.5 linear feet of business papers, correspondence, and photographs.

*Puck: illustrirte Wochenshrift. St. Louis, 1871-1872.

With political cartoons by Joseph Keppler. Publication of the periodical continued in New York after 1872.

St. Louis Globe-Democrat: 5 boxes.

Globe-Democrat history.

Includes What Makes the St. Louis Globe-Democrat a Great Newspaper (1949); The Globe-Democrat Story: Fighting for St. Louis Since 1852 (1967); the 125th birthday edition, July 1, 1977; a printout of the "farewell" edition under Newhouse ownership, 1984; the final edition, February 25, 1984 ("An Old Friend Says Goodbye"); articles and clippings.

Globe-Democrat publications:.

St. Louis Globe-Democrat Special Monthly Edition, 1916-1923.

Advertising miniature.

Special Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Edition, January 1919 issue.

"Issued twice monthly for the War Camp Community Service."

The Handclasp, issues from 1943-1944.

"For the Globe-Democrat fighting men."

Overset, Oct. 1955 issue.

"Issued by the Globe-Democrat Publishing Co. by and for its employees."

St. Louis Globe-Democrat Bouquets & Brickbats, 1981-1983.

Staff newsletter.

Women’s page special editions, December 15, 1953, and December 7, 1954.

Type specimen books and style/procedure manuals; staff directories for 1956, 1959, 1960, 1981.


"The editorial that won the Pulitzer Prize," 1951; promotional pamphlet reprinting Louis LaCoss’s editorial, "The low estate of public morals," Aug. 6, 1951, winner of the 1952 Pulitzer Prize; The New Face of St. Louis, by Al Delugach reprint 196-?; 1969 reprint of series on "Alcohol and highway safety;" and other articles.

Historic editions, St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

Contains newspaper front pages and issues from such events as the invasion of Poland by German troops, September 1, 1939; Japan’s bombing at Pearl Harbor and declaration of war, December 8, 1941; Germany surrenders, May 8, 1945; assassination of President John F. Kennedy, November 1963; St. Louis Baseball Cardinals winning Pennant and World Series, October 1964; "Men walk on moon," July 21, 1969; President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation, August 9, 1974; "Season’s snow is most in 66 years," March 9, 1978; "An old friend says goodbye," final edition, February 25, 1984 (reproduction); "Saga of St. Louis’ revival soars to national heights," October 29, 1986.

Globe-Democrat marketing, advertising, and promotional materials.

Includes "Reading a Larger St. Louis Market," 1959; corrspondence with other metropolitan dailies re: upgrading the Globe’s suburban sections, 1959; "First in St. Louis," circulation and readership statistics, 1978.


Includes Globe-Democrat promotional badges, 1930s; 49th State Safety Legion certificate of membership, Globe-Democrat school safety promotion, 1936; carrier receipt, 1940; Old Newsboys’ Day aprons; Globe-Democrat copy paper; Globe-Democrat press pass; St. Louis Globe-Democrat Semi-annual Fashion Show programs 1959-1969, for event held at Kiel Auditorium.

Also, typeplates, including "Proposed downtown sports stadium project," Sept. 1960; "It’s Kennedy!," "It’s Nixon!," prepared for the 1960 presidential election; The Daily Crossword, 4/6/73; " map of Meramec River basin; movie audience guides; and obituaries.

Telephone console, city room, St. Louis Globe-Democrat , ca. 1950s-1960s.

1959 strike/Newspaper Guild material.

Includes Guild ads, Globe-Democrat position papers, correspondence, the Strike Bulletin; copies of Globe-Democrat Publishing Company-St. Louis Newspaper Guild contracts, 1958-1965; pension plan, 1961.

Globe-Democrat photographs:

Glider crash, August 1, 1943.

Photograph of the plummeting army glider which carried St. Louis mayor William Dee Becker and nine other prominent St. Louisans to their deaths at Lambert Field. Photographed by Jack Zehrt, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, an instant before the plane reached the ground.

St. Louis and Missouri scenes. 27 photos. 1940s-1950s.

Transportation. 10 photos. 1944-1961.

Airlines, airport, railroad, bus depot, etc. Includes scenes at the Trailways Bus depot, Lambert Field, Union Station, and the St. Louis bus terminal.

Globe-Democrat history. 5 photos. 1941-1942.

"War extra" shows a newsboy with Globe-Democrat with news of bombing at Pearl Harbor; "Loading dock at night;" and "Newsboys getting their papers." Also, "Stereotype room," n.d.; and Globe-Democrat on sale on St. Louis Public Service bus, 1959.

John L. Dengler photographs. 1972-1973.

