BULLET St. Louis Argus Obituary Index 1915 S - Y
This index of names was obtained from the DEATHS OF THE WEEK column and individual obituaries found in the St. Louis Argus.

DEATHS OF THE WEEK is very much like the Burial Permits found in the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, they include name, address and age, but not cause of death or the exact date of death. They are the most common source of entry for this index. Individual obituaries are indicated by "#"

The index begins with Vol. 3 #39, January 1, 1915 as this is the earliest surviving copy on microfilm.

All dates listed are for the first date that the notice appeared in the St. Louis Argus, not the date of death.

Subsequent entries from the same individual are not listed unless they appear to provide additional information.

Every effort has been made to be as complete as possible. However, due to poor quality in the microfilm and missing pages, a small percent of the names listed in the newspaper are not available.

The ST. LOUIS ARGUS serves as a valuable resource for deaths in the local African-American community, especially during the early 20th century, when obituaries or death notices for this segment of the population were generally not carried in major area newspapers.

St. Louis Argus Obituary Index 1915


Sadler, Tom    3/19 p4
Salomey, Henry    10/29 p4
Samuels, Sallie    3/19 p4
Sanders, Flora    8/27 p5
Sanders, Rhoda    12/17 p5
Sanford, Carl    6/25 p5
Sanford, William    7/9 p5
Sassen, Josie    3/19 p4
Sawyer, (infant)   6/4 p5
Schaffer, Jack    1/29 p1
Scott, Alice    4/16 p5
Scott, Duffy    1/15 p5
Scott, George D.   11/12 p5
Scott, George J.   5/21 p5
Scott, James    8/13 p5
Scott, John    10/29 p4
Scott, Leon    3/19 p4
Scott, Mollissa    9/3 p5
Scott, Nancy    1/22 p5
Scruggs, Minnie    2/5 p4
Scurry, Ella    6/18 p5
Sedrick, Susie    1/1 p1
Senere, Mattie    11/19 p5
Settles, Bertha    10/29 p4
Shaw, H.   4/9 p5
Shaw, Latona    6/4 p5
Shelton, Daniel    4/2 p5
Shelton, Frank    5/7 p5
Shepard, Rosie    8/20 p5
Shepard, William    4/9 p5
Shirles, James    4/16 p5
Shivers, Ruth    2/5 p4
Sikes, (infant)   6/4 p5
Simmons, John    9/10 p5
Simmons, William    7/2 p5
Simpson, Samuel    4/16 p5
Simpson, Walter    9/10 p5
Sims, Charles    4/23 p5
Sims, Lue    10/15 p5
Sissel, Ida    7/30 p7
Skinner, Mary    7/16 p5
Slaten, Anderson    1/29 p1
Slaten, Benjamin    8/13 p5
Slaughter, Andy    1/8 p4
Slide, Maggie    9/10 p5
Small, Ellen    10/29 p4
Smiley, Aaron   4/30 p5
Smiley, William    2/12 p4
Smith, (Baby)   2/19 p4
Smith, (Infant) 4/23 p5
Smith, Carrie    6/18 p5
Smith, Current    12/3 p5
Smith, Dane    2/26 p4
Smith, David    10/22 p5
Smith, Doy B.   8/27 p5
Smith, (Rev.) G. W. “Burials in Father Dickson Cemetery”  12/3 p5, 12/3 p5
Smith, George    3/26 p5
Smith, Georgia    1/22 p5; 3/5 p8
Smith, Hattie    4/2 p5
Smith, Henderson    12/10 p5
Smith, I. J. 7/30 p7
Smith, (Maj.) J. R. “Funeral Serice”    #10/22 p5
Smith, Jackson    1/15 p5
Smith, John R.    10/15 p5
Smith, Joshua    5/28 p5
Smith, Lucinda    3/12 p4
Smith, Maggie    4/23 p5
Smith, Marie    1/22 p5
Smith, Minnie    4/30 p5
Smith, Ned    12/24 p5
Smith, Rudolph    11/12 p5
Smith, Sallie    4/9 p5
Smith, Samuel    1/15 p5; 3/19 p4
Smith, Sarah L. 12/10 p5
Smith, Siby    10/8 p5
Smith, Stephen A.   #12/24 p5
Smith, Steve    12/24 p5
Snorton, William    10/29 p4
Sommers, Eliza    11/12 p5
Sparks, (infant)   6/18 p5
Speed, Spreg S. “Burials in Father Dickson Cemetery”   12/3 p5
Speed, Spring S. 12/3 p5
Spotts, Carre    10/29 p4
Stacker, James    5/14 p5
Standard, Charles    7/2 p5
Stanton, Dorothy K.   5/28 p5
Staple, Fred    7/2 p5
Starks, Eliza    2/26 p4
Staves, Julia    4/30 p5
Steadman, Cora    2/12 p4
Steele, Catherine    4/2 p5
Steele, Lillie B.   11/5 p5
Stegger, Ella    10/22 p5
Stephens, Rosa    12/3 p5
Stephenson, Henrietta    10/15 p5
Steuerson, Edward    3/26 p5
Steward, Cornelia    7/2 p5
Steward, Levy    1/22 p5
Steward, Nathaniel    4/16 p5
Stewart, (infant) 10/29 p4
Stewart, Francis    6/18 p5
Stewart, Kegrah    5/14 p5
Stiger, Katie    2/5 p4
Stinard, Henderson    7/2 p5
Stokes, Robert     4/9 p5
Stone, Demeris    7/23 p5
Storkes, Spencer    5/7 p5
Stovall, (infant) 5/28 p5
Stovall, Charles    11/12 p5
Stradford, Harvey    8/13 p5
Stribling, Hattie    3/26 p5
Strong, Noah    4/16 p5
Strother, William    7/30 p7
Stroud, Albert    8/20 p5
Sturgeon, (Infant)   10/8 p5
Sublett, George    5/21 p5
Sullivan, Mary    6/11 p5
Summerfield, Frank    1/15 p5
Sutton, Addie    12/10 p5
Sutton, Ellis    12/24 p5
Sutton, Joshua    4/30 p5
Swan, Henrietta    6/4 p5
Sydnor, Gracie    10/15 p5
Sydnor, Lettie    4/30 p5

