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BULLET 20 Questions
Think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other object and artificial intelligence has 20 guesses to what the player is.


BULLET Kite Aerial Photography Gallery
Check out these pictures that were taken while flying on kites.


BULLET 100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys
Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Over 100 Original Paper Projects.
Use this program to learn how to fly a kite, practice making loops, or try out different techniques without worrying about untangling your strings later.


BULLET 3D Sterograms
Stare at these images to see hidden pictures.


BULLET Knock Knock Jokes
Find a new joke to tell your friends.


BULLET ABC Toon Center
Have fun with original cartoon's, stories, games, and puzzles.


BULLET Learn to Juggle 3 to 4 Balls
Animated instructions teach you to juggle in 6 easy steps.


Chat with ALICE and see if you think there such a thing as artificial intelligence.


BULLET Lego Juniors
Exciting play activities for small hands.


BULLET Activity Pad
Lots do with printable preschool activities, word search puzzles, mazes, kid games and more.


BULLET Let's Play
Explore and play learning games, read stories, and get printables for Clifford, I SPY, Magic School Bus, and more.


BULLET All Dressed Up
Create a character and dress them up with 20th century fashions.


BULLET Lite-Brite
Play with Lite-Brite on the computer.


BULLET April Fools Pranks
From classic pranks to silly suppers, here's everything you need for your April Fools' bag of tricks.


BULLET Magic Tricks
Astound your friends with these tricks.


BULLET Beacon Street Girls
Have fun with the Beacon Street Girls, play games, read books or take a quiz.


BULLET Mardi Gras
Get the facts about Mardi Gras.


BULLET Bird Jokes
Get a laugh with these jokes.


BULLET Minding Your Ps' and Q's
Take the pop quiz to see how much you know about manners.


BULLET Birthday Celebrations
Learn the traditions of birthday gift giving and well wishing.


Where kids of all ages can learn, discover, explore, play and more!


BlackDog has all kinds of neat things to see and do!


BULLET National Geographic Games
Play some cool games.


BULLET Blue’s Clues
Have a fun time with Blue's Clues games and activities.


BULLET Neopets
Create and adopt a virtual pet, this site includes games and tips on helping your Neopet grow.
BULLET Bob the Builder
Help Bob with his tools around his neighborhood.


BULLET Origami Fun
Start with for some easy origami and build your way up to harder models.


BULLET BrainBashers
Try this exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.


BULLET Origami Now
Fold these critters as you follow along with the video.


BULLET Brainteasers, Puzzles, & Riddles
Tease your brain with these fun activities.


BULLET Pauly’s Playhouse
Game packed site features original online games and activities.


BULLET Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World
Find out the secret design of the best paper plane in the world.


BULLET Peetnik Mysteries
Try solving a mystery or two.


BULLET Build Your Wild Self
Mix and match various human and animal parts to make a really crazy picture!


BULLET Play School
Sing songs, play games and find fun activities with Giggle and Hoot from an Australian TV show.


BULLET The Cat in the Hat
Take off on science adventures with games, videos, and printable activities all starring a cat who knows a lot about that.


BULLET Playtimes
Watch video clips of children's songs, games and rhymes from 1900 to the present day.


BULLET Chevron Cars
Visit the neighborhood to play games and solve puzzles.


BULLET Pipe Cleaner Dancer
Choose the music you will make the Pipe Cleaner figure dance to.


BULLET Circus Hall of Fame
Find out about the history of the circus as well as its performers.


BULLET Printables
Print out these mazes, puzzles and worksheets.


BULLET City Creator
Build a 3D city complete with roads, buildings, people, and more.


BULLET Punky Doodle's Fun House
Entertainment and fun for kids of all ages - games, puzzles, coloring pages and more!
You will never be board with these fun games and activities.


BULLET Puzzle Choice
Lots of different puzzles to print and play.


BULLET Crossword Puzzles
Play these crossword puzzles online.


BULLET Puzzle Maker
Create your own crossword and word search puzzles.


BULLET Cryptokids
Figure out how to create and break secret codes.


BULLET Puzzle Soup
Try these fun, witty and challenging rebus puzzles.


Get to know the Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV programs and characters with these games.


BULLET Puzzlemania
Have fun with these puzzles and games.
BULLET Decode the Barcode
Find out how the postal service decodes barcodes.


