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BULLET Air By America
This online exhibit will guide you through how aircrafts have evolved over the years.


BULLET The Land the Design Forgot
Learn about different design techniques and why they are important.


BULLET American Currency Exhibit
Check out American money throughout the ages, view money art, and more.


BULLET Landscapes in Art
Learn about the themes involved in creating landscapes to the history behind them.
BULLET American Museum of Papermaking
Take a virtual tour of the history of paper.


A museum of all things Leap Year Day, February 29!


BULLET American Stories
Take a journey through time and discover both well-known and less-familiar stories about the country's history.


BULLET Leonardo da Vinci
Learn this Renaissance man, artist and animal lover.


BULLET Aminah's World
This artist combines traditional art materials with found objects and everyday materials such as buttons, cloth, leather, twigs, shells, and more!


BULLET Let's Walk the Block
See Harlem street life through the eyes of Romare Bearden.


BULLET Antique Telephone History
Find pictures and articles of the phone throughout history.


BULLET Lost Wax, Found Bronze
Follow the major steps in bronze casting.


BULLET Art & Culture of the Incas
Take a look at this pictorial tribute to the pottery, gold work, and masonry of the Incas.


BULLET Make a splash With Color
Have fun learning how objects, our eyes, and mind determine how we perceive color.


BULLET Art Everywhere
Learn about the elements of art and principles of design.


BULLET Meet Me at Midnight
Through interactive games, you can learn about visual art and experience the fun of museum-going.


BULLET Art in the Abstract
Find out why some artists choose to work in the abstract.


BULLET Metropolitan Museum of Art: Timeline of Art History
Explore the development of art from prehistory to the present.


BULLET Art of the Stamp
Take a tour through this exhibit of stamp illustrations from the past 50 years. 


BULLET Microsoft Art Collection
Find out how Microsoft has also opened windows on the art world.


Take a look around and have fun with art.


BULLET Miniature Ships of Winnifred and August F. Crabtree
These detailed miniature ships depict the evolution of boat building.


BULLET Art Safari
Take an adventure with animals in art.



Joan Miro
Find the art, history, and paintings of Spanish painter Joan Miro.


BULLET Artcyclopedia
Search, by artist name, by subject and nationality this directory for links to museum quality artwork.


BULLET Modernism
Discover how modern art has progressed.


BULLET Artful Animals
Explore how African artists create works of art using images based on animals.



Mona Lisa
Take a closer look and discover the secret behind the smile.


BULLET Artissimo
A gallery of art and stories created in the National Gallery of Canada.


BULLET Monet's Water Lilies
Discover details of Monet's masterpiece, view images of microscopic pigments and create your own work of art.


BULLET Artist Toolkit
Explore the tools that artists use like line, color, and balance to build works of art.


BULLET Mosaic Artists
A gallery showcase for members of the Mosaic Artists Group.


BULLET Artopia
Explore the arts and create your own online portfolio.


BULLET Multicultural Education through Miniatures
Includes photos, maps, stories, and games of handmade dolls and puppets from all over the world.


BULLET Barbwire
Read the history of barbwire and learn how it's made.


BULLET Museum of Play Games
Have fun with these online games based on museum exhibits and collections.


BULLET Baseball Cards 1887-1914
This collection has more than one thousand major and minor league ballplayers, from teams in thirteen leagues and seventy-five cities in the United States and Canada.


BULLET Museum of Woodworking Tools
Find information and descriptions of woodworking tools and techniques that once existed but are now gone.


BULLET Bicycle Museum of America
See pictures from one of the largest private collections of bicycles in the world.



Museum of Yo-Yo
History chronicles spinning through the ages, with online exhibits of rare and vintage yo-yos and profiles of the people and patents behind the toy.


BULLET Bubble Blowers Museum
Check out this collection of bubble blowers.


Brings museum resources together in one convenient spot.


BULLET Canstruction
Check out these works of art all create with cans. After the show the food cans are donated to a good cause.



National Apple Museum
Follow the journey of an apple from germination to the local supermarket.


