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BULLET About Foucault Pendulums
Find out everything from how Foucault invented the pendulum to why they prove the earth rotates.


BULLET The Mad Scientist Network
Washington U's Ask a Scientist gets you answers to questions from the experts.
BULLET Adventures in Science and Technology
Find cool science, engineering, and computer projects.


BULLET Magnetism
Get answers to magnetism questions.


BULLET Adventures of Josie True
Discover the wonders of math, science and technology.


BULLET Manufacturing Videos
Check out how things are made like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles how the manufacturing processes works, like forging, casting, or injection molding.


BULLET Archkidecture
Learn about architecture terms and ideas, with hands on projects to try and structures from around the world.



Marie Curie
Learn how she discovered the mysterious element radium.


BULLET The Art and Science of Bubbles
Get tips for making better bubbles to do lots of activities with.



Metal Matters
See where metals are found, how they are extracted, and how we use them in our daily lives.


BULLET Atmospheric Optics
Light playing on water drops, dust or ice crystals in the atmosphere produces a host of visual spectacles - rainbows, halos, glories, coronas and many more Find out where to see them and how they form. Then seek and enjoy them outdoors.


BULLET Mineral Gallery
Explore rocks and minerals.


BULLET The Atoms Family
Find out different types of energy, the properties of light, electricity, atoms, and fuel conservation at this information-packed site.



Mineralogy 4 Kids
A place to learn about rocks and minerals.


Here are some facts and activities about Autumn.


Rock out with force and motion.


BULLET Bitesize Science
Learn about how things work.


BULLET Natural Inquirer
Read about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.


BULLET Bridge Basics
This site illustrates simple spans, trusses, beams and arches of bridges.


BULLET Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids
Read fascinating stories, fun facts, and activities on topics such as; Astronomy, the Calendar, Weather, Food and more!


BULLET Bridge Challenge
Test your engineering skills and try to match the right bridge to the right location.


BULLET One Geology
Investigate geology around the world, from volcanoes to dinosaurs.



Bridge Facts
Check these interesting bridge facts about some famous bridges the history behind bridge building them.


BULLET Paper Project
Explore one of the earliest technologies and art forms, papermaking.


BULLET Building Big
Explore large structures and what it takes to build them.


BULLET The Particle Adventure
Learn how the universe is held together by learning about small particle physics and forces.


BULLET Burke Kids
Have fun with these biology, geology and anthropology activities.


BULLET Peep and the Big Wide World
Go on daily adventures with Peep and his friends.


BULLET Center of the Cell
Explore how cells work.


BULLET Periodic Table of Comic Books
Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element.


BULLET Chain Reaction
Read stories of science in this online magazine.


BULLET Planet Science
Get ready to tickle your curiosity, excite your interest, and unleash your passions in science.


BULLET Cloud Boutique
A resource for understanding cloud formation and types of clouds.


BULLET Principles of Flight
Ever wonder how planes fly?



Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
A list of comic books that include the elements as characters.



Learn about the smallest things that scientists know the universe is made of - quarks.

BULLET Conchologists of America
Get facts about sea shells.


BULLET Quartz Watch
Learn how a watch works and discover the stories behind the invention of the quartz watch.


BULLET Cool Clouds for Kids of All Ages
View pictures of clouds that look like many different objects.


BULLET Robot Gallery
Take a look at where robot builders show off their latest creations.


BULLET Cool Science for Curious Kids
This fun and interactive site to helps kids appreciate science includes activities adapted from children's and science museums.


BULLET The Rock Cycle
Discover the secret of rocks.


BULLET Cuckoo's Clockworks
Play with Cuckoo's latest inventions.


BULLET Rock Hounds
Get ready to dig up some rock information.



Design a Roller Coaster
Try your hand at designing your own roller coaster. You will be building a conceptual coaster using the physics concepts that are used to design real coasters.


Learn all about the world’s most advanced humanoid robot!


BULLET Design an Air Racer
Design an air racer, balancing risky innovations with established techniques so your racer will win the race-or at least finish it!


BULLET Science A Go Go
Find Interesting science news and research tidbits.


BULLET Do Science
Have fun exploring these experiments.


BULLET Science Bug
Investigate to learn more about science.


BULLET Doodles, Drafts and Designs
See how engineers, inventors, and designers produce drawings as part of their creative process to draw out and refine concepts.



Science Club Videos
Watch some cool magic tricks.


Learn new skills.


BULLET Science Facts
Learn interesting earth facts, amazing chemistry facts, cool space facts, funny facts about animals and much more.