Includes "Farm Scene, Reynolds County;" "The forgotten man of sports;" "Pumpkins;" "Total loss;" firemen from St. Charles Township Volunteer Fire Department fighting a fire; and "The Signs of a Deserted Town," showing empty mailboxes remaining in Kampville Beach, St. Charles County, following March 1973 floods. Mounted copies of articles illustrated by Dengler photographs: "Downtown designs," January 7, 1974; "An eerie feeling," on Weldon Springs, August 20, 1972; "The exuberance of playing children," November 25, 1972; "People watcher’s delight," on the Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles, August 13, 1973.

Globe-Democrat staff photographs.

Beulah Schacht with Imogen Coca; Bob Burnes, Ray Noonan.

Historic photo files.

Frank P. Blair, Jr., editor and founder in 1852 of the Daily Missouri Democrat, which later merged with the Globe-Democrat; B. Gratz Brown, Missouri Democrat editor and later governor of Missouri; Carl Schurz, editor of the Westliche Post and later senator from Missouri.

Saint Louis Globe Digest. v. 1, 1988-1989. 1 box.

St. Louis Journalism Review. v. 1, no. 1- (Oct/Nov. 1970-)

Reports and critical articles on the local press and other news media in the title established by Charles Klotzer.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 11 boxes.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch history.

Includes various editions (1949-1981) of The Story of the Post-Dispatch; The World, 1883-1903; The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1878-1903: Two Anniversaries, Two Accomplishments (1903); anniversary editions and anniversary invitations and programs, including the boxed edition of December 9, 1928, issue of The Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, with the Compliments of Joseph Pulitzer; St. Louis Post and Dispatch, v. 1, no. 286 (December 12, 1878), 15 historic Post-Dispatch pages (1964?); A Tour of the Post-Dispatch (1962?); Editorials and Cartoons on the 1952 Republican and Democratic Conventions From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1952); Editorial Cartoons, 1913-1965, From the Editorial Page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1965?). Other pamphlets, ephemera, articles, and clippings.


Three letters (Xerox copies), dated February 14, 1953; February 17, 1953; and March 6, 1953. Two letters from President Harry S. Truman one to Ray Crowley, managing editor of the Post-Dispatch, and the other to reporter Ed Woods, one of the few people to interview Truman. The third letter is a copy of Crowley’s response to Truman.

Post-Dispatch Reference Department files, 1942-1982. 1/2 box.

Contains correspondence, memos, policies and procedures, surveys, staff lists, reports, etc. The department held a reference library, picture file, map file, clipping files, primarily for staff use.

Post-Dispatch advertising, marketing, and promotional materials:

Includes the St. Louis Radio Directory: A Complete List of Manufacturers, Manufacturers’ Agents, Jobbers and Retailers With the Names of Buyers, Street Addresses and Telephone Numbers, compiled by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (April 10, 1925); full-page ad for The Truman Memoirs, with note, September 6, 1955, from David Pasternak to Joseph Pulitzer, Jr., and Pulitzer’s initialed ‘ok;’ "Announcing the St. Louis Post-Dispatch bicentennial edition of the City of  St. Louis, Sunday, February 16, 1964," published in October 1963; full-page ads, "This man is on his way to a bowling alley," January 4, 1959, and "Staff writer on assignment for the Everyday Magazine," December 21, 1958; front page, January 21, 1981, mounted on 9x12 inch plaque; a sample of mounted front page, a "one-time project of the Post-Dispatch to sell front pages. It didn’t work, however."

Also: "The New Saturday Post," October 1996; promotional folders for "GetOut, the entertainment magazine of St. Louis," 1996; marketing materials, 1997; promotional section for "The new Sunday Post-Dispatch," Sunday, January 31, 1999.

*Daily cartoons from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Artist’s proofs.

32 volumes of proofs from editorial cartoonists Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, 1940-1958; Bill Mauldin, 1958-1962; and Tom Engelhardt, 1962-1993.

Charcoal drawings for four editorial cartoons by Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, 1953, are in the Media Archives.

*Political cartoons about St. Louis, by Bill Mauldin, 1955-1956(?).

38 original drawings in pen, ink, and brush on board, published in various editions of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Two framed cartoons drawn for the 1956 Mid-America Jubilee:

"All us red-blooded Yokums is a-goin’ to th’ Mid-America Jubilee – thanks to th’ red-blooded St. Louis Post-Dispatch/drawn for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Al Capp," showing Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, and baby; "See ‘Reporting a News Event’ in the Post-Dispatch exhibit, Mid-America Jubilee, September 1-30," by Amadee.