BULLET Cézanne's Astonishing Apples
Explore Paul Cezanne's apple-themed art.


BULLET National Gallery of Art
Go on adventures with art with activities and projects.


BULLET Color With Leo
Learn the principles of art with Leonardo da Vinci.


BULLET National Inventors Hall of Fame
Here’s a list of all inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Each inventor's page lists his major accomplishments and the highlights of his life.


BULLET Country Dog Gentlemen
These dogs will guide you on an adventure to learn about famous artworks.


BULLET National Museum of African Art
Tour the many galleries highlighting the beauty of African Art.


BULLET Creative Creatures
These artists from around the world are making amazing animal sculptures from trash and recyclables.


BULLET National Museum of Scotland
Journey into the heart of Ancient Egypt, build a plane and explore the mysteries of the Lewis Chessmen.


BULLET Curious Corner
Explore your curiosities with these fun games.


BULLET National Postal Museum
Explore America's postal history from colonial times to the present.


BULLET Cyber Telephone Museum
Information and pictures about antique telephones.


BULLET National Toy Hall of Fame
Check out this collection that recognize toys that have achieved longevity and national significance in the world of play and imagination.


BULLET The Cyber Toaster Museum
Check out the toaster's evolution with pictures from the past.


BULLET Native American Art
View paintings that portray the Native American culture.


BULLET The Dancers and Degas
Explore the world of a ballet dancer through Edgar Degas works of art.


BULLET Ocean Planet
Celebrate the spectacular diversity of the oceans and examine the environmental issues they now face.


BULLET Destination Modern Art
Take an interactive tour of this online gallery and find information about the techniques, media and inspiration of Modern Art artists.


BULLET Out of This World
This art collection, from the National Air and Space Museum, features many artists' interpretation of important moments during different eras of space exploration.


BULLET Diamond Ranch
Interact with cowboys from the Diamond R Ranch to learn the code cowboys live by....honesty, integrity and plain hard work.


BULLET Painting with Elizabeth Murray
Learn what inspires this artist to paint.



Discovering Turner
Play with fun and popular subjects in art.


BULLET Picassohead
Create your own Picasso style drawing.


BULLET Dot Paintings
These painting were created using only dots of paint.


BULLET Pencil Sculptures
Check out the sculptures made from colored pencils.


BULLET Early American Paintings
Check out this collection of art from colonial times that includes a timeline and a list of artwork by region, artist, and genre.


BULLET Phototropism
Learn how how artists are creating living sculptures and create one yourself.


BULLET Etch-A-Sketch Gallery
View these works of art all done with an Etch-A-Sketch.


BULLET A Pintura: Art Detective
Be an art history detective where you must identify the artist of a mystery painting.


BULLET Explorations
Discover some of the stories in Himalayan art as you explore pictures by looking, thinking and questioning.


BULLET Pre-Raphaelites
Get information about artists and the techniques they used.



Exploratorium Learning Studio
Check out these illusions of color and vision.


BULLET Rembrandt
View these works of the artist, including numerous self-portraits.


BULLET Explore Color
Patrick Heron can get you creative with color.


BULLET Renaissance Connection
Travel 500 years into the past to discover many Renaissance innovations.


BULLET Eye Contact
A celebration of masterpieces on paper highlighting famed Americans of the past century by legendary artists.


BULLET Sandsational Sand Sculpting Gallery
Check out these sand sculptors.



Face It
Explore elements of some symbolism in paintings, read about the artists and see close-up details of the paintings.


Check out a huge collection of fun online games and cool interactive content produced by the UK's museums and galleries.


BULLET Fire + Earth
Explore these ceramic pieces with cutting-edge technology that allows you to examine the works from every angle.


BULLET smARTkids Kids
Explore art! See how artists work, learn about art appreciation and check out the art vocabulary.


BULLET Fireworks of Glass
Check out Dale Chihuly's largest and permanent installation of blown glass.


BULLET The Smithsonian Institution
See what's new, and old, at America's museum.


BULLET From Cave Art to Your Art
Explore the ways that artists use art media and make a video showing what they've inspired you to create.