Dynamic Earth
Take a closer look at the earth's interior shifting under our feet.


BULLET Science for Kids
Get ready to test your science knowledge.


BULLET Electric Avenue
Find out how electricity works and what it's all about, play games, and learn how to play it safe.


Science Fun
Have fun while learning cool, science trivia facts!


BULLET Electrical Safety World
Find out why you should care about electrical safety.


BULLET Science is Fun
Share the fun of scientific experimentation with friends and family members at home.


BULLET Elements of Machines
Simple machines are explained, described and illustrated.


BULLET Science: It's a Girl Thing
Find out what's lurking in the nether regions of space, or in the deepest ocean trench.


BULLET Encyclopedia of Life
A place where you can get information about life present on Earth.


BULLET Science Made Fun
Where science is fun for everyone!


BULLET Energy Kids
Learn about energy and challenge your brains with energy games.


BULLET Science of Cycling
Find out what makes bicycles work.


BULLET The Energy Quest
Read all about different types of energy. 


BULLET Science News For Kids
Get the latest news covering all topics of science.


BULLET Engineering the Wright Way
Step into the Wright Brother's workshop and design your own glider, then take it to the sands of Kitty Hawk for flight testing.



Science Snacks
These snacks are the kind you can learn from and have fun with.


BULLET Exploratorium
The museum of science, art and human perception.



Science U
Fun activities make Science U a great place to learn.


BULLET Exploring Energy
Learn how energy makes everything happen.


These girls are putting science and engineering to work, as they answer real-life questions and make unexpected discoveries in the world around them.


BULLET Eye Wonder
Watch these videos for interesting science facts.



Learn the types of seashells, how to preserve and clean them and the fun things you can do with them.


BULLET First Flight
Learn about how many experiments the Wright Brothers did in order to make that first flight in the air.


BULLET Simple Machines
Play the game to create simple machines that help Twitch do his work.


BULLET Frontiers in Neuroscience for Young Minds
A scientific open access journal edited by and for kids.


BULLET Snow Crystals
This site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes -- what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literally, out of thin air.


BULLET Gallery of Mineral Photographs
Check out these photographs of worldwide classic minerals.



Strange Matter
Discover the secrets of everyday stuff.


BULLET Geography4Kids
Learn about the physical geography and earth sciences including earth energy, earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, and climates.



Switch On Kids
Learn how to use electricity safely.


BULLET Get A Grip On Robotics
This exhibit explores the jointed-arm robot which looks similar to a certain part of your body.



Tall Buildings
See how new technologies have allowed builders and city residents to be more confident about the safety of these towers.


BULLET GSI: - Glasgow Science Investigation
Gather clues and use forensic science to solve the crime.



Temperature World
Find temperature news, resources and links.


BULLET How Does a Kite Fly?
Get answers to get your kite high in the sky.


BULLET Thank Physics For That
Check out how new physics-based technologies such as MP3 players, the internet, smart phones and GPS have revolutionized our everyday lives.


BULLET How it's Made
Watch these videos to see step-by-step how everyday objects are made.



Time Rock
Find information on anything from your favorite gemstone to the scariest meat-eating dinosaur.


Think out of the box on your invention.

The Tinkering Studio
Experiments with art, science, technology and other ideas.


BULLET Imagers
Learn about remote sensing on this adventure.



Transportation and Public Transit
Learn about the invention of the wheel to modern bullet trains, including information on the first trains, early cars, public transit alternatives, as well as online quizzes.


BULLET Invention at Play
Explore the playful side of invention and the inventive side of play.


BULLET Try Science
Make new discoveries while trying these experiments.


BULLET Invention Dimension
Here’s the place for information about inventors.


Test your knowledge on this precious resource - water.


BULLET The Invention Factory
Tour Edison's complex, where his creative research, production, and marketing revolutionized the business of invention.



Water Family
In this game you will help a family cut down on their water usage.


BULLET Inventors and Inventions
Get fact sheets on who invented what.



Water Works
Discover the magic of water fountains.

BULLET Inventors of the Week
Each week view a profile of a different inventor, from the past or present.


BULLET Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars!
Test your knowledge of math and science as you work your way to the million dollar level.


BULLET Journey Through a Jet Engine
This animated video lets you see inside each section of a Rolls-Royce jet engine.


BULLET Wonderopolis
A place where wonder and learning are nurtured through the power of discovery, creativity and imagination.


BULLET Khan Academy
Here's a collection of videos can help you with math, science, and economics.



Visit a town filled with exciting science adventures.


