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Winter 2004
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 4   No. 4

gfhfrance.gif (7623 bytes)Agood place to begin researching your French ancestors is the Family Search website of the LDS Church ( To find information on researching French ancestors, select "Get step-by-step research guidance on searching for your ancestors." Select "F" and then "France." You now have access to guides exploring French birth, marriage, and death records. These guides are printable in PDF format, which you can do if your computer has Abode¨ Acrobat¨.

A helpful site if you believe you are of royal or noble descent is the History of Europe in Medieval Times on ( Click France in the left-hand column. Included are dozens of helpful articles about French royalty and nobility, most in English. Of special interest are "The Royal Family" and "Nobility and Titles in France."

A personal page of some interest to French-ancestor researchers is Philippe Ramona's Genealogy Page ( The site has a number of features of interest, including a database of 13,000 names of persons who emigrated from France to Quebec before 1825 and a database of postal codes of almost 40,000 French communes (cities). You can also search for a place in France and consult a surnames database.

A site of interest to students of the French Revolution and all the rubber-neckers out there is The Guillotine Headquarters (, which features the execution device and the many persons associated with its construction and use. It also includes a "Build Your Own Guillotine" section and a "Why Would Anyone Devote a Site to This Subject?" section.

A good site for discovering other websites concerned with French genealogical research is Cyndi's List- France ( Access is provided to hundreds of sites in 21 categories including "Language, Handwriting, & Script," "Maps, Gazetteers, and Geographical Information," and "Records: Census, Cemeteries, Land, Obituaries, Personal, Taxes, and Vital."

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