BULLET Steamboat Gallery
Take a look at these steamboats and paddlewheelers.


BULLET Getty Games
Online games exploring works of art in the Getty Museum.


BULLET Sue at the Field Museum
Visit Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex.


BULLET Gilbert Stuart Making Faces
Explore the life and work of Gilbert Stuart.


BULLET Time Travel
Take a closer look at some of the paintings on display in the West Building of the National Gallery of Art and visit people, places, and surprising scenes from distant lands and times.


BULLET Grandma Moses
Learn about this self-taught folk-art artist who started painting when she was over 70 years old.


BULLET Tracy Lee Stum
Take a look at this 3D chalk artists street paintings.


BULLET Harmony: The Birds of America
Relax with this multimedia site featuring birds painted by John James Audubon, the famous 19th century naturalist.


BULLET Under Water Gallery
Take a look at this collection of underwater photographs from around the world.


BULLET Harring Kids
Try these fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art.


BULLET Walk through a Victorian House
Travel back in time and take an interactive tour through a Victorian house from 1870.


BULLET Helen Keller Kids Museum Online
Go through the time line of the life of Helen Keller.


BULLET Walt Disney Family Museum
Find information about the life, work, and philosophy of Walt Disney.


BULLET The History of Eating Utensils
View the on-line exhibit featuring the knife, fork and spoon.


BULLET Warhol's World
Take this quiz and discover Andy Warhol's art work and what type of artist he wanted to be.


BULLET History Wired
Investigate objects from the National Museum of American History with this interactive exhibit.



A list of artists and information about their famous works of art.


BULLET I am an Artist
Explore many arts topics with video lessons.


BULLET The Wizard of Oz
Check out the Library of Congress collection and other memorabilia borrowed other collectors for this American classic.


BULLET Inside Art
An adventure in art history which explores a painting from the inside out.


BULLET World Ceramics
Explore and learn about the many ways ceramics have been made, used and decorated throughout the world.


BULLET Inside the Mummies
Discover what's inside a real mummy.


BULLET World Chess Hall of Fame
See the Chess Hall of Fame inductees and learn about their contributions to the game of chess.


BULLET Interactive Dollhouse
Explore an array of characters, decorative elements, and architecture in this entertaining and instructive interactive inspired by 17th-century Dutch genre paintings.


BULLET World Myths and Legends in Art
Discover how artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form.


BULLET Kids' Castle
Kids' Castle features articles written about sports, history, the arts, travel, science and air and space, all with great photos. And, of course, Kids' Castle has lots of fun and challenging games.


BULLET World's Transportation Commission Photograph Collection
This collection dates from 1894 -1896, and contains views of foreign countries and their native forms of transportation.


BULLET Knights in Central Park
Find out what it was like to be a knight in shining armor.
BULLET Your Paintings
These paintings are from the UK national collection of oil paintings, the stories behind them and where to see them for real.

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Dance and Music

BULLET All Music Guide
Browse from artist to artist to find biographies and album reviews.
BULLET Juice Bottle Jingles
Play a song by tapping the bottles or follow the instructions for filling your own bottles at home.


BULLET Aria of the Sea DanceMaker
Create your own dance with this animated ballerina.


Offers the lyrics to hundreds of children's songs and lullabies.


BULLET Artsology
Learn about visual art, music, literature and dance through fun games and activities.


BULLET Kids Classical Countdown
A top ten list of classical masterpieces for parents and their kids.


BULLET Beethoven Rocks!
Get to know classical music's biggest star.


BULLET Ludwig van Beethoven
Learn all you need to know about Beethoven.


Make one of these percussion-making activities that use everyday objects!


BULLET Move and Mixer
Create your own dance moves.
BULLET Bitesize Music
Finely tune your musical knowledge.


Listen and learn about the music of six musicians.


BULLET Bus Songs
Find lyrics songs you can sing at camp, on the bus from TV themes to nursery rhymes.


BULLET Music and Rhyme Station
A collection of songs and rhymes organized by season and topic.