BULLET Kids Know It
Find information on all sorts of neat stuff, from dinosaurs to the solar system as well as games and activities.


BULLET Workshop of the World
Discover the importance of England's inventions to society.


BULLET Laser Basics
Find out how lasers are a different kind of light from the sun and a light bulb.



The Yuckiest Site on the Internet!
Explore the living sciences of entomology, earth science, and human biology through roaches, earthworms, and more.


BULLET Living Things
Take a look at individual organisms, communities, populations, species, and ecological food webs.


BULLET Be sure to check the St. Louis Public

Librarys' very own:


BULLET Low Life Labs
Find out what robot designers are learning from ants, cockroaches, and other simple forms of life.

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A+ Math
More than 1000 challenging math problems and illustrations for grades 1-12.


BULLET Math Moves U
A fun world where objects move and you can play cool math games.
BULLET A Walk Through Time
Travel through the history of time measurement, which chronicles the evolution of time-keeping from ancient calendars through the establishment of time zones and atomic clocks.


BULLET Math Snacks
Satisfy your math craving with these math games.
Fun math games for grades K - 5.


BULLET Math Words, and Some Other Words of Interest
Use this dictionary to find definitions of words of mathematics and science.


BULLET Absurd Math
Go on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skill and knowledge.


BULLET Maths Museum
Visit this three story virtual museum with galleries of exhibitions illustrating mathematics and science related objects.


BULLET Banking On Our Future
Learn about banking basics, savings and checking accounts, budgeting, credit and investing.


Learn how to save and invest your money wisely. Take the money quiz and find out if you are a spender or a saver.


BULLET Bite Size Math
See how knowing about sums, averages, shapes, graphs and measurements can help you out with many tasks.


BULLET Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense
Find out why you only need to memorize 13 multiplication facts (or less) in order to know the whole table.


BULLET The Centsables
The fun way to learn about money.
BULLET Musical Multiplication
Learn the multiplication facts through songs.


BULLET Count Us In
Practice counting, sorting, and ordering with these fun games.


BULLET Numbers
Play these math games based on baseball, soccer, car racing and other fun things.


BULLET Counting Games
Have fun playing these online counting games.


Fun Pi Facts and ideas for Pi activities.


BULLET The Counting Story
Count the pink bunnies.


BULLET Polygon Playground
Arrange designs with online movable polygons.


BULLET Create a Graph
Use homework problems, things you have a special interest in, or use some of the numbers you find elsewhere to create a graph online.


BULLET Prime Pages
Learn all about prime numbers.


BULLET Figure This!
Take your family up on math challenges with cartoon characters named Polygon, Tessellation, Exponent, Tangent, and Axis.


BULLET Rich Kid Smart Kid
Discover how to be smart with your money.


BULLET Geometry Playground
Geometry Playground will change the way you think about geometry.


BULLET RicksMath
Students of all grades can get a better understanding of math with these problems to solve.


BULLET The Great Piggy Bank Adventures
Learn the importance of making wise money choices.


BULLET Secret Millionaires Club
Learn how to invest your money.


BULLET Gymnasium for Brain
You can sharpen your mind and improve your ability to think outside the box.


BULLET Sense & Dollars
Get the facts here on earning, saving and spending.



History of Math
Try these sites suggested by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library.


Have fun with these shapes activities.


BULLET Hot Shot Business
Pick a business, make all the decisions, and see if you can turn a profit in six weeks!


BULLET $mart Piggy
Make good choices with your money and you can become a smart piggy.


BULLET How to Save Money
These quizzes will help you learn how to save money.
BULLET Starship
Travel the galaxy with Star, Sky and Hutch and explore English and Math concepts.


BULLET How to Tell Time
Find out how people measured time in the past, read about clocks, calendars, and time zones.


BULLET Young Investor
Explore ways to earn money then learn how to save and spend money wisely.


BULLET Illuminations
Interactive games help you to understand math concepts.
BULLET Telling Time
Lots of links to learn how to tell time.


BULLET Let’s Count
A fun, colorful set of counting activities.


BULLET Three Jars
Learn to earn and use money responsibly.


BULLET Math Advantage
Improve your math skills with these active activities for all grade levels.


BULLET Tic Tac Toe Squares
Solve the math problems to get three in a row!


BULLET Math Cats
Try these fun online math projects, math art and crafts, math writing contests, math story problems, even a magic chalkboard!


BULLET Time Monsters
Learn how to tell time with the help of these monsters.


BULLET Math Games
Learn shapes and numbers with these fun games!


BULLET Totally Tessellated
Here's an introduction to tessellations explaining the basic underlying mathematics with many examples from real life.


