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St. Louis

BULLET The City of St. Louis
Hear from St. Louis' mayor and find out about city government.


BULLET St. Louis Storytelling Festival
Come hear tales that speak to all ages. Storytelling performances take place at locations throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and has both featured and regional storytellers.


BULLET Explore St. Louis
Explore St. Louis through the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission website. Here you will find a visitors guide to  attractions,  day trips,  dining,   neighborhoods,  nightlife,  shopping,  transportation and more!


BULLET St. Louis Kids Magazine
Made for kids and by kids, and is packed full of fun articles, contests, pictures and other St. Louis information.


BULLET Laumeier Sculpture Park
Take a virtual guide to the contemporary sculpture display at Laumeier Sculpture Park.
BULLET More St. Louis Web Sites
Here's our list of other sites to explore.


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BULLET Hall of Famous Missourians
To honor the achievements of many Missourians who have made outstanding contributions to the world.


BULLET Missouri Kids
Enjoy learning about the history of Missouri, its symbols, and its government through the fun games and informative facts.
BULLET Historic Missourians
Read biographies of these famous people from Missouri.


BULLET Missouri Police Cars
View police cars from around the state of Missouri.


BULLET Missouri Historical Society
Celebrates state history with a museum, library, and events.


BULLET Photohaven...Missouri
A tour of Missouri through photographs.


BULLET Missouri Tourism
Find out about the Show Me State. 
BULLET State Symbols of Missouri
The State Seal, The State Animal, The State Bird, and more. 

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See also Government Information

Get information about each state and their capital.


BULLET List of State Birds
Check out what bird represents your state with illustrations.


BULLET Abraham Lincoln
Take a virtual tour of Abe's childhood log cabin, then you'll be ready for the quiz and online treasure hunt.


BULLET Mt. Rushmore
After reading about Mt. Rushmore take the trivia quiz to see how much you know.


BULLET All-Star River Explorers
Discover the basics of rivers and how they are Formed.


BULLET Maine Lighthouses
Visit some famous light houses of the coast of Maine.


BULLET America on the Move
Explore how transportation shaped our lives, landscapes, culture, and communities.


BULLET Mount St. Helen’s Volcano Cam
View live images of Mount St. Helen’s, taken from the Johnston Ridge Observatory.


BULLET At Home in the Heartland Online
Meet real families as they lived in Illinois from 1700 to the present.


BULLET Native American Cultures
Join research to learn about Native American people who lived many years ago.


Visit this site to learn neat things about beaches.


BULLET Native American Shelters
Check out this exhibit and see the settlements, shelters of Native North Americans.


BULLET Blackbeard the Pirate
Learn about the most notorious pirate in history.


BULLET Native Americans
Created by fifth- and sixth-graders includes a lot of information about different Native American tribes, famous Native Americans and instructions for crafts.


BULLET Castles of the United States
Information about castles that are located in the United States.


BULLET Native Languages of the Americas
Native languages that have been spoken in the Americas include Iroquois, Inuit, Cree, Cherokee, Seminole, Dakota, and many, many more.


BULLET Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Learn all about Hispanic Americans with interactive timelines, scavenger hunts, and more!


BULLET New Jersey History
Learn about the history of this garden state.


BULLET Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Shaded relief maps showing landforms of each US state.



New York Kids Room
Discover more about New York symbols, history and culture.


BULLET Cornhusks
Find information about how cornhusks are used by Natives.


BULLET The Oregon Trail
The story of the trail and those who traveled it.


BULLET Creating Communities
Explore and learn how people created communities on the frontier.


BULLET Postcards From America 50 State Travel Adventure
Visit all 50 states through postcards special postage stamps, fun facts, travel tips, and much more!


BULLET Deadwood Illustrated
Explore the frontier gold rush town of Deadwood, Dakota Territory to find out what the Old West really like.


BULLET Road Trip! Through SC Civil Rights History
Take virtual tours of historical places in South Carolina and learn about important events from the civil rights movement.


BULLET Desert Life
Learn about the desert environment and the characteristics that define the beautiful landscapes of the American Southwest.


BULLET Sled Riding Locations Across North America
Read or write a review for the best sledding hills in your area for breaking out the Flexible Flyer.


BULLET Discover Illinois
Find out about our neighboring state.


BULLET State Animals
Get info and pictures on your state official bird, amphibian, fish, and insect!


BULLET Discover the Forest
Plan a trip to a park or forest and find the other you in nature.


BULLET State Facts for Students
Get interesting facts about population, government or economics from the United States Census Bureau.


BULLET Eli Whitney
This Connecticut museum preserves the site on which Whitney constructed the first American factory in 1798.