Play logic problems, illusions, tricks, riddles, and math puzzles online.


BULLET Dinosaur Jokes
Have a laugh with these jokes.

Rebus Puzzles
Solve the hidden meaning in the word picture puzzles.


BULLET Discovery Kids
Learn about a variety of adventures and explorations.


BULLET Rebus Puzzle Brainteasers
Can you guess what the common word or phrase is?


BULLET Donna’s Day
"Donna's Day" is brimming with fresh ideas to stir up some family fun, using inexpensive household items, that are simple and fun for adults and kids to do together.


BULLET Rules for Kite Flying
These tips can help you get your kite off the ground.


BULLET Donut Boy Games
Donut Boy is hungry, and the world of levels and elevators sure looks dangerous!


BULLET Scramble-Saurus
See if you can help him out by unscrambling the words.


BULLET FableVision Place
A fun town for kids and grown-ups of all ages, filled with stories, games and fun places to visit.



The Secret Language
Write a message using secret codes.


Fall is a time of change and preparing for winter. Keep warm and have fun this fall.


Check out these robots that walk, float, fly, and solve the Rubik's Cube.


BULLET Field Trip Mysteries
Help these sixth-grade detectives solve crimes, catch crooks, crack codes.


BULLET Snake Dance
Where everyone limbos for a funny joke.


BULLET Fireman Sam
Learn fire safety by reading stories, playing games, and more.


BULLET Soapbox Derby
Get information on the greatest amateur racing event.


BULLET Free Jigsaw Puzzles
An ever-growing collection of free online jigsaw puzzles.


BULLET The Spy Kids Safehouse
Find the latest intel on spy gadgets and skills you need to be a top secret agent.


BULLET Fun Clapping
Watch videos as you learn hand clapping songs.


BULLET Summer Activities for Kids
Celebrate the summer with these summer activities for sunny days or rainy days!


BULLET Fun Trivia Quiz List
Test your knowledge with this collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes.


BULLET Summer Fun
Celebrate sunny days and hot nights with these activities as well as information on summer safety.



Funology is the science of having fun with jokes, games, recipes, arts and crafts, magic tricks and more!


BULLET Tangram Construction
Get simple folding instructions for a complete set of the seven piece puzzle.
An online activity center with fun projects print.



The Chinese called this centuries-old game the "Seven-Board of Cunning" because only an exceptionally determined player would attempt it's amazing and challenging puzzles.


BULLET Gamequarium
The site that swims with learning fun!


BULLET Teen Party Games
Birthday and special occasion ideas for fun parties.
BULLET Gum Wrapper Chain
See the world's longest gum wrapper chain and find directions to make your own.


BULLET This is Daniel Cook
Join Daniel Cook in his virtual playroom where you can play with toys, go on adventures and even make your own creations.


BULLET The Happiness Generator
Hit go and the happiness generator will deliver a little something to make you smile.


Turn your words into a secret message and learn how secret codes are used.


BULLET Healthy Hopping
Learn some rope stunts along with jump rope rhymes and games.


BULLET Tiny Tube
Watch these videos ranging from movie trailers, educational and funny videos.


BULLET Highlights
Find fun online Hidden Pictures®, play interactive games, listen to audio stories and more!


BULLET Totally Kid Carousel
Check out this carousel that was made with drawings by kids.


BULLET Hopscotch Around the World
Follow these instructions to play Hopscotch from different countries.


BULLET Turtle Diary
Have lots of fun with these computer games, printable worksheets and online learning games.


BULLET How to Fly Your Kite
Learn about science, physics, history of flying a kite.


There is lots of fun things to do here, pay games, watch recipe shows and get homework help.


These seek and find games are fun, with lots of surprises for everyone!


BULLET Twisting Balloons 101
Take a look at the different ways to twist entertainer balloons, and the technique for each one.


BULLET Infinite Illusions Yo-Yo Instruction
Information from the basics to the fancy tricks.


BULLET Virtual Kaleidoscope
Watch your doodling and drawing turned into a moving kaleidoscope!


BULLET Internet Anagram Server
Arranges words or phrases to create other words or phrases using the same letters.


BULLET Virtual Kite Zoo
Learn all there is to know about kites.


BULLET Ivy’s Coloring Pages Search Engine
This search engine will search the web exclusively for print and color pages.


BULLET Webtots
Games for toddlers and young children.