BULLET Math Games
These games can help you with understand math concepts.


BULLET Unit Conversion
Convert units from one measure to another.


BULLET Math Maven's Mysteries
Math mysteries are popping all over town, and the chief sleuth needs your help to crack each case.

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BULLET Birth of the Internet
Travel back to the 1060s and discover how the Internet got its start.


BULLET Hectors World
Watch Hector and his friends learn how to use their computers safely!
BULLET ChatDanger
Learn how to stay safe while chatting online.


BULLET Infinite Learning Lab
Watch these videos about Giving Back, Diversity, Online Safety and more with the famous Garfield cast.


BULLET Community Garden
Create beautiful flowers then grow them on vines and trees.


Get the basics of HTML so that you can make your very own web page.


BULLET Computer History
Trace through the history of computing technology with this collection of hardware, software, and more!


BULLET Learning HTML for Kids
Use this guide to that covers all the basics to help you create your own webpage.


BULLET Computer Skills
Learn how to use programs to write papers and do homework, like Microsoft Word or Excel.


BULLET Mousercise
Are you a new computer user? If so, check out Mousercise, an online tutorial teaching you how to move and click your computer's mouse. Great fun for users of all ages.


BULLET CyberNetiquette
Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips.



This is an interactive way to learn about being safe while surfing the World Wide Web.


BULLET Digizen
Learn how to become a responsible DIGItal citiZEN.


BULLET Stop Cyberbullying
Know what steps you can take to prevent Cyberbullying and how to properly address these incidents.


BULLET Disney Infinity Play Lab
Code your own stories or games.


BULLET Surf Swell Island
Adventures in Internet safety with Mickey and friends.


BULLET Elmer the Safety Elephant
Join Elmer and learn more about safety on the internet, railways or trains, on the street, around bullies, and during a fire.


BULLET Systems at Work
Take a journey through time and technologies and see the connections between the mail, technology, engineering, the Internet, and you.


BULLET Especially for Children and Their Parents
Provides links to resources on the Internet to help you and your children learn about Internet safety.


BULLET Teen NetSmart
Play it safe online and on your phone with these collection of videos, comics and games.


BULLET Explore Technology
Explore the ways technology affects our lives.


BULLET Time Warp of Vintage Technology Through the Decades
Witness the history of computers, calculators, antique radio, tube audio and video games-vintage technology of the 20th century.


BULLET Futurecade
Test some of the most advanced technology of the future.


BULLET Virtual Fish Tank
Take care of the fish in your online aquarium.


BULLET Glossary of Internet Terms
Look up definitions to basic and not so basic computer and Internet terminology.


BULLET Webonauts
Learn about web safety and good citizenship.


BULLET Graffiti
Create your own graffiti art.

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BULLET Antibubbles
An antibubble in liquid is a thin film of air surrounding liquid.


BULLET Periodic Table of Videos
Short videos about every element on the periodic table, plus other cool experiments and chemistry stuff.


BULLET Bill Nye the Science Guy
The home page for 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' provides a wealth of resources.


BULLET Science Bob
Enter the world of Science Bob to try lots of home experiments, watch experiment videos, and more!


BULLET Bubblesphere
Go on a bubble adventure with bubble information, games and history more!


BULLET Science Explorer
Experiments you can do at home.



Choose one of the many interactive activities in science and math and more! 


BULLET Science for Kids
Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying these fun science experiments, cool facts and online games.


BULLET JVC's Science Fun
A guide to science projects, fun experiments and science research.


BULLET Science Snacks
The kind of snack you can learn from and have fun with.


BULLET Lawrence Hall of Science Kids Corner
Great science fun make projects with step-by-step instructions and pictures.


BULLET Science Tricks
Impress your friends and family with these science tricks.


BULLET Magnet Experiments and Videos
Interesting experiments and videos on magnetism.


BULLET Soap Bubbles
Find out what is so fascinating about bubbles.


BULLET Magnet Man
Find cool experiments with magnets.


BULLET Web Weather for Kids
Do atmospheric science experiments like create a thunderstorm, lightning, or tornadoes right in your classroom or at home.


BULLET Vicki Cobb's Science Page
View videos from Vicki Cobb's science experiment books.


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BULLET Amazing Space
Learn about black holes, the solar system and more.


BULLET Nanospace
An interactive theme park that explores the nanoscale universe of atoms and molecules through games and animations.


BULLET Ask the Space Scientist
Get answers to all questions that have to do with the Sun, the Earth and their various interactions.