BULLET Stately Knowledge
Make comparisons between states, play the State Capital game, and much more at this site.


BULLET Experience the Mississippi River
Follow the Mississippi River from its humble headwaters in the northwoods of Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.


BULLET Statue of Liberty
One of the most recognized symbols of American freedom.


BULLET Flags of the United States
A directory of historic and current flags of America.



Statue of Liberty
Learn a range of fun facts about the Statue of Liberty.


BULLET Florida Kids
Get the facts about Florida's cultures and settlement.


BULLET Surviving Denali
Explore Denali (Mt. McKinley) and find out what the team eats for dinner, see what can go wrong with the human body at altitude, discover where other tall mountains are, and lots more.


BULLET First Americans
Find out about the history, geography, and culture of North American Indian tribes.


BULLET Totem Poles
Find out about totem pole symbols and myths, and places you can go to find them.


BULLET First Ladies’ Gallery
Check out this index to the biographies of all First Ladies of the United States of America, from 1789 to present.


BULLET Tracking the Buffalo
Stories from a Buffalo hide painting.


BULLET The Great Chicago Fire
There are many other causes besides Mrs. O'Leary's cow that could of started the Great Chicago Fire.


BULLET Travel With Buster
Travel with Buster to a new city every week.


BULLET The Great State Race
Answer trivia questions to criss-cross the country state by state to be the champion.


BULLET United States History Map
Become a geography whiz as you learn how the United States was settled.


BULLET Growth of a Nation
Watch the growth of the United States from the original thirteen states in 1789.


BULLET US State Map Quiz
See if you can drag and drop all the names of the U.S. states into their correct locations on the map before time runs out!


BULLET Gullah Net
Explore Gullah culture in South Carolina with Auntie Pearl-Sue.


BULLET Utah State History
Jump into Utah's past.


BULLET Hall of Presidents
Find biographical information on each president along with a picture gallery.


BULLET Virtual Reality Panoramas of Philadelphia
Take a look around the historical, cultural and scientific sites of Philadelphia.


BULLET Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Learn from the timeline and take the quiz created by second graders.


BULLET Webrangers
Learn about your National Parks.


BULLET Historic Iowa Children's Diaries
Read what children in Iowa were concerned with in the 1870s.


BULLET Welcome to Michigan
Find fascinating facts and trivia about the Great Lakes State.


BULLET Infinity of Nations
Learn more about Native cultures through a collection of objects that tell a story.


BULLET What Can Kids Do
Learn how young people work in their schools and communities on the real-world issues that concern them most.


BULLET Jamestown Online Adventure
Become the Captain of the Jamestown Colony using the London Company's Instructions as a guide, create a colony better than the real colonists.


BULLET Windmills of the USA
Take a look at these windmills that are scattered around the states that celebrate the heritage of individual communities.


BULLET Lakota Winter Counts
The Lakota marked the passage of time by drawing pictures of memorable accounts on calendars known as winter counts.


BULLET World’s Largest Roadside Attractions
A collection of roadside attractions which claim being the "world's largest" something.


BULLET Letterboxing North America
Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming "treasure hunt" style outdoor quest.


BULLET Wild-Eyed Alaska
Imagine watching a bald eagle close up. Or joining a puffin inside its burrow. Or plunging over rocky cliffs into the water to gaze at giant barnacles and other sea life. Now you can do all this and more virtually."


BULLET Lewis and Clark
Go on a western expedition across the unknown territory.
BULLET Yellowstone Digital Slide File
Take a virtual trip to Yellowstone National Park, and see all the beauty it holds.

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BULLET Ancient Scripts of the World
Find out about the written languages of the ancient civilizations.


BULLET A Journey to a New Land
Choose your journey to learn about the first people to arrive in the Americas.
BULLET Africa for Kids
Let Femi, your tour guide, show you Africa up close and personal. You'll read Swahili folk tales together, make a mask, play thumb piano tunes, and view his world.



Kids' Africa
Explore Africa with Anansi, the spider.


BULLET Amazing Travel Bureau
Go on an adventure to faraway places.


BULLET Kids Around the World
Meet children from around the world and learn what it's like to be where they are.


BULLET Ancient Americas
Find all about the early history of the Western Hemisphere.


BULLET Kids Castle
Explore each virtual area of this 1480 Nottingham Castle replica, meet the residents, and learn all about medieval castle life.


BULLET Ancient Egypt
Artist and scholar, Mark Millmore, introduces all of us to ancient Egypt with its pyramids, temples, kings and queens, and hieroglyphics.


BULLET Kids Web Japan
Get basic information about Japan.