BULLET JigsawMaker
Create your own unique jigsaw puzzle to send to family and friends.


BULLET Where's Waldo
Join the search for Waldo and his friends.


BULLET Jo Edkins' Maze Page
Learn all about mazes that have a single path to the center and no branches. Find out the oldest type of maze and even design your own!


BULLET Winter Playland
Get lots of great ideas on how to make the most out of the winter season.


BULLET Joy Rides
Check out this gallery of roller coasters.


BULLET Word Search Maker
Have fun creating printable word searches with your own word list.


BULLET Judy Moody
Explore all the Way-Not-Boring Stuff to Do.


BULLET The World of Victor
Have fun using your imagination with these activities.


BULLET Kaleidoscope Painter
Just drag the mouse and watch what happens.



BULLET WWWCollection of Favorite String Figures
Find out how to make your favorite string figures with these instructions and illustrations.


BULLET Kids Jokes
Have a laugh with these jokes.


BULLET Yo-Yo Museum
History chronicles spinning through the ages, with online exhibits of rare and vintage yo-yos and profiles of the people and patents behind the toy.


BULLET Kids Korner
Have fun reading stories, singing songs, coloring pages and more!


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BULLET 20 Questions
Think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other object and artificial intelligence has 20 guesses to what the player is.


BULLET Learning Games for Kids
Learn while you play games!


BULLET Activity Fun
Fun online games.


BULLET Learning Planet
Have lots of fun playing these interactive games and activities.


BULLET Apple Corps
Use different fruits or vegetables to create your own silly potatohead-like character.


BULLET Lego Super Hero Games
Play these games with your favorite super hero.


BULLET Arcade Village
Play free arcade games here.


BULLET Little Animals Activity Center
Play with Digby Mole for a variety of word games including stories, math and music games.


BULLET Arcade Village
Play free arcade games here.


BULLET Lyndsey’s Mania
Have fun with these games and quizzes.


BULLET Asian Games: The Art of Contest
Learn how Asian games such as chess, backgammon, Parcheesi, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and playing cards plays an important role on the games you play today.


BULLET The Lorax’s Saves the Trees Game
Catch some seeds to plant some trees.


BULLET Big Fish Games
There is a new game to play everyday.


BULLET Magic School Bus Activity Lab
Have a fun time playing these games with Ms. Frizzle and The Class.


BULLET Billy Bear’s Fun and Games
Billy Bear has a large collection of games for you to have fun!


BULLET Mahjong Games
Check out all the different ways to play Mahjong.


BULLET Billy Beaver’s Game Show
Billy Beaver's Game Show is the spot for you if you’re looking for action games, puzzles, word games, math quizzes, cool mazes, tic-tac-toe and more!


BULLET Make a Splash
Get wet playing these games in the sprinkler, pool and beach.


Play different versions of this game.


Print out all kinds of mazes for you to venture through.


BULLET Black Dog
The fun can't be beat with these games and puzzles.


BULLET Marbles
Learn more about this historic game and how to play.


BULLET Brain Boosters
Try the week’s challenge or browse through the categories of these brain teasers.


BULLET Mario Party Advanced
Play in a Shroom City neighborhood, learn about the video game, and collect stars.


BULLET Brain Food
Give your mind a work out with this collection of hundreds of puzzles, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Good luck!


BULLET Mouse House Jr.
Join Mickey and Minnie and other Disney favorites for collection of games for preschoolers.


BULLET BrainQuest
Play the smart games where everybody wins.


BULLET Nature: Puzzles & Fun
Have a great time playing these online games.


BULLET Busy Bear Games
Games for the whole family to play.


BULLET Nickelodeon Games
Play games with your favorite character from Nickelodeon.


BULLET Candystand
Test your skills or go for the thrills with these cool interactive games.


BULLET Nintendo64 Codes
Get all the codes you can get for the latest Nintendo 64 games. 


BULLET Car Games
Keep busy for that long trip in the car.



Online Activities
Invent wonderful stories, play mix and match, other fun games!


BULLET Cat Games
Play some games with a cat theme.


BULLET Online Games
Play classic arcade games online.


BULLET Cheat Code Central
The largest and most comprehensive video and computer game help site in the world for Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy, and PC.


BULLET Online Learning Games from Fischer Price
Parents and Caregivers this is a great way to spend quality time with your child. Invite your child to sit on your lap, or pull your chair up next to your child's and enjoy online games and learning activities together.