The best place for kids interested in space, science, rockets, astronauts and the Solar System.


BULLET Asteroid Introduction
Explore the worlds of asteroids, known as minor planets.


Learn how spacesuits protect astronauts from the harsh elements of the atmosphere in outer space.


BULLET AstroGirl
Take a closer look at the sky.


BULLET National Air and Space Museum
Take a virtual tour of the exhibits at NASM. Find out about jet aviation and the golden age of flight.


BULLET Astronomy and Space
Explore distant worlds and galaxies.


BULLET NASA Home and City
Learn how space exploration impacts your daily life.


BULLET Astronomy for Kids
Take a journey through the stars.


BULLET Neave Planetarium
Explore the stars and the planets.


BULLET Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day a features a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe.


BULLET Principles of Flight
Ever wonder how planes fly?


BULLET At Home Astronomy
Science experiments for the entire family.


BULLET Project Mercury
Take a look at space flight through the eyes of Scott Carpenter, the second US astronaut to orbit earth.


BULLET Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
Find out what auroras look like on Earth and from space, how they are created, and where they can be found.


BULLET Putt the Planets
Take a grand tour of our Solar System, playing a few holes of mini-golf at each stop.


BULLET Basics of Space Flight
This guide will help you on your mission from getting to one planet from another.



Rocket Science 101
Build and launch a NASA spacecraft.


BULLET Be a Spacecraft Engineer
This lab connects NASA's Stardust comet-exploration mission with the International Space Station project. Students explore the engineering choices that went into Stardust, then design a new spacecraft to protect the Space Station from orbital space junk.


BULLET Satellite Flybys
Enter your zip code to find out what satellites are going to fly over your area in the nights ahead.


BULLET Boeing Kids Page
Here's a web site full of airplanes, helicopters and space vehicles!


BULLET Satellites
Learn about satellite types and uses, view the image gallery and design a satellite of your own.


BULLET Comet Facts
Learn the facts, myths and legends of comets.


BULLET Sizing Up the Universe
Get to know more about the size of the moon, sun and planets than you ever thought possible.


BULLET Cool Cosmos
Learn about infrared light and open a door into the world of Infrared Astronomy.


Learn all about the stars in the sky.


BULLET Cosmos4Kids
Learn the astronomy and space science fundamentals of the Universe, galaxies, stars, and the Solar System.



Sky View Café
Sky View Café presents a number of different ways to look at the movements of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets through the sky.


BULLET Earth Science Enterprise
Discover how NASA uses satellites and high altitude airplanes to study the weather and how it changes the Earth.


BULLET Skywatching Center
Use this guide while gazing at the stars.


BULLET European Space Agency
Learn all about outer space, from its earliest history to the most recent explorations of the European Space Agency.



Solar System Simulator
Try a simulated view of any body in the solar system from any location and time in full-color graphics.


BULLET Exploring the Moon
Discover the missions, from 1965 to 1970, of man's exploration of the moon.


BULLET The Space Place
Learn about space and astronomy and make a pop rocket that really works, solve a riddle, and dive beneath the surface of Mars.


BULLET Flight Adventures Flight School
Learn about the forces of flight using a FPG-9 glider.


BULLET Space Sounds
Listen to actual recorded sounds from space.


BULLET Flight Deck
360° view of the Space Shuttle Discovery flight deck.


BULLET Space Weather Center
Learn more about the sun, plasmas, auroras and storms in space.


BULLET Geminid Meteor Shower
Get tips on how and where to view the 2010 meteor shower.


BULLET StarChild
A learning center for young astronomers.


BULLET How Things Fly
Take a look at what makes an airplane fly, a spacecraft stay in orbit, and a balloon float in the air.


BULLET Stories of the Skies
Explore how different cultures have viewed the stars and learn how to find the patterns in the night sky that make up the constellations.


BULLET How Things Fly
Find out what makes an airplane fly or how a spacecraft stays in orbit.


BULLET To Infinity and Beyond
Follow along as Buzz Lightyear joins the Discovery Space Crew.


BULLET Human Space Flight
Information about NASA's human exploration and development of space.


BULLET To the Moon
Explore the moon with Apollo astronauts, answer lunar, read excerpts from the last astronaut to set foot on the moon, and find out where did the moon come from?


BULLET Inconstant Moon
Discover the moons dramatic features and phenomena.


BULLET Visions of the Universe
The exhibit features key astronomical discoveries from the past 400 years and the technological advancements that made these discoveries possible.


BULLET Lifeboat to Mars
An explosion just occurred on Ort's rocket ship! Help him rebuild a virtual ecosystem in outer space.