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Tabor, Daisey    4/16 p5
Tate, Sadie    11/26 p5
Tate, Wilhelmina    10/15 p5
Tatum, Lee    1/15 p5
Tatum, Nathaniel    4/2 p5
Tayes, Marguerite    10/22 p5
Taylor, Bessie    3/19 p4
Taylor, Frank    7/16 p5
Taylor, Hugh    7/16 p5
Taylor, Joe    6/4 p5
Taylor, Lizzie    5/28 p5
Taylor, O’Neal    10/15 p5
Taylor, Peter    2/5 p4
Taylor, Robert     11/5 p5
Taylor, William    5/14 p5
Temple, Alma   12/17 p5
Temple, Robert     7/16 p5
Terry, Albert    3/26 p5
Thodes, Viola    1/22 p5
Thomas, Elijah    10/22 p5
Thomas, Fred    5/14 p5
Thomas, Irine    10/29 p4
Thomas, Kattie    1/22 p5
Thomas, Lena    8/13 p5
Thomas, Mamie    9/17 p5
Thomas, Naomi    6/25 p5
Thomas, Viola    7/9 p5
Thompson, Becky    1/1 p1
Thompson, Charles    12/10 p5
Thompson, Christopher    7/16 p5
Thompson, Edith    11/5 p5
Thompson, Fred    #5/14 p5
Thompson, Henry    4/9 p5
Thompson, James W.    #2/19 p4, 2/19 p4
Thompson, John    9/3 p5
Thompson, Louisa    9/10 p5
Tibbs, Gabe    10/29 p4
Tiddwell, Mary U. 7/9 p5
Tidwell, Lettie    11/26 p5
Tiedwell, Lottie “Burials in Father Dickson Cemetery”   12/3 p5
Tiedwell, Mary “Burials in Father Dickson Cemetery”   12/3 p5
Tiggs, Martha    2/19 p4
Tilgham, Anneth    3/19 p4
Tilsworth, Robert     1/29 p1
Timmas, Frank    12/3 p5
Toney, Ella    4/30 p5
Tooley, Minnie    6/4 p5
Topp, Sarah E.   1/8 p4
Topp, William    3/26 p5
Trust, Edgar    1/15 p5
Turner, (Hon.) J. Milton    #11/5 p1, #11/12 p1, “Memorial” 
     (photo) #11/26 p1, 11/12 p5
Turner, Lee    3/12 p4
Turner, Missouri    4/9 p5
Turner, Robert U.  9/10 p5
Turner, Thomas    8/27 p5
Turner, William    1/29 p1; 10/1 p5
Turnley, Francis    10/15 p5
Turntime, Josephine    1/8 p4
Turpin, Jesse    7/23 p5
Tutchner, Sarah    10/29 p4
Tutt, (Baby)   2/26 p4; 10/15 p5
Tyler, Cyrus L.   #2/12 p4, 2/19 p4
Tyler, Fannie    1/1 p1

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Umstead, Emma    11/19 p5

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Vaughan, James    3/12 p4
Vincent, Bertha    1/1 p1

