Kindergarten Bibliography
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Is your child about to start kindergarten? This list of books and websites recommended by St. Louis Public Library staff will help make the experience a good one for you and your child.

Books on this list can be borrowed from your library. St. Louis Public Library cardholders can use the Library's online catalog to find specific locations where these books can be found.


Inventing Kindergarten by Norman Brosterman (H.N. Abrams, 1997).

Pioneers of Early Childhood Education: A Bio-bibliographical Guide by Barbara Peltzman (Greenwood Press, 1998). Reference – available at Central Humanities/Social Sciences

Preschool Education In America: The Culture of Young Children From the Colonial Era to the Present by Barbara Beatty (Yale University Press, 1995).

Susan Blow "Mother of the Kindergarten" by Joseph Menius (Page One Publishers, 1993).

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Montessori In the Classroom: A Teacher’s Account of How Children Really Learn by Paula Polk Lillard (Schocken Books, 1997).

Montessori Play and Learn: A Parents’ Guide to Purposeful Play From Two to Six by Lesley Britton (Crown Publishers, 1992).

Montessori Read and Write: A Parents’ Guide to Literacy For Children by Lynne Lawrence (Three Rivers Press, 1998).

Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education From Birth to Adulthood by Paula Polk Lillard (Schocken Books, 1996).

Teaching Montessori In the Home: The School Years by Elizabeth Hainstock (Plume, 1997).

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Kindergarten Parenting and Teaching Books

Active Learning For Fives by Debby Cryer (Innovative Learning Publications, 1996).

Games For Learning: Ten Minutes a Day to Help Your Child Do Well In School – From Kindergarten to Third Grade by Peggy Kaye (Noonday Press, 1991).

Kindergarten: It Isn’t What It Used To Be: Getting Your Child Ready For the Positive Experience of Education by Susan K Golant (Lowell House, 1999).

The Mommy and Daddy Guide to Kindergarten: Real-Life Advice and Tips From Parents and Other Experts: A to Z by Susan Bernard (Contemporary Books, 2001).

Off to School: A Parent’s Eye View of the Kindergarten Year by Irene M. Hannigan (National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1998).

101 Educational Conversations With Your Kindergartner – 1st Grader by Vito Perrone (Chelsea House, 1993).

Ready – Start – School! Nurturing and Guiding Your Child Through Preschool and Kindergarten by Sandra F. Rief (Hall Press, 2001)

What Your Kindergartner Needs To Know: Preparing Your Child For a Lifetime of Learning edited by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and John Holdren (Doubleday, 1996).

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Picture Books

Countdown To Kindergarten by Allison McGhee (Silver Whistle/Harcourt, 2002).

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn (Child & Family Press, 1993).

Hello School!: A Classroom of Poems by Dee Lillegard (Alfred A Knopf, 2001).

Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten by Jutta Langreuter (Millbrook Press, 1997).

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! by Nancy Carlson (Viking, 1999).

Mama, Don’t Go! by Rosemary Wells (Hyperion Books for Children, 2001).

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate (Dutton Children’s Books, 1998).

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten by Joseph Slate (Puffin Books, 2001).

Miss Bindergarten Stays Home From Kindergarten by Joseph Slate (Dutton Children’s Books, 2000).

Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip With Kindergarten by Joseph Slate (Dutton Children’s Books, 2001).

Molly Rides the School Bus by Julie Brillhart (Albert Whitman, 2002).

The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing (Grosset & Dunlap, 2001).

The School Play by Rosemary Wells (Hyperion Books for Children, 2001).

Staring School by Johanna Hurwitz (Morrow Junior Books, 1998).

Take Two, They’re Small by Elizabeth Levy (HarperCollins, 2003).

Tiptoe Into Kindergarten by Jacqueline Rogers (Scholastic Inc., 1999).

Tom Goes To Kindergarten by Margaret Wild (Albert Whitman, 2000).

We Share Everything by Robert Munsch (Scholastic Inc., 1999).

Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell (Walker, 2001). On order

Who Will Go To Kindergarten by Karl Ruhmann (North-South Books, 2002).

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Parenting web sites recommended by ALA
NET Connect for Kids.
This nonprofit site provides news and information on issues affecting kids and families, over 1500 helpful links to national and local resources, and two e-mail newsletters.


NET Family TLC
Parenting tips, family activities, articles on child development, and many child-friendly and age-appropriate activities are featured on this site.


NET KidSource Online
Information for parents on child health, education, and more.


NET Mother Goose Pages
A collection of nursery rhymes, with tips on how to share them with children of different ages.


NET Netsmartz
Games, activities and information to help kids, teens and parents stay safe on the Internet.


NET SafeKids
This site contains helpful tips, advice, and suggestions to make your family’s online experience fun and productive.


Teacher and Librarian Web Sites recommended by ALA


NET Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC)
Includes ALSC partnerships, activities, and the Newbery and Caldecott Medal pages.


NET Dewey Browse
Librarian Gail Shea Grainger maintains this listing of web sites for K-12 students, arranged in Dewey Decimal order.


NET Discovery Teaching Tools
This portion of the highly regarded educational site offers teachers a puzzle maker, worksheet generator, quiz maker, glossary builder, and clip art gallery.


NET TeachNet: The Teachers’ Network
Includes approximately 500 teacher- and student-tested classroom projects for preschool through grade 12.


NET Children’s Book Council
This non-profit trade organization is dedicated to encouraging literacy and the use and enjoyment of children's books. The CBC also sponsors Young People's Poetry Week and Children's Book Week each year.


ALA Recommended Sites for Children


NET Carlos’ Interactive Coloring Book
Kids choose the coloring tools they want to use and go to work coloring.


NET Little Explorers
Click on a letter of the alphabet and connect to, not one, but many, many pictures of works with that letter and hot links to Web sites about that word.


NET Play Kids Games
Check out math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents.


NET Up to 10
Songs, games, and other kid-safe activities for children aged ten and younger.


Other Related Sites


NET Parents As Teachers National Center
A nonprofit parent education organization providing information and resources for parents of children prenatal-age through kindergarten.


NET KinderArt
Directory of arts education resources, including lesson plans and reference materials.


NET National Association for the Education of Young Children
The nationwide professional organization for early childhood educators.


NET Rivers Bend Association for the Education of Young Children
The St. Louis chapter of the national organization.

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