BULLET Adela Riek Scharr Endowment Programs

Adventures In Flight

The  Adventures in Flight programs are made possible by the Adela Riek Scharr Endowment to the St. Louis Public Library. The goal of these programs is to promote learning in the fields of science and aviation.

From 1990 to the present, funds from the endowment enabled the Library to present many different types of programs:

Annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff - Gives amateur pilots of all ages the opportunity to test their skills
Contests - Invites local students to creativity to portray their view of flight
Exhibits - Showcases aviation-related displays
Guest Speakers - Introduces members of the community to noted local and national aviation leaders
Book Purchases - Adds titles to the St. Louis Public Library's collections to educate and excite readers of all ages about aviation

Highlights from Adventures In Flight programs of the past:


1990 "Adventures in Flight"

Displayed posters depicting history of flight
Exhibited hot air balloon flight basket and real airplane, the VariEze
Demonstrated ‘Hands On’ experiments


1991 "Flights of Fancy—History of Imagination"

Appearances by Allen Barklage & Capt. Al Smith (African-Americans in Aviation)
Exhibited paintings by Master Sergeant Dave Black
Held poster contest for kids about Flight
Presented films related to aviation
Raptor Project spoke about "Native Birds of Missouri"


1992 "Adventures in Flight"

Appearance by local TV weatherman, Dave Murray
Exhibited ‘View From Space: American Astronaut Photography 1962-72’ - A Smithsonian Institute Exhibit
Presented films ‘Flying Machines’ and ‘The Dream is Alive’


1993 "Breaking the Barriers"

Held first annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Appearance by Asst. Chief Flight Instructor, Brian K. Slawin, Parks College


1994 "Charting an Exciting Course"

Held second annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Appearances by Gateway Eagles
System-wide films, craft activities & storytimes



"Adventures in Flight"

Held third annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Exhibited student drawings of hot air balloons
System-wide aviation-related activities including free Air Force posters


1996 "Adventures in Flight"

Held fourth annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Appearance by Christopher Newman (They Led the Way: Tuskegee Airmen)
System-wide craft activities including paper airplane & hot air balloon construction


1997 "Adventures in Flight"

Held fifth annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Exhibited ‘Wing & Prayer: WWI Aircraft Production Photos’
System-wide aviation-related activities including Star Trek fan club program


1998 "Adventures in Flight"

Held sixth annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Exhibited ‘Come Fly with Me’ for youth
System-wide aviation-related activities


1999 "Adventures in Flight"

Held seventh annual Great Paper Airplane Flyoff
Appearance by Astronaut, Fred Haise
Exhibited ‘Aviation: The St. Louis Connection’


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