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Spring 2002
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 2   No. 2

This feature highlights webpages of interest to genealogists researching ancestors who lived in Indiana. Listings provide site name and URL (plus other info we feel might prove helpful to users of the site).


The Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library

This website offers an impressive links section and a nice online catalog. There is also a list of 10 special files available in the Genealogy Division, including an Indiana Mortality Records Index and a Heraldry File. A searchable database, Indiana Marriages through 1850, is available online. There are also explanations of the State Library’s research policies.

Hoosier Homestead Award Program

In 1976, the Indiana Department of Commerce’s Department of Agriculture began this program that recognizes Indiana farms that have been in the same family for 100 years or more. To date, 3,427 farms have been certified as Hoosier Homesteads and 861 farms have been recognized as having been in the possession of one Indiana family for 150 years or more. Once a farm is recognized as a Hoosier Homestead, information of historical value on farms accepted into this program is deposited in the Indiana State Archives.

Historical Genealogy Collection, Allen County Public Library

This website provides information about the collections of the Allen County Public Library, which has an excellent genealogy collection with a nationwide scope. You can search the library’s book catalog, periodical catalog, or PERSI (the Periodical Source Index). Instructions are provided for requesting copies from citations in PERSI. There are brief descriptions of significant items in the collection, as well as information on visiting the library.




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