BULLET Ancient Egypt
This site features Ancient Egyptian daily life, mummies, hieroglyphics, games, and more!


BULLET Kites From Around the World
Venture around the world to see beautiful kites.


BULLET Ancient Scripts of the World
Take a look at what ancient alphabets and scripts from all over the world look and sound like.


BULLET Land of the Spirits
Journey into the lives of aboriginal people who lived on Ontario's Bonnechere River.


BULLET Arctic Circle
Learn about the people and environment of the Arctic and Sub Arctic region.


BULLET Languages
See how the world is a colorful palette of language.


BULLET The Arctic Studies Center
Explore the history of northern peoples, cultures, and environments and the issues that matter to northern residents today.


BULLET Life in Ancient Egypt
Explore Egyptian society with this on-line exhibit.


BULLET Athropolis
Find out everything you need to know about the Artic!


BULLET Living Africa
Check out the varied and diverse life in Africa.


BULLET Australia
Learn about the land down under.


BULLET Living Maya Time
Explore the Maya Calendar system and its intricate cycles.


BULLET Australia Downunder
Learn all about Australia ranging from geography and wildlife to history and culture.


BULLET Magic Treehouse
Where you can travel through time and around the world.


BULLET Balloon Hat
Check out the neat pictures of people from all over the world wearing balloon hats.


BULLET Maps4Kids
Understand the world through maps, geographic information and games.


BULLET Breaking Down the Walls
Find out what it's like to be a kid and live in different countries and ways to get along with people who are different from you.


BULLET Maps of the World
Find maps of countries of the world.


BULLET British Monarchy
Read biographies of the Queen and the Royal Family and learn about kings and queens through the ages.


BULLET Metro Bits
Everything you ever wanted to know about 40 different city subway systems.


BULLET Calendars Through the Ages
Find information on various calendars from around the world.


BULLET Mexico for Kids
Discover the history of Mexico.


BULLET Canada at Play
This toy collection includes toys designed and made in Canada.


BULLET The Monuments of Canada
Take a virtual visit to big landmarks in Canada.


BULLET Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Learn about Hispanic history in the Americas.


BULLET Mountain Voices
Read the interviews with over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions round the world.


BULLET Chinese Dragons
Learn how they originated to their effects on Chinese culture.


BULLET Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Browse the world in a virtual classroom.


BULLET Chinese New Year
Welcome in the Year of the Tiger with these crafts and stories.


BULLET Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
Explore the findings at this archaeological dig in Turkey.



Community of Clocks
Take a look at clocks from all over the world and read about their history.


BULLET National Anthems
Listen to National Anthems from all over the world.


BULLET Cool Kid Facts
Check out these cool and interesting facts about the world around us - and outside our planet.
BULLET Nations Illustrated
Look at beautiful pictures from around the world.


BULLET Cotton Campus
Learn about one of the world's most important resources: Cotton.


BULLET Nations Online
A destination guide to countries and nations of the world.


BULLET Country Listing
Learn about a country you may want to visit.


BULLET Native American Shelters
Get information of the various types of shelter American Indians used by regions of the country.



Country Reports
Search for Country information from around the world.


BULLET The Nile File
Take a look at how ancient Egyptians lived between 5000 and 2000 years ago.


BULLET Culture Quest
Learn about the history, folktales, food, and games played from cultures around the world.


BULLET Ojibwe People's Dictionary
A searchable, talking Ojibwe-English dictionary that features the voices of Ojibwe speakers.


BULLET Cultures for Kids
Explore how other children live in other parts of the world.



Visit hundreds of places around the world at 360 degrees.


BULLET Dancing Around the World
Tour different countries all over the world and learn about their national dance.


BULLET Passport to Antarctica
Visit one of the coldest, iciest and most remote continent on our planet.


BULLET Day of the Dead
A three-day Mexican holiday to honor and celebrate loved ones who have died.


BULLET Peace Corps Kid’s World
Explore the globe and learn about making a difference.


BULLET Discovering Ancient Egypt
Read about kings and queens and explore pyramids and temples.


BULLET Peace Makers & Breakers
Learn how famous world leaders have shaped our history and they continue to shape our future.


BULLET Earth WebCam
Look at places you've never been before.


BULLET Pirates "Brethren of the Seas"
Get the facts and learn about how pirates lived both on land and sea.


BULLET Eiffel Tower
Take a tour of the Eiffel Tower.


BULLET Planet Torerance
Read stories about people in other cultures, play games and learn how to get along.


BULLET English-Spanish Picture Dictionary
Learn how to say lots of English words in Spanish with this picture dictionary.


BULLET Playing With Time
Take a look at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods.



Learn all about the race to the South Pole.