BULLET Windows to the Universe
Explore the solar system, the universe, and the scientists who have discovered these worlds.


BULLET Marc's Observatory
Learn cool facts about the stars and planets, and get help finding them in the night sky!


BULLET Your Age On Other Worlds
Notice when your next birthday on each planet will be.


BULLET Mars Exploration Program
Read about NASA's different projects and expeditions, and the challenges of getting to Mars.
BULLET Zoom Astronomy
Find everything you wanted to know about what’s in space.

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Your Body


5 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle
Find out about how you can be healthy by following these 5 ways.

BULLET It's a Noisy Planet
Get the facts on how to protect your hearing.
BULLET About Kids Health
Learn about your body, health, safety and more in this fun, interactive site.


BULLET It’s Cool in the Shade
Get the facts on protecting your skin from the sun.


BULLET The Art of Crime Detection
Police sketch artists use the two sides of their brain to address different crime-fighting techniques. You can also try using brain at sketching too.


BULLET It’s My Life
Look for advice on issues you want to talk about, including friends, family, school, and body.


BULLET Ask, Listen, Learn
Play with an interactive body to learn how drinking alcohol affects different parts of your body, then watch a video on how alcohol changed the life of one teen forever.


BULLET Keep It Real
Teens learn about the consequences of unhealthy risk-taking behavior.


BULLET BAM: Body and Mind Center
Get answers to questions on health issues and find ways to make your body and mind healthier, stronger, and safer.


BULLET KidsHealth
Read awesome articles with fun features and interactive activities about your health.


BULLET Be the Beat
Take the challenge and save someone's life.


BULLET Kids First for Health
Learn lots about by asking the doctor a question, take the body tour and see how much you know by taking a quiz.


BULLET Best Bones Forever
Girls adopt healthy habits grow your bones strong.


BULLET Kids' Quest
Learn more about disabilities and health.


BULLET Body and Medicines
Learn about your body, medicines, and how doctors diagnose and treat illnesses.



Kids World
Learn about nutrition and food safety with these activities.


BULLET The Body Explained
These videos have answers to common questions about how the human body works.


BULLET Land of Cyke
Learn about feelings through fun games.


BULLET Bone Biology for Kids
Explore the skeletal system, bone health, and nutrition and play an interactive Bone-Yahtzee game, or participate in a question/answer page.


BULLET Let's Move
Here are simple steps to keep healthy.


BULLET Brain Alphabet
Each letter is a close-up of bumps and grooves found on the surface of the human brain.


Try-out new ways of listening.


BULLET Brushing Up
Discover what your teeth are doing in your mouth, and find out how to keep those teeth happy and healthy.


BULLET The Memory Exhibition
Learn how your memory is constantly changing and play some memory games to help you remember things better.


BULLET CeDIR Kids Corner
Get answers to questions about topics like autism, physical impairments or ADD with fun games, by solving mysteries and reading about the challenges some well-known people have overcome.


BULLET Microbe Magic
Learn how your body works both inside and outside.


BULLET Coping Kids
These videos made by kids can help you cope with medical conditions.


Head to toe information about your body.


BULLET Dangerous Decibels
Discover how to protect your ears from dangerous sounds.


BULLET Neuroscience for Kids
Learn about the nervous system with activities and experiments.


BULLET Dealing With Bullying
Learn about dealing with bullies, including tips on how to stand up for yourself.



Optical Illusions
Can you see the optical illusions that are hiding in the many pictures, drawings, and movies.



Dental Health
Try these activities about flossing, fluoride, brushing, sealants, and much more!

BULLET Optics 4 Kids
Learn how optics can focus your future!


BULLET Drug Free America
Find resources for illegal drugs and their consequences.


BULLET Out on a Limb
Learn how to better manage conflicts and challenges you face on a daily basis.


BULLET eSkeletons
Gather information about both human and non-human primates as you view their skeletal anatomy.


BULLET Plastic Fork Diaries
Explore your relationship to food: nutrition, athletic performance, cultural significance, and the vanishing family meal.


Get food allergy information and tips for kids.


BULLET The Reconstructors Solve Medical Mysteries
Use the interactive lab to help to unlock the mysteries of infectious diseases.


BULLET First Aid Book
Print out this handy first aid book and be prepared for an emergency.


BULLET Scrub Club
Learn the six important steps to hand washing and introduce you to the dangers of germs.


BULLET Fuel Up to Play 60
Learn how you can make changes to eat more nutritious food and get 60 minutes of exercise each day.