Weather Bird material:

Matchbooks, napkins, and notepad with Weather Bird holding the Post-Dispatch, KSD radio microphone and KSD-TV antennae; "Weather Bird in the family," by Frances Stadler; clippings; and materials associated with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Weather Bird in 1991, including "The Official 1991 Weatherbird Calendar," which celebrates the first Weather Bird drawn by staff artist Harry B. Martin in 1901 ("the oldest continuous cartoon in American journalism").

Also: Post-Dispatch sticker book, ca. 1904, with pasted-in stickers from local businesses, products, and United States stamps from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition; Weather Bird and other newspaper stickers; "You get the MOST when you get the ‘POST’ " pica/column ruler, no date.

Post-Dispatch publications:

*St. Louis Post-Dispatch"Midget:" Midget a little paper for little people. 12 issues from v. 45 (1893-1894). "Special supplement of the Sunday Post-Dispatch."

Post-Dispatch Sunday Pictures. 1960s-1970s.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch W9XYZ Radio Newspaper. 1938- .

Daily transmission of specially prepared facsimile newspaper by ultra high frequency. The receiving set produced the original copy; with brochure explaining the Radio Newspaper.

P-D Notebook, v. 1, no. 1-v. 8, no. 2 (March 1950-March 1957).

Complete run of the Post-Dispatch and KSD radio staff newsletter.

The Ruffled Feather, v. 1, no. 1-6 (May 13, 1994-week of October 17, 1994).

High and mighty: the flood of ‘93High and mighty: the flood of ‘93 / the staff of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1993).

Post-Dispatch specimen books, manuals, stylebooks, etc., 1917-1973. 1/2 box.

Includes Type Specimens, Borders, Rules, etc. New Post-Dispatch Plant (Fall 1917), signed by H.A. Brockland Rotogravure Manual 1924.

Historic editions, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Contains front pages, special and commemorative issues, including anniversary numbers published in 1928, 1953, and 1979; news stories covering the headlines from Pearl Harbor, V-E Day, victory over Japan, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the 1969 space flight, President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation, the 1982 St. Louis Cardinals World Series win, the bombing of Iraq in 1991, Mark McGwire’s home run sweep in 1998, and the visit of Pope John Paul II to St. Louis in January 1999; special editions on "The Constitution, the Supreme Court and President Roosevelt," March 1937; an atlas section for World War II; the summary of events following the Japanese surrender, August 16 to September 7, 1945; 1950s sections on the development of St. Louis; "The troubled world," a special atlas section on the Cold War, September1954; the 1976 Bicentennial edition; a Charles Lindbergh anniversary section in 1977; and the reprint of the Peirce Report, 1997.

Post-Dispatch photographs:

*Clark McAdams, 1874-1935. 1 photo. Post-Dispatch editor.

"Waiting at the mining disaster," March 1847.

A glossy (8x10," b/w) taken by Sam Caldwell of the Post-Dispatch staff. One hundred eleven miners were killed in an explosion at Centralia, Illinois.

"Fireman and child." 1988.

The December 31, 1988, photograph by amateur photographer Ron Olshwanger shows firefighter Adam Long trying to resuscitate toddler Patricia Pettus. The photograph won the Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography in 1989.

"Safe---Out!!!" Lynn T. Spence’s photograph of the Cardinals vs. Dodgers playing in Busch Stadium, May 12, 1969.

Arthur Witman photographs, 1930s-1960s.

A collection of approximately 45 photographs taken by Art Witman. Includes photographs of the Pulitzer family, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Harry S. Truman walking with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Governor Phil M. Donnelly at the dedication of the Winston Churchill Memorial in Fulton, Missouri, March 5, 1946; and the Post-Dispatch staff, including Witman himself with President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Julius Klyman; Daniel Fitzpatrick; Marquis Childs; and Robert Hannon on top of the completed north leg of the Arch, September 1, 1964.

"Reporting an event" story folder.

13 photographs with captions that illustrate in step-by-step pictorial chronology how the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the story of the 1951 bank robbery at Southwest Bank, St. Louis. The original photograph of the robbery was taken by Jack January. The photographs were exhibited at the Mid-America Jubilee in 1956.

*St. Louis Post-Dispatch operational departments. 1899. 16 photos in album.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reference Department. 1949. 6 photos.

In D. Goodrich Gamble papers, photographs from Gamble’s retirement from the Post-Dispatch in 1971 show Dorothy Gardner, Martin Oldman, Dorothy Atwood, Bill Tucker, Selwyn Pepper, Peggy Johnson, Albert Schweitzer, Jim Fox, Bill Plunkett, Jim Woods, Franz Wippold, Paul Stoddard, Evarts Graham, Ray Kringer, Bill Talley, and Gamble.

