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Spring 2001
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 1   No. 2


The staff of our History & Genealogy Department can do limited genealogical research for persons making inquiries. We will need the full name, the county or counties and states where they lived, and the approximate time periods that they lived there. If you want us to check specific items like city directories or the census, please tell us in your request. We will search our collection and make copies of any materials that answer your questions. Our research charge is 25 cents per copy made from microfilm and 15 cents per copy made from paper originals. There is a postage and handling charge of $1.00 per inquiry (foreign requests are billed actual postage costs). If answering your question involves using materials from several departments, each department will receive a copy of your request, copy relevant materials, and then send them out to you separately. Do not send payment with your order. We prefer to bill you because we cannot make refunds or keep accounts for our customers. Questions are answered in the order in which they are received.

Important Phone Numbers:

Newsletter Staff: 314-539-0385 or 314-538-0381.
History & Genealogy Department: 314-539-0385 or 314-539-0386.
Special Collections Department: 314-539-0381 or 314-539-0399.
Microfilm Department: 314-539-0368 or by fax at 314-241-4305.

E-mail to the editors of this newsletter or to any St. Louis Public Library department should be sent to:

The St. Louis Public Library’s website, our on-line catalog, event calendar, special indexes for St. Louis historical and biographical materials, and an index of selected St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper obituaries, death notices, and burial permits, are located at


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