BULLET SmileKids
Learn all about dental health with these fun tips, games, and stories.


BULLET A Guided Tour of the Visible Human
A guided tour that provides an introduction to human anatomy, using images and animations.


BULLET Staying Safe
Staying safe means you can have more fun!


BULLET Healthy Harold
Learn about making healthy choices.


BULLET SunGuard Man
Learn ways to protect your skin and stay healthy all year long.


BULLET Healthy Hopping
Learn some rope stunts along with jump rope rhymes and games.


BULLET Sunwise Kids
Learn more about protection from the sun through fun activities.


BULLET Healthy Teeth
Find answers to questions about keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


BULLET Unite for Site
Find out how your eyes work.


BULLET Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me!
Parents these tips and tools were designed to help you and your child care for their teeth together.


BULLET What is Sleep… And Why Do We Do It
Find out what goes on with your brain when you sleep.


BULLET Human Anatomy
Explore the human body with interactive diagrams.
BULLET You’ve got to be Kidding
Learn how to solve real-life problems with Arthur and his friends.

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Earth and Moon Viewer
Check out different views the Earth and moon from anywhere in the solar system.

BULLET Museum of Unnatural History
A scientific look at UFO's, Dinosaur Extinction, Ancient Astronauts and other strange phenomenon.


BULLET Earthquake Quiz
Test your knowledge to see if you are prepared for an earthquake, by taking the Red Cross Earthquake Quiz.


BULLET Nature's Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters
From earthquakes and volcanoes to tornadoes and hurricanes, nature's forces shape our dynamic planet and often endanger people around the world.


BULLET How Stuff Works
Learn about how things work in the world around you.


BULLET Paleontological Research Institution
Check out one of the largest American collections of fossils.



Microbe Zoo
Discover the many worlds of hidden microbes.


BULLET Tornadoes
Learn what causes tornadoes and how to keep safe.
BULLET Martin Mystery
A dripping goo-fest of slime, thrills and comedy, starring Martin and Diana, two mismatched teenagers on a mission to investigate the weirdest paranormal enigmas from beyond.

Tsunami Great Waves
This online brochure provides information on what a tsunami is, how fast and how big they can be, what causes them, and safety rules describing what to do when a tsunami attacks your coastline.

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BULLET All About Apples
A large collection of apple variety listings.


BULLET Hot Dogs Facts and Trivia
Learn all about hot dogs.


BULLET All About Chocolate
Learn all about chocolate from making chocolate to the history of chocolate, with these fun facts and games.


BULLET Kid Recipes
Cook up something new with these delicious recipes.


BULLET All About Syrup
Learn about Maine maple syrup, its history, production, and recipes.


BULLET Kids a Cookin
Follow these step-by-step in preparing nutritious, delicious, fun recipes.


BULLET America the Bountiful
Peek into the American kitchen and you will probably see some of the 10 foods that form the core of American cuisine.



Kids Can Cook
Get into the kitchen and make some delectable treats for the whole family.


BULLET Apples and More
Get information about the history & legends of apples, apple facts, information on varieties, nutrition, selection & uses, and recipes.


BULLET Kids in the Kitchen
Find links to recipes for kids who like to cook.


BULLET Bad Fats Brothers
Learn how Sat and Trans can clog arteries and break hearts -- and how to limit your time with them by avoiding the foods they're in.


BULLET Lunch Lab
Learn the importance of good nutrition, a balanced diet, and physical activity.


BULLET Bear Treats
Yummy teddy bear treats to make.


BULLET Marshmallows Treats
Try some yummy marshmallows treats.


BULLET Butter Through the Ages
Explore the history and making of butter.


Learn about cows and milk with these facts, games and recipes.


BULLET Café Zoom
Serve up some scrumptious recipes!


A guide to daily food choices.


Find out how candy and sweets can fit into a well-balanced diet.



My Very Own Pizza
Discover the fun of making your own pizza.


BULLET Chef Solus Games
Play games and learn about nutrition, food and being active.



Nourish Interactive
A fun place to learn about nutrition!


BULLET Cook Time With Remmi
Healthy meal ideas from this 11 year old host.



Nutrition Explorations
Explore the world of nutrition.


BULLET Cooking Activities
Use these recipes after reading your favorite book.


BULLET Nutrition Cafe
Lots of nutrition information.


BULLET Cooking for Kids
Try these yummy recipes the next time your stomach is grumbling.



Peanut Butter Lovers
Find out how peanuts are grown and made into peanut butter, or see how peanut butter stacks up nutritionally.



