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Summer 2002
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 2   No. 3

New Arrivals

Items recently added to the St. Louis Public Library’s collections:

1. Coldham, Peter Wilson. The King’s Passengers to Maryland and Virginia. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000. HG 929.375

These are lists of felons transported at the King’s expense to the Colonies. The lists include date of transportation, name of ship, date of arrival in the Colonies, name of felon, county of origin, age in some cases & the original source for the information.

2. Glazier, Ira A. Germans To America Series II: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports in the 1840s. Vol. 1 & 2. Wilmington, DE: SR, 2002 - . Central 929.308931

The Germans to America series has been extended to cover the 1840s. The volumes currently available cover 1840-45.

3. Special Presidential Pardons for Confederate Soldiers: A Listing of Former Confederate Soldiers Requesting Full Pardon from President Andrew Johnson. 2 Vols. Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press, 1999. Central 973.742

This includes state-by-state lists of those who received special presidential pardons, including the exemption under the 1865 Amnesty Proclamation that prevented them from receiving amnesty, who recommended them for amnesty & the date of the pardon. The author also guides genealogists to the original records.

4. Warren, Paula Stuart & James W. Warren. Your Guide to the Family History Library: How to Access the World’s Largest Genealogy Resource. Cincinnati, OH: Betterway Books, 2001. Central 026.9292

5. Wright, F. Edward. Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts. 8 Vols. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000. HG 929.3752

This series, which covers approximately 1790-1834, contains a wealth of information abstracted from early Maryland newspapers. Listings include marriages, divorces, deaths, business transactions, runaway slaves, land sales & other tidbits.

6. In addition to these items, the Library has recently received a large shipment of city & county histories from Turner Publishing Company, including those counties from:

Arkansas: Izard, Randolph, Lawrence.
Kentucky: Floyd, Crittenden, Danville/Boyle, Martin, Hardeman, Johnson, Edmonson, McCreary.
Illinois: Henry, Pulaski.
Indiana: Dearborn, Scott.
Missouri: Farmington (city).
Mississippi: Lee, Tishomingo.
Tennessee: Anderson, Cheatham, Chester, Claiborne, Hancock, Henry, Jackson, Crossville/ Cumberland County.


1. Rieder, Jr., Milton P. & Norma Gaudet Rieder, eds. The Acadians in France, 1762-1776. 3 Vols. Metairie, LA: the authors, 1967. HG 929.344

This set includes extensive genealogical information on the Acadians, including names & ages of each family member. Later volumes include ship lists.

2. Arthur, Stanley C. Old Families of Louisiana. New Orleans: Harmanson, 1931. HG 929.3763

Brief profiles of significant early Louisiana families.

3. Price, John M., ed. Civil War Tax in Louisiana: 1865: Based on Direct Tax Assessments of Louisianians. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1975. HG 929.3763

This is a transcription of tax lists generated by a tax on land & improvements imposed by the Federal Government in 1861. This list is based on the assessments for 1864 & collected in 1865. The list is broken down by parish & includes the name of the taxpayer & how much was paid.

4. De Ville, Winston. Louisiana Colonials: Soldiers & Vagabonds. Mobile, AL: 1963. HG 929.3763

A transcription based on original documents, primarily ships’ lists. Although inclusion is quite selective, the entries include name, age, occupation, European town of residence & physical description.

5. Robichaux, Albert J., ed. Louisiana Census & Militia Lists Vol. 1: 1770-1789, German Coast, New Orleans, Below New Orleans, Lafourche. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1977. HG 929.3763

6. Tanguay, Cyprien. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes. 7 Vols. 1871. NY: AMS Press, 1969. HG 929.3714

This source is for French-Canadian research. Entries include name of individual; spouse; children; dates of birth, marriage & death; and links to previous & following generations.

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