Internet at the Library

INTERNET COMING TO THE LIBRARY.Since October 1, 1996, the Internet has been available for public use at all locations, with the exception of Charing Cross and Marketplace. Many of you have told us how much you wanted Library Internet connections. The Library is responded to your demand.

BENEFITS OF INTERNET USE. On the Library Internet, you and your child can connect without charge to tens and thousands of information and learning sources that together make up what many call "The Information Highway." In using the Internet, for example, your child will have have many more sources for schoolwork help than are available in print at even the largest library branch.

INTERNET CONTENT NOT CONTROLLED. The Internet, however is not regulated. Not all Internet sources are accurate, complete, or current. It is also possible for your child to use the Internet to find materials and pictures which you as a parent or guardian may find disturbing, too explicit, or otherwise inappropriate for your child's use.

PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. As a matter of policy, the Library provides all its materials to every user. We expect you as a parent or guardian to take responsibility for deciding what library resources your child will use. As part of the Library's effort to support you in your parenting or guardian role, we give you the choice of deciding whether or not your child should use the Library Internet.


* Internet Privileges: To give permission to your child to use the Internet, sign the Parent Permission Form enclosed with this letter. Bring this form and your child's library card to any St. Louis Public Library location, and your child will be able to use the Library's Internet computers.

* No Internet Privileges: To deny permission to your child to use the Internet, do nothing. If the signed form is not returned, your child will be allowed to use only the electronic resources available on Library computers which do not have the Internet.

LIBRARY WORKS WITH YOU. By giving you the right to decide on how your child uses the Library's Internet computers, the Library continues its effect to be responsible and sensitive to St. Louis parents who hold many different points of view about what is appropriate for their children's homework and reading use.

St. Louis Public Library Public Internet Policy: Use of Internet services is a privilege and not a right. Read the rules and procedures of this policy that must be obeyed.

MY RULES FOR ONLINE SAFETY and CHILD SAFETY ON THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY: Parents of minor children are responsible for their children's use of the Internet through the library's connection. Reading-age children and their parents are encouraged to read this two-part brochure.