St. Louis Public Library Public-Use Computers

St. Louis Public Library offers personal computers at all locations, with the exception of Charing Cross and Marketplace, for use by library cardholders. These computers are equipped with printers and loaded with a variety of popular software packages. The intent of the service is to allow library cardholders to:

  • improve their computer skills
  • access hardware and software currently used by area businesses
  • access children's software

The following rules govern access to computers at the library:

1. Access to Public-use Computers is by appointment. You will be required to provide a valid St. Louis Public Library card number (registered in your name) at the time the appointment is made.

2. You will be required to leave your valid St. Louis Public Library card with a staff member each time you use a computer. Appointments may only be used by the person for whom they were made. If you are unable to use your appointment, please cancel either by telephone or in person. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, the appointment will be considered cancelled.

3. Due to demand, scheduling will be in one-hour increments. You may reserve a computer for up to two hours a day with in a weekly limit of six hours. Appointments may be made a maximum of one week in advanced, either by telephone or in person. If you fail to appear for three consecutive appointments, further requests for appointments may be refused.

4. You must relinquish the equipment to another eligible user when your schedule time is up. If no on else is waiting to use the computer, you may request to continue beyond the time originally reserved.

5. The Library provides a variety of popular software for Public-use Computers. You will not be allowed to use or load any other software on library equipment.

6. You may use your own data diskettes to store documents or data files, however, each such diskette must be scanned for computer viruses by a staff member before being inserted into a Public-use Computer. Personal documents or data files stored on the hard drive of the computer will be deleted on a regular basis.

7. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to copy or modify Library software. Intentional modification of Public-use Computer equipment or software will be considered an act of vandalism, resulting in the termination of computer and Library privileges.

8. Computer manuals are available at the circulation desk. If you wish to use these non-circulating manuals, they will be temporarily checked out to your library card. These materials cannot be taken from the building and must be returned to the desk as soon as your scheduled time is up. Your library card will be returned upon check in of all computer manuals you may have borrowed.

9. Due to the number and variety of software packages offered, staff cannot be expected to provide you with detailed training. Staff can provide you with manuals and can refer you to circulating library materials pertaining to various popular software packages.

10. Use of computers designated for adults will be limited to those cardholders with unrestricted access to adult library materials.

11. Minors with restricted library cards may use computers designated for children. If under age nine, such users must be accompanied by an adult. Appointments to use such computers for children may be accompanied by an adult. Appointments to use computers for children may be made using either the child's library card or the card of the accompanying adult.

12. Computer use may be limited to one person per computer at the discretion of the branch or department manager.

13. St. Louis Public Library is not responsible for any damage to your data files or personal diskettes.

14. Staff members have the right to interrupt or cancel the use of a computer. Abuse of the rules, equipment, or software may result in the loss of computer privileges or library privileges in general.