Learn how to play chess the fun way.


BULLET Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
Play online games with Smokey the Bear, that help you learn about preventing wildfires.


BULLET Children's Games from Around the World
Check out this site to see how jump rope games, hopscotch, marbles and other traditional games are played around the world.


BULLET Orisinal
Play some fun computer games with super graphics!


BULLET Children's Party Games
There never will be a dull moment at your party with these games.


BULLET Outdoor Games
Fun games to play outside.


BULLET Christmas Scrambler Puzzles
Beat the timer and rearrange these puzzles back.


BULLET Outside Games
Have fun playing these games in your back yard.


BULLET Cool School Games
Journey to a whimsical world, where everything-from erasers to desks to books to basketballs-are alive and full of personality.


BULLET Party Game Central
Lots of games for you to play outdoors.


BULLET Crossword
Unscramble these words in this slider puzzle.


Play online games, find activities to do at home, and lots more cool stuff.


BULLET Cube of Concentration
Find matching pairs on this 3D cube.


BULLET Play American Girl
Play games with your favorite American Girl characters.


BULLET CyberKids Fun & Games
Have a great time playing these games, keeping your mind in shape with the brain teasers and tickle your funny bone with the jokes.



Play Kids Games
Play these online games that include the alphabet, math, vocabulary, memory, geography games, and more.


BULLET CyberKidz Games
Learning can be fun with these games.


BULLET Play Pentominoes
Drop and drag shapes to make them fit on the grid.


BULLET Disney Games
Play games with your favorite Disney characters.


BULLET Playtimes
Watch video clips of children's songs, games and rhymes from 1900 to the present day.


BULLET Domino Plaza
Get rules for every domino game!


BULLET Pokémon World
Explore the world of Pokemon.


BULLET Elmo's World
Click and tickle Elmo and have fun playing his games.



Pool Games
Cool off and have fun playing these wet games.


BULLET Kids Games
Search for the rules to many games.


BULLET Postopia Games
Play games with your favorite Post characters.


BULLET Free Online Games
There's always something to play with this free online game collection.


BULLET Professor Garfield
Play cool games and activities with Garfield and friends.


BULLET Funbrain
A fun place to play.


Have a fun time playing these interactive, online games.


BULLET Game Finder
If you’re looking to play indoors or outdoors, with two friends or ten, you’ll find more than 100 games to play here.


BULLET Puzzle Choice
Here are many different types of printable and interactive puzzles.


BULLET Game Picker
Lots of games to play here.


BULLET Puzzle Maker
Create and print word search, crossword and math puzzles using your own word lists.


BULLET Game Scene
Free games to enjoy. Just click and play.


BULLET Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide
Get strategy tips, play the online trainer and answers to FAQs.


BULLET Game Spot
Get the daily news on hints, tips and cheats on the latest video games.


BULLET Room Recess
Fun educational games.


Use these codes, hints and clues to help you to the next level with your video games.


BULLET Rubik's Online
Let the puzzles boggle your mind.


Lots of games to play.
BULLET Running Games
Running games for indoors and outside.


BULLET Games and Simulations at Nobelprize
These games and simulations, based on Prize-winning achievements, will teach and inspire you while you're having FUN!


Have a laugh with these jokes for all.


BULLET Games Kids Play
Find the rules for outdoor, jump rope and international games.


BULLET Squiggly's Games
Fun and exciting games for everyone.


BULLET Games List
Learn to play a new game.


BULLET Star Wars Kids
This site contains the latest news and Star Wars-related games and trivia.


BULLET Golf Games Arcade
Play a game of golf online.


BULLET StreetPlay
Check out the rules, the moves, and the dish on what's plain fun on the playground today.


BULLET Goodnight Mr. Snoozleburg
Mr. Snoozleburg is a chronic sleepwalker. You need to help Mr. Snoozleberg sleepwalk through the night. But be careful, you can't wake him up!


BULLET Sudoku Puzzles
To play these Japanese puzzles fill in a grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.


BULLET The Great Game List
Ready, Set, Go to this site for games for parties, groups and just for having fun!


BULLET Tangram Games
Test your skills at these centuries-old game.


BULLET Group Games
A great list of games to play with a group of friends.


BULLET Transportation Games
Be the drive in a car, cab, truck or plane with these games.