BULLET Pyramids
Explore a reconstruction of a pyramid complex.


BULLET Explore Countries of the World
Get interesting facts about people and places around the world.


BULLET Reporting From Iraq
Get the facts about life in Iraq.


BULLET Famous Hispanics in the World
Find information on famous Hispanic people.


BULLET Romans in Sussex
Take an in-depth look into how people may have lived in the Sussex region during the later Iron Age, the Roman period, and early Anglo-Saxon times.



Field Trip Earth
Take an adventures trip around the world.



Sand Samples
View sand from around the world.


BULLET Forever Friends
Travel to Japan, China, India, the Philippines, Korea and Vietnam and learn about their customs.
BULLET Say Hello to the World
Learn how to say hello in many different languages.
A second grade class shares the culture and language of France.


BULLET Sea and Sky
Explore the natural wonders of below and above the earth.


BULLET Friendship Dolls
Learn about the Friendship Doll exchange between Japan and the United States in 1927.



See You See Me - Skara Brae
Take a tour around Scotland with Eilidh the archaeologist and see the scientists at work unearthing information hidden underground.


BULLET Garden of Ease
Take a tour of the only Chinese garden created in the last century.


BULLET The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Discover the mysteries surrounding the history of the Seven Wonders of the World. Can you name all seven?


BULLET Geographia
Information, history, and culture on exciting travel destinations.


BULLET Take Me There - Egypt
Explore all that modern Egypt has to offer.



Visit all the countries of the world with interactive maps, pictures and national anthems.


BULLET Tales From the Billabong
Get to know Australia through stories, landscapes and animals games.


BULLET German Connection
Discover all about the culture and language of Germany.


Enter an address, and you will be at the controls of a new and innovative way to explore your digital earth.


BULLET GlacierWorks
Discover more about the glaciers, rivers and people of the Greater Himalaya.


BULLET Time Immemorial
Visit an ancient aboriginal village.


BULLET GlobalTrek
Travel the world; get background information from the place you go, go on a guided tour, and meet the people.



The Tomb of Perneb
Travel back ancient Egypt to the tomb of Perneb.



Go Places
Learn unique history and culture from 24 different places on Earth.


BULLET A Tour of Madagascar
Learn how unique the plants and animals are on Madagascar.


BULLET The Great Building Collection
An archive of buildings from around the world can found on this online encyclopedia of architecture.


BULLET Tour of Parliment
Take a look inside the political power-house that has been home to many great kings.


BULLET Greenland Tour
Read about Larry's year in Greenland.


BULLET United Nations
Learn about the history and work of the UN.


BULLET Harvest Celebrations Around the World
As the harvest season approaches, learn about different cultures as well as agriculture, geography and astronomy.


BULLET Welcome to India
Learn about the diverse culture and landscape of India.


BULLET Hieroglyphics
Find out where this picture writing was used and how to read it.



Where Do Languages Come From?
Learn about the origin of languages and words from around the world.


BULLET Hina Matsuri
A Japanese doll festival in which families pray for the happiness of their girls.


BULLET Winged Sandals
Explore the magical world of Classical Greek mythology, a place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters.


BULLET Hold on to Your Hats
Check out the history and meaning of hats and other headwear in Canada.


BULLET WorldAtlas
Lists of Biggest Cities in the World, Highest Mountains, Deepest Spot in the Ocean, Longest Rivers and more!


BULLET History of Japanese Currencies
Learn about the Japanese currency system that includes pictures from the beginning to the present.


BULLET World Cultures
Explore a world of objects and cultures in this online gallery.


BULLET Identity by Design
Take a look at tradition, change, and celebration in native women's dresses.


BULLET World Gazetteer
Get current population figures for cities, towns and places of all countries.


BULLET In Search of the Ways of the Knowing Trail
Visit a rain forest in the village of Epulu in central Africa to get to know the people and animals that live there.


BULLET World Flags Database
Features flags of the world.


BULLET Ireland
Learn about this island off western Europe in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.


BULLET You Wouldn't Want To Be A Roman Gladiator!
Find information on the life of a Roman gladiator.


BULLET Irelands Eye
A weekly webzine on Ireland and Irish culture, history, tradition, myth and more.


BULLET You Wouldn’t Want to be a Polar Explorer
Join Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to icy Antarctica as a polar explorer.


BULLET Jenny the Sandcastle Girl
Jenny has created sandcastles around the world.


BULLET You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!
Discover what it would really be like to be a mummy.


BULLET Journey into Amazonia
Discover the history of Amazonia’s mysteries.
BULLET You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Whaling Ship Essex!
Go on an adventurous voyage aboard the whaling ship, Essex.

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