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Summer 2003
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 3   No. 3

This feature highlights web pages of interest to genealogists researching Ohio ancestors.

Ohio Historical Society

This institution is, by law, the archives for the State of Ohio. Features includes:

  • African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920 (see Ethnic Spotlight in this issue for more information.)
  • Ohio Online Death Index, 1913-1937.
  • Ohio Online War of 1812 Soldiers Roster.
  • Awards to the Crews & Officers of Certain Vessels for Captures Made During the War of 1812.
  • Newspaper Index: A list of newspaper microfilm held by the OHS, searchable by title, city & county.
  • Online Collections Catalog. More than 230,000 items (books, periodicals, manuscripts, audiovisual materials & items pertaining to Ohio natural history & archaeology).
  • Fundamental Documents of Ohio History: Online transcriptions of Ohio state constitutions, the Ordinance of the Northwest Territory, Executive Journals of the Northwest Territory, Rutherford B. Hayes Diary & Letters & Governors of Ohio collection.
  • Primary Resources for Teachers Database, K-12: Lists pamphlets on Ohio history useful to teachers.
  • Online Archive of Ohio History, the Scholarly Journal of the Ohio Historical Society, 1887-present. Digital images of the 53,000 pages of this journal.

Ohio Public Library Information Network

Website includes a section on genealogical research opportunities in Ohio public libraries. Subsections include Ethnic Genealogy, Genealogy Libraries, Genealogy Computing, Genealogy Instruction, Maps & Geography, Ohio History & Biography & Ohio Genealogy Records. The Genealogy Libraries subsection consists of Ohio public libraries with genealogy collections with comments about materials available in each library's collection.

State Library of Ohio

Of special interest is a list of Ohio public libraries with websites and/or Internet-accessible catalogs. Genealogists can discover publications of interest about particular families, localities & subjects.

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