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Spring 2003
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 3   No. 2


Items recently added to the St. Louis Public Library’s collections.

1. Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt. Naval Pensioners of the United States, 1800-1851. Baltimore, MD: Genealog- ical Publishing Co., 2002. 929.373

Index includes name of pensioner or widow, military rank, date & amount of pension.

2. Brayton, John A. Annotated Abstracts of Southampton County Virginia: Deed Book 1, 1749-1753. Memphis, TN: John A. Brayton, 2001. 929.3755

Lengthy deed abstracts.

3. French-Canadian Sources: A Guide for Genealogists. Orem, UT: Ancestry, 2002. 929.1

Resources for French-Canadian families, many who later settled in Illinois & Missouri.

4. Jones, Henry Z. & Lewis B. Rohrbach. Even More Palatine Families: Eighteenth Century Immigrants to the American Colonies & Their Swiss, German, and Austrian Origins. 3 Vols. Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2002. 929.373

Entries may include name, residence, spouse, children & place of origin in Europe.

5. Pippenger, Wesley E. Alexandria City & Arlington County Virginia Records Index. 2 Vols. Westminster, MD: Willowbend Books, 2001. 929.3755

Listings for various types of court records. Entries include name, position (attorney, felon, witness, claimant, etc.), location, type of case, year & source.

6.Pippenger, Wesley E. Index to Virginia Estates 1800- 1865. 3 Vols. Richmond, VA: Virginia Genealogical Society, 2001. 929.3755

Includes name, county, record type & year.

7. Rich, Kevin J. Irish Immigrants of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank: Volume 1, 1850-1853. Massapequa, NY: Broadway-Manhattan Co., 2001?. 929.37471

The bank was located in New York City. Includes name, date of account, references, occupation, address, country of origin (not all account holders were Irish), ship & date of arrival & remarks. Sometimes includes town or county of origin.

8. Russell, Donna Valley. First Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 1649-1658: Vol. 2, The Head-rights. New Market, MD: Catoctin Press, 2002. 929.3752

Entries may include birth, death, marriage, arrival, land, will/probate, children, occupation & religion. Many profiles are quite long with extensive notes.

9. Young, D. K. Echoes in the Forest: The Family History Supplement to the His- tory of Stratton, VT. Stratton, VT: Town of Stratton, 2000. 929.3743

10. Young, D. K. History of Stratton, VT: To the End of the Twentieth Century. Stratton, VT: Town of Stratton, 2001. 929.3743

These two volumes contain an extensive history of Stratton & genealogical profiles of many of its families.

We have acquired microfilm of 1930 census for Kentucky, with a partial Soundex and Tennessee with a complete Soundex. In addition, we have acquired several new census indexes including 1900 New York City. We have also received some new censuses including 1860 Maryland, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Vermont & Wisconsin & 1900 Indiana.


1. Spero. Tennes- see Divorces 1797-1858: Taken from 750 Legislative Petitions & Acts. Nashville, TN: Gale W. Bamman & Debbie W. Spero, 1990. 929.3768

Records constitute divorces granted by the Tennessee State Legislature. The ab- stracts include the names of both parties, alphabetical by the person who filed the petition, the date, date of the marriage, the county of residence of the petitioning party, whether there were accompanying affidavits or signatures of witnesses & in some cases the reason for the request.

2. Elliott, Colleen M. & Louise A. Moxley. The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. 4 Vols. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1985. 973.7468

The State Archivist of Tennessee collected questionnaires from over 1,600 Civil War veterans living in Tennessee from 1915-1922. These volumes abstract the forms. Questions included name; age; birthplace; whether family had owned land or slaves at the start of the war; whether attended school; enlistment, unit & company; names of other members of company; war experiences; short biography of life since the war; full name of father & mother; parent’s birthplaces; family genealogy.

3. First Families of Tennessee: A Register of Early Settlers and Their Present-Day Descendants. Nashville, TN: East Tennessee Historical Society, 2000. 929.3768

Entries of those who came to Tennessee from 1770- 1796. Information includes name of person, date & place of birth, date & place of death, spouse, county of settlement, proof of Tennessee residence & the descendants who claim him/her as an ancestor.

4. Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett Jr. & Ella Lee Sheffield, eds. 35,000 Tennessee Marriage Records & Bonds 1783-1870. 3 Vols. Easley, SC: Southern His- torical Press, 1981. 929.3768

Alphabetical listings include name of bride & groom, date of issue & marriage, county & bondsmen.

5. Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett Jr. Marriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1978. 929.3768

Include name of bride & groom, date & place of marriage, previous residence, parents of bride & groom, newspaper & date entry appeared in the newspaper.

8. Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett Jr. Obituaries from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1978. 929.3768

Entries are alphabetical & include name, age, place & cause of death, spouse or parent, name of newspaper & date entry appeared in newspaper.

7. Wiefering, Edna & Charles A. Sherrill. Tennessee’s Confederate Widows and Their Families: Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications. Cleveland, TN: Cleveland Public Library, 1992. 929.3768

Includes number of pension file, name of widow, maiden name of widow, county of residence at time of application, year & place of widow’s birth, name of soldier, year & place of his birth, year & place of marriage, year & place of soldier’s death & remarks.

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