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Wagner, Malvin    4/2 p5
Walker, Edward    2/26 p4
Walker, Harman    5/21 p5
Walker, Jane    9/17 p5
Walker, Seeman    7/9 p5
Walker, Susie    4/30 p5
Wallace, Robert     11/5 p5
Walls, Clement    1/15 p5
Walters, Carrie    5/14 p5
Walton, Ellen    1/22 p5
Wardlaw, Dezzie    10/22 p5
Warner, Walter    2/12 p4
Warren, Albert    3/26 p5
Warren, William    5/28 p5
Washington, Carrie    3/5 p8
Washington, George    5/7 p5
Washington, Irwin    1/29 p1
Washington, Jemima    11/5 p5
Washington, Tom    7/2 p5
Washington, William    2/12 p4
Watkins, Henry J.   6/11 p5
Watson, William    8/20 p5
Watts, William    2/19 p4
Weakly, Emma    7/2 p5
Webb, Emma    6/18 p5
Weeden, W. A.  6/4 p5
Weeks, Amelia    8/27 p5
Wellington, Ellen J.   1/15 p5
Wells, Cora    12/10 p5
Westbrook, Mary    2/26 p4
Westfield, Mildred    2/26 p4
Whaley, Phillip   9/24 p4
Wheeler, Henry    4/23 p5
Wheeler, Minda    1/8 p4
White, Bessie    2/12 p4
White, Elizabeth    9/17 p5
White, Emma    1/8 p4
White, Fred    4/9 p5
White, Henry    9/24 p4
White, Herbert    4/23 p5
White, Luther    6/25 p5
Whitefield, Sarah    9/24 p4
Whitfield, Walter L. 10/8 p5
Whitlor, Ozeit    5/21 p5
Whitner, Andrew    1/29 p1
Whitner, Lucy    5/7 p5
Whitney, Arthur    10/29 p4
Whitney, Lee    3/19 p4
Wiggins, Harrison    11/26 p5
Wilbert, Maggie    12/3 p5
Wilburn, Charlie    1/8 p4
Wiley, Lucy    4/9 p5
Wilkins, Annie    12/3 p5
Wilkins, Annie “Died”    #12/3 p5
Wilkins, Eva    4/2 p5
Williams, Annie    11/5 p5
Williams, Bessie    7/23 p5
Williams, Caleb    9/10 p5
Williams, Cecelia    7/2 p5
Williams, Charles    #6/4 p5, 6/4 p5; 8/6 p5
Williams, Christopher    12/17 p5
Williams, Ed    6/18 p5
Williams, Flecher    8/20 p5
Williams, Frank    1/29 p1
Williams, Frank D.  9/3 p5
Williams, Henry    10/8 p5
Williams, Henry    3/19 p4
Williams, Ida B.   2/19 p4
Williams, Lizzie (nee Price-Graves)   #7/30 p7, #8/6 p5
Williams, Lula    10/1 p5
Williams, Maggie    #4/16 p5, 4/9 p5
Williams, Marguerite    2/26 p4
Williams, Maria   7/23 p5
Williams, Marie    4/16 p5
Williams, Matthew    4/23 p5
Williams, Merrell    10/22 p5
Williams, Pearl    11/12 p5
Williams, Percy    12/24 p5
Williams, Sallie    1/8 p4
Williams, Vinnie    1/1 p1
Williams, William Allen    1/22 p5
Willimer, Susie    10/8 p5
Willis, Harriet    8/27 p5
Willis, Joseph    9/3 p5
Willis, Lushon    5/21 p5
Wilson, Edith   9/10 p5
Wilson, Gertrude    12/3 p5
Wilson, John H. 6/25 p5
Wilson, Lucinda    4/9 p5
Wilson, Mathews    3/5 p8
Wilson, Racolia    7/30 p7
Wilson, Sidney    6/11 p5
Wilson, Wallace E.   4/23 p5, #4/30 p5
Wilson, William    7/9 p5; 7/23 p5
Winchester, Julius    7/30 p7
Windom, (infant)   9/10 p5
Windom, Dorothy    2/12 p4
Wingo, Gertrude    6/18 p5
Woods, Eliza    4/23 p5
Woods, James    3/12 p4
Woods, Mattie    11/12 p5
Woods, Sarah    10/29 p4
Woods, Sarah “Condolence”    #10/29 p4
Woodson, Edward    7/23 p5
Woodson, Hamp    3/5 p8
Woodson, Rebecca    1/15 p5
Woolridge, Bettie    6/11 p5
Worthington, Jennie    12/24 p5
Wrench, Ruth    12/10 p5
Wright, Stephen    10/15 p5
Wyatt, Cordelia    2/5 p4

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Yarber, Marie    10/1 p5
Young, Jennie    11/19 p5
Young, William    7/16 p5

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Compiled by Keith Zimmer
Periodicals Department
St. Louis Public Library
September 2002