St. Louis Star-Times: 1/2 box.

Star-Times history.

Includes papers on Star-Times history by Charles R. Suits (1970); "The Star of Our Times," December 2, 1976; and a brief history by Christopher Reid, S.J., completed for the newswriting class at St. Louis University under instructor Dr. Avis Meyer. Also includes an unsigned letter to Reid about the Star-Times.

Star-Times publications.

"Winning the peace: a series of special articles on post-war planning," reprinted from the 1944 Star-Times; Catalog of Type Faces . . . / The St. Louis Star (192-?); Star-Times Employees Telephone Directory, 1949-1951.

Historic editions, St. Louis Star-Times.

Contains editions and sections of the newspaper for May 23, 1941, when editor Frank Taylor left newspaper; December 8, 1941, Pearl Harbor; December 11, 1941, War with Axis powers; Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death on April 12, 1945; VE Day, May 8, 1945; a 1947 advertising section, "Meet the people . . . who make your Star-Times;" and the last edition of the Star-Times on June 15, 1951.


Letter, 1976, to "Chris" re: history of the Star-Times; letter, June 15, 1951, from M.L. Brueggeman to R.J. Noonan re: notice of last paycheck; with printed notice from the Star-Times Publishing Co., June 15, 1951, of newspaper’s "permanent suspension;" Bulletin, St. Louis, June 15, 1951 newspaper sold circulation lists, etc., to the Pulitzer Publishing Co.

Star-Times St. Louis Star©Times promotions, advertising, marketing.

"We are pleased to keep you informed . . . ;" map of "Allied invasion routes?" of Europe, May 1944; St. Louis Star-Times Fashion Bureau dress pattern, ca. 1945; "Don’t say paper, say Star" match book.


No. 47/Local no. 47, ANG. St. Louis Newspaper Guild, Local 47 newsletter, 1951; 1971 reunion correspondence, lists, etc.

Star-Times photographs:

Staff photographs: Will Sandeson, Bruce Boehle, Edward Maxwell, Reed Hynds, Frank Mueller, James Flagg, Bill Burchfiel, Arthur Buck, Bernard Walsh, Edward Mills, Mario Cavagnaro, Milton Ferman. Other photographs show the retirement party for managing editor Frank Taylor in 1941; a party at the home of Martha Jackson, also 1941; the Star-Times newsroom ca. 1950.

Also, in the D. Goodrich Gamble papers, photographs of the Star-Times, ca. 1947. Persons identified in the photographs include Aaron Benesch, W.T. Burchfiel, William Daugherty, William Foster Eaton, James S. Flagg, D. Goodrich Gamble, Mary Kimbrough, Ray Kringer, Ed Mills, Bernard Walsh. Also, Helen Marie Rauth, June Geraghy, Martha Jackson, Seward Van Petten, Mary Clynes, Ed Swift, and Ray Noonan.

1961 Star-Times reunion: John Stewart , William Foster Eaton, D. Goodrich Gamble , Aaron Benesch, Barney Walsh, Ralph O’Leary, Jake Schneider, Bob Shulman, Carl Major, Howard Lipton, Bill Plowman, Bill Fleishman, Ray Kringer, Jim Flagg.

St. Louis Sun:

St. Louis Sun, v.1, September 25, 1989-April 25, 1990.

Complete run of newspaper, with "USA Weekend" and "Fun" sections, Saturday TV guides, and advertising supplements. Also: 3 boxes of Sun records, including executive correspondence, marketing studies, advertising and promotional material.

Sun photograph files, 1989-1990 (unprocessed).

Approximately 25 linear feet of photographs from the Sun files.

Sun photographs:

Photos of Ralph Ingersoll at the opening of the Sun.

The Sporting News.

Photographs. 1 photo. C.C. Johnson Spink.

Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis.

Old Newsboys’ Day issues and special editions.

Strike newspapers:

A collection of newspapers published during various newspaper strikes in St. Louis.

St. Louis Daily News. September 1-5, 1945.

Complete set of the paper published during the 1945 newspaper carriers’ strike.

St. Louis News, v. 1, no. 1-8 (November 27, 1978-December 9-10, 1978).

Newspaper produced by newspaper workers during the 1978 strike.

St. Louis Post-Dispute, December 8, 1978.

Newspaper parody put out by St. Louis University students during the 1978 strike.

St. Louis Today, v. 1, nos. 1-12 (September 7-8, 1973-October 5-6, 1973).

Newspaper produced by newspaper workers striking against the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat in 1973. This collection contains the paper published during the strike. However, the paper continued production until March 1975.

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