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Winter 2001
A Publication of the St. Louis Public Library

Vol. 1   No. 1

This feature highlights webpages of interest to genealogists researching ancestors who lived in the state or country which is the focus of the current issue of Gateway Family Historian. Listings provide site name and URL (plus any other info we feel might prove helpful).

Genealogy in St. Louis

This site, which is maintained by Dave Lossos, is actually a well-organized and annotated links page. It lists sites helpful to people researching ancestors who lived in St. Louis City or County. While it may be immodest to point out, one of the links goes to the Library’s Obituaries, Death Notices, and Burial Permits Index. Dave’s link allows you to do an overall name search of our obituary indexes and our St. Louis historical indexes online, so it can be an incredible timesaver. Dave also lists volunteers willing to do lookups in some important St. Louis genealogical source materials, such as the prisoner lists for Civil War prisons in St. Louis and Alton, Illinois. In addition, he has links to a number of important online maps of early (1804-1912) St. Louis, plus other links too numerous to mention. Give this site a look! We think you’ll be impressed!

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The Missouri Partisan Ranger

If you are interested in Confederate guerrilla warfare in Missouri or seeking information about a particular ranger or guerrilla, you need to look at this site. You can learn about the equipment they used, songs they sang or listened to, and view a map of the areas in Missouri in which partisans and guerrillas were active. If you’re looking for information on a particular partisan or guerrilla, there is a 69 page Roster of Missouri Partisan Rangers (alphabetical by surname) which gives a bit of biographical info about each ranger. There is also a great list of links to other sites which highlight the Confederacy in Missouri and elsewhere is also available.

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