BULLET Hand Clapping Games
You and a friend can have fun with these hand slapping rhymes.


BULLET Universal Games
Play games with some of your favorite characters like Woody Wood Pecker, The Chipmunks and more!


BULLET Harry Potter Games
Keep busy playing these Harry Potter games while waiting for the movie to hit the big screen.


BULLET Unmask the Lewis Chessmen
Discover all there is to know about the Chessman.


BULLET Harry Potter Knight Bus Driving Game
Steer the purple, triple-decker Knight Bus around the streets of London.


BULLET Video Game Revolution
Find details about the history of gaming, take a look behind-the-scenes to learn how video games are developed, and see how you fare with the games on this site!


BULLET Hello Kitty’s Tea Party
Join Hello Kitty and Bear at their tea party, then read stories, play games, and try other fun activities with them.


BULLET Water Games
Have a splashing time playing these water games.
BULLET Hidden Pictures
Click on the hidden objects in these puzzles, and watch them animate!


BULLET What in the World?
Can you guess what objects these photos show?


BULLET Jigsaw Puzzles
Play some of the best Jigsaw Puzzles, including a new one everyday.


Create a cartoon of yourself then play games starring you.


Have fun putting these puzzles together with out losing any pieces.


Take a wild ride through the official Web site of the Willy Wonka Candy Factory. Inside you'll find sweet treats like games, trivia, and other free goodies.


BULLET KidoMatix
Have fun with these online painting and puzzles.


BULLET Word Finds
Play these word search games online.


BULLET Kid Games and Puzzles
This collection of brain games and thinking puzzles will keep you thinking.


BULLET Yahooligans Games
Play chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, dominoes, and lots of other cool games.


BULLET The Kids Page
Play lots of games, puzzles, activities, coloring pages and more!


BULLET Zeek Games
Play lots of on-line games including board games, arcade games, card games, brain teasers, puzzles, mazes and more!


BULLET KinderWeb
Educational games for children 1 - 4 years old.


BULLET ZiggityZoom
A place to zoom around and play games, color and read stories.


BULLET KookerKids
Play online games, build online puzzles, Learn math, shapes, ABC's and more while having fun!


BULLET Zoom Games
Turn off the computer and play!


BULLET Ladybird Fun and Games
Play some rhyming, counting, matching and sorting games.
Games that make you think.

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See also Government Information

BULLET 50 State Quarters Program
Information about the ten year celebration of the 50 states.


BULLET Great Library Card Collection
View library cards from around the world.
BULLET American Philatelic Society
Get information on collecting stamps, try the monthly quiz, or see what new stamps were released this month.


BULLET Hot Wheels
Official Mattel site. Including games, cool stuff, create posters, events and car show.


The official Barbie Doll web site for fans of all ages with hundreds of photos, facts and doll information.


BULLET Kids Collect
Young collectors share information about accumulating objects for study, comparison, or exhibition or as a hobby.


BULLET Batmobile
Learn about this cars history with photographs.


BULLET Kinds of Marbles
Take a look at the marbles that are fun to collect.


BULLET Beanie Babies
Lots of kewl and fun stuff about Beanie Babies.


BULLET Matchbox Adventure Central
Check out all the coolest cars or build your own dream machine in the Custom Auto Body Shop.


BULLET Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
Find images and information on over 500 characters and mascots from cereal boxes.


BULLET Scott's K'nex Design Gallery
Check out the gallery and see some interesting designs Scott has made using the K'nex construction toy.


BULLET Conker Collectables
Customers have brought their heirlooms to the shop, and it's your job to figure out what they are and how they were once used.


BULLET Smithsonian Kids Collecting
Explore treasures from the Smithsonian’s collections, read about other kids who collect, and get the scoop on building your own collection.


Check out this dice collection that includes dice from different countries, dice with 2-100 faces, and dice as old as 2000 years!


BULLET Stamps 4 Kids
Tips to get you started on collecting stamps.


BULLET Eric Harshbarger's LEGO® website
Check out these life-sized sculptures, including a real working grandfather clock.


BULLET Winnie-the-Pooh Character Guide
Features information and images on all of the Pooh characters.


BULLET Fun For Girls
Play these web games featuring favorite American Girl characters.
BULLET Young Philatelists
Get tips about this hobby of stamp collecting.

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