How much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Move mouse over the blank ________ for answer.

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is celebrated on ________.

a) January 15
b) February 15
c) The third Monday of January
d) The third Tuesday of February

2. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in ________.

a) Atlanta, Georgia
b) Birmingham, Alabama
c) Marietta, Georgia
d) Mobile, Alabama

3. Dr. King’s father was a ________.

a) doctor
b) fireman
c) pastor
d) professor

4. In Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. King led ________.

a) a march to Washington, D.C., for civil rights
b) a sit-in at city diners
c) a boycott of the city buses
d) a demonstration outside a county jail

5. In 1956, the Supreme Court determined that ________ was unconstitutional.

a) segregation of schools
b) inequality based on race
c) jail terms for civil-rights demonstrators
d) segregation on buses

6. The goal of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was ________.

a) inspiring white clergy to support civil rights
b) equality for black people
c) voting rights for all Americans
d) training effective leaders for the black community

7. The teachings of ________ inspired Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence.

a) Indian spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi
b) American philosopher Henry David Thoreau
c) American scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Linus Pauling

8. What honor did Dr. King receive in 1964? ________.

a) Nobel Peace Prize
b) Pulitzer Prize
c) Medal of Honor

9. In 1968, Dr. King went to Memphis, Tennessee, to ________.

a) receive an honorary degree
b) attend a civil rights conference
c) visit his wife and children
d) support a sanitation workers strike for better wages

10. How did Dr. King die? ________.

a) He was shot by an assassin.
b) He had a heart attack.
c) He was killed in a plane crash.
d) He was killed in the Vietnam War.