CoolFood Kidz
Learn why eating breakfast each morning keeps your Brain Fit, discover which snacks are the best when you're Eating Out of the house and learn about what is really in fast food.


Here are some fun facts, games and easy recipes.


BULLET Edible Journey Through China
Learn about Chinese cooking methods and utensils, different types of regional cuisine, and the history of Chinese food.



Plant Part Salad
Make a salad with a variety of plant parts.


BULLET Eeyore's Snack Page
Snack recipes featuring Eeyore and all his friends.


BULLET Popcorn
Pop into this site to learn all about the nutritional value, history, and fun food, popcorn.


BULLET Facts About Dairy Products
Find out all you want to know about dairy products.


BULLET The Potato Story
Learn all about potatoes.


BULLET Food Champs
Learn all you need to know about colorful, healthy eating.


BULLET Pretzel Snack Recipes
Try these kid-friendly pretzel treats.


Have fun with food from Apples to Zucchini.


BULLET Producepedia
An encyclopedia of fruits, vegetables and nuts. 


BULLET Fresh for Kids
Find lots of games, funny jokes, recipes and activities to help you eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetables and learn how sports can be fun!


BULLET Rice Krispies Treats
Lots of fun recipes for a sweet snack made from Rice Krispies, melted butter, and marshmallows.


BULLET Fruit Info
Find everything there is to know about fruits.


BULLET Science of Cooking
Enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking.


BULLET Fresh From the World
Know where your food comes from.


BULLET Seeds of Change Garden
Find out what foods the world had 500 years ago and learn how you can move both forwards and backwards in history with food.


BULLET Fresh for Kids
This Australian site is filled with fruit and veggie facts and recipes.


BULLET S'mores Recipes
These recipes are to enjoy your S'mores indoors or out.


BULLET Fruits and Veggies Matter
Learn how you can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day!


BULLET Smart-Mouth
Get nutrition facts and find out how to make great meals and snacks.


BULLET Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini
Learn about fruits and veggies as you move through the alphabet.



Learn how to cook with these free step-by-step videos.

BULLET Got Milk?
See how milk does a body good with fun games, milky recipes, and more!


BULLET Super Crew
Learn how eating different color foods keep you healthy.


BULLET Harvest of History
Discover where your last meal came from.


BULLET The Taste Buddies
Get answers to your food questions.


BULLET Hay Now Quiz Show
Test your agriculture knowledge.


Get answers to questions about milk, check out the celebrities milk mustaches or even make your own milk mustache.



Hey Kids, let's Cook!
Follow these recipes and make some delicious food.


BULLET World Carrot Museum
Online museum dedicated to a favorite vegetable, the carrot.


BULLET The History of the Popsicle
Learn how this cooling treat was invented by accident.


BULLET Zis Boom Bah
Learn more about making healthy choices.


Discover the natural wonders of honey.

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BULLET All About Snow
Get answers with these snow facts, a snow glossary, and a snow gallery.


Try these sites suggested by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library.


BULLET Cloud Facts
Get the facts on different types of clouds.


BULLET Snowtastic Snow
A site where you will find a lot of different information about snow and ice.



Disaster Area
Learn about the different kinds of disasters and how you can be prepared.


BULLET Treehouse Weather Station
Stay informed and learn how weather comes to pass.



Franklin's Forecast
Explore these weather technologies and be weather wise.


BULLET Weather
Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves!


BULLET Hurricane Hunters
See actual photos as these scientists fly into the eye of hurricanes.



Weather Activities
Have fun with weather theme activities.


BULLET Hurricane: Storm Science
Visit the Storm Center to understand hurricanes from the inside out.


BULLET Weather Whiz Kids
Learn all about weather with these games, activities and experiments.


BULLET JetStream
The online school for weather.


BULLET What Forces Affect Our Weather
Learn about the atmosphere, the water cycle, powerful storms, ice and snow, weather forecasting, and our changing climate.


BULLET KidsStorm
Get the facts tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing.


BULLET Wild Weather Page
Visit this interactive weather page created by a Chief Meteorologist.


BULLET Lightning Safety
Lean that when thunder roars, go indoors!


BULLET Winter Storms
Learn about the many ingredients and processes that go into the creation of a winter storm.


BULLET Make a Weather Station
Become a meteorologist by building your own weather station.


BULLET Winter Weather Basics
How do winter storms form?


BULLET Riding the Winds with Kalani
Take a ride with Kalani, the weather balloon, and talk about weather!


BULLET Young Meteorologist
Go on a severe weather preparedness adventure and earn your Young Meteorologist Certificate.


Improve your knowledge of weather.

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