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Fall 2003
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 3   No. 4

New Arrivals

Items recently added to the St. Louis Public Library's collections:

1. Bratti, Roberta G., N. H. Ross & P. W. Derick. Dennis, Massachusetts Vital Records 1793- 1900. 3 Vols. Plymouth, MA: Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1993. 929.3744

2. Doherty, Frank J. The Settlers of the Beekman Patent Dutchess County, New York: An Historical & Genealogical Study of all the 18th Century Settlers in the Patent. 6 Vols. Pleasant Valley, NY: Frank J. Doherty. 929.3747

This work-in-progress covers settlers in a distinct part of New York State. Recently acquired are the newly published Volumes 5 & 6.

3. Eldridge, Carrie. An Atlas of Southern Trails to the Mississippi. Chesapeake, OH: Carrie Eldridge, 1999. 976

A map series of the most-used migration trails in the mid-Atlantic & southern states for westward movement toward Missouri & along the Mississippi River.

4. Hanks, Patrick. Dictionary of American Family Names. 3 Vols. NY: Oxford UP, 2003. 929.40973

Entries give country of origin, definition, variant spellings & in some cases, forebears & U. S. commonality.

5. Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Descendants of the Pilgrims Who Landed at Plymouth, Mass. December 1620. 21 Vols. Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1984-2001. 929.374

Recently acquired are the newly published Volumes 8-21.

6. Myers, Thomas G. Bucks County, Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court Records 1685-1852. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000. 929.3748

Entries include names of parents & child(ren), date, court file number & description of situation that orphaned the child(ren).

7. Soper, Clarise, & Myrna Lazenby. Abstracts of Marion County, Mississippi 2nd District Marriage Records (Held in Lamar County, MS). Carrollton, MS: Pioneer Publishing, 1999. 929.3762

Entries include book & page in the original records, name of bride & groom, name of parent giving consent, date of license & date recorded.

8. Weatherbee, F. W., Jr. Georgia Veterans & Their Widows Who Applied for Government Pensions in Alabama. Montgomery, AL: Pioneer Publishing, 1991. 929.3758

Includes name of veteran & spouse, rank & unit of veteran & county of residence. Provides the veteran’s Civil War unit, the key to finding service records.

9. Wiltshire, Betty C. Webster (formerly Sumner) County, Mississippi Marriage and Will Records With Greensboro Cemetery. Carrollton, MS: Pioneer Publishing, N.D. 929.3762

Marriage records cover 1874-1906; wills cover 1874-1930s.

We are also proud to announce that we now have a subscription to HeritageQuest, a genealogy Internet site. One of its most popular features is an index to the 1910 Census. They will also be adding the PERSI Genealogy Magazine Index later this year.

And Some VeneratedAncestors

Please note that some of these items are written in French. It may seem that Canada is a long way from Missouri, but St. Louis began as a French village & there were many other French settlements in Michi-gan, Illinois & Missouri. Many of those settlers were from Canada.

1. Rowder, Norman K. Early Ontario Settlers: A Source Book. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1991. 929. 3713

Includes a wide variety of census returns & provisioning lists from the 1780s, including a large number of American colonists, Loyalists & British soldiers. Some of the material covers Detroit & southern Michigan, which was a part of British Canada until 1796.

2. Dionne, N.-E. Les Canadiens-Francais: Origine des Familles; Emigrees de France, d’Espagne, de Suiesse, etc., Pour Venir se Fixer au Canada, Depuis la Fondation de Quebec Jusqu’a ces Derniers Temps et Signification de Leurs Noms. 1914. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969. 929.4

Primarily a surname dictionary, but includes the European area where the name originated in most cases & sometimes its first appearance in French Canada.

3. Elliot, Noel Montgomery, ed. The Central Canadians 1600-1900: An Alphabetized Directory of the People, Places, and Vital Dates. 3 Vols. Toronto: The Genealogical Research Library, 1994. 929.37127

Materials gathered from various sources to create a census-type list of inhabitants of Ontario & Manitoba between 1600-1900. Many families with connections to Michigan, New York & other border states are included.Entries list name, date, where the family resided, occupation & source material.

4. Elliot, Noel Montgomery, ed. The French Canadians 1600-1900: An Alphabetized Directory of the People, Places, and Vital Dates. 3 Vols. Toronto: Genealogical Research Library, 1992.

5. Faribault-Beauregard, Marthe. La Population des forts francais d’Amerique: Repertoire des baptemes, mariages, et sepultures celebres dans les forts et les etablissements francais en Amerique du Nord au XVIII3 siecle. Montreal: Editions Bergeron, 1982.

Censuses of various French forts in Canada, Michigan & Illinois. Entries include each member of the family, census date, occupation & marital status.

6. Fraser, Alexander. United Empire Loyalists: Enquiry into the Losses and Services in Consequence of Their Loyalty: Evidence in the Canadian Claims. 1905. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1994. 971.024

Transcripts of property & other losses of those who fled to Canada. Includes information about economic status & where each family lived in the American colonies.

7. Jette, Rene. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec des Origines a 1730. Montreal: Les Presses de l’Universite de Montreal. 929.3714

To be used in conjuction with Tanguay. Entries include place & date of birth, marriage & death, occupation & sometimes appearance.

8. Lussier, Irenee, ed. Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Francais (1608-1760). 3 Vols. Montreal: Institut Genealogique Drouin. 929.371

9. Massicotte, E. Z., ed. Canadian Passports 1681-1752. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1975. 929.371

Transcriptions of the passports granted by the French government to voyagers, allowing them to trade directly with Indian tribes of the North American interior. Many passed through (and left families in) St. Louis.

10. Natural Resources Canada. Concise Gazetteer of Canada. Ottawa: Natural Resources Canada, 1997. 929.4

Standard source for Canadian-place names.

11. Reid, William D. Death Notices of Ontario. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Publishing, 1997. 929.3713

Transcribes Ontario death notices from various newspapers approximately 1810-1849.

12. Robbins, Douglas A. Early Marriages in the Niagara Peninsula. St. Catherines, Ontario: Douglas A. Robbins, 1991. 929.3713

Indexes 19th-century Niagara Falls area marriages. Includes names of the bride & groom, the date of the marriage & the source.

13. Tanguay, L’Abbe Cyprien. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes Depuis la Fondation de la Colonie Jusqu’a nos Jours. 7 Vols. 1871-1890. NY: AMS Press, 1973. 929.3714

Volume 1 covers the 17th century, while Volumes 2-7 cover the 18th century. Includes vital records for Illinois & Missouri families. Usuallylists name, birth or baptismal date & place, marriage date & place, spouse, spouse’s parents, children with birthplace & date & death place & date.

14. Wilson, Thomas B. Marriage Bonds of Ontario 1803-1834. Lambertville, NJ: Hunterdon House, 1985. 929.3713

Includes names of bride, groom & bondsmen, date of marriage & whether both parties were of age.

15. Wood-Holt, B. The King’s Loyal Americans: The Canadian Fact: Marriage Licenses for Sunbury County, 1788-1829 Passenger Lists and Other Lists, etc. Saint John, New Brunswick: Holland House, Inc. 1990. 929.371

A history of the Loyalists in Canada, as well as marriage indexes, passenger lists & cen- suses of various areas. Includes some French Protestants as well.

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