BULLET Campfire Songbook
Silly songs to sing is in this collection, plus a few yells, clapping games, and skits.


BULLET Music Family Invaders Quiz
Test your knowledge of musical instrument families and have fun with a 'Space Invaders' style bonus upon answering each question correctly.


BULLET Children’s Music Web
Listen to music and stories and get information on your favorite children’s musicians.


BULLET The Music of Sound
Listen to the melodies found throughout the world.
BULLET Chuck Vanderchuck "Something Something" Explosion
Stomp your feet with this fun collection of music.


BULLET The Music Room
Math and language taught with songs.


BULLET Circle of Dance
Take a look at the influence of music and dance in native peoples' lives.
BULLET Musical Mysteries
Robbie and Curly have some Musical Mysteries to solve and need your help.


BULLET Classical Music Archives of Tchaikovsky
Listen to this popular composer’s symphonies and orchestral favorites.


BULLET National Anthems
Listen to national anthems from around the world.


BULLET Classics for Kids
Learn about some of world's greatest classical composers and listen to their music.


BULLET Name That Children’s Tune
In how many notes can you name these tunes?


BULLET Continental Harmony
Create an arrangement of a melody or tour the roots of American popular music.


BULLET The New York Philharmonic Kidzone
Learn about the New York Philharmonic and about
the instruments, music, musicians, composers and conductors of the symphony orchestra.


BULLET Creating Music
Discover fun and easy ways to make music.


BULLET Odd Music Gallery
Get an earful of some unusual instruments.


BULLET Creative Kids Central
Have fun with these resources and games for classical music.


BULLET Perfect Pitch
Meet the all-star the instruments of the orchestra.


BULLET Dance Kids
Learn about different types of dancing from around the world.


BULLET Popular Songs in American History
Find out what songs were popular during various periods in American history.


BULLET Dancing with Gregory Hines
Learn about tap dancing with Gregory Hines.


BULLET San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
Provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.


BULLET Disney Music
Listen to your favorite Disney tunes.


BULLET Science of Music
Explore the science of music with online exhibits, movies, and compose your own.


BULLET Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 – 1990
Trace the history of electronic music all the way back to the 1870s. Includes info on instruments and their inventors up to the 1980s.


BULLET Sing Along
Sing with music and lyrics to some of your favorite songs.


BULLET Folk Dancing
Learn a few different folk dances from different cultures.


BULLET Sing-A-Long Favorites
Sing-A-Long these 100 songs for kids.


BULLET Folkways Recordings
Create your own unique sound with the Smithsonian Jazz Mixer.


BULLET So you want to play a musical instrument?
Get tips on taking up a musical instrument.


BULLET From the Top
Explore the world of young classical musicians.


BULLET Song Writer’s Hall of Fame
Search for your favorite song writer.


BULLET The Garbage Men
This band made all the instruments from recyclable material.


BULLET Songs & Poems
Here are songs and poems about the seasons, holidays, animals, language, math, school, family and friends and lots more!


BULLET Glee Radio
Listen to the songs that have been sung on the show. 


BULLET Songs and Rhymes of All Nations
Learn the tunes and poems that kids grow up with all over the world.


BULLET Global Groovin’
Listen to instruments unique sound, and create original music by mixing those instruments with percussion tracks and environmental sounds.


BULLET The Sound Lounge
Explore how we create and manipulate music and how it manipulates us.


BULLET Guide to the Orchestra
A fun way to learn a little bit about musical instruments and how they all play together to make an Orchestra.


BULLET Sphinx Kids
Have fun with classical music and instruments through interactive games.


BULLET Halloween Carols
Sing special Halloween lyrics to familiar songs.


BULLET Step Up to Dance
Dance lovers this is where you'll find engaging and interactive resources and find an appreciation for dance.


BULLET History of Dance
A brief history of ballroom, country, fad, flamenco, jazz and Latin dance.


BULLET This Day in Music History
Get a daily listing of what happened on this day in music history.


BULLET Honor! A history of African American music
Learn about the pioneers who helped define African-American music.


BULLET TurnTables
Think you'd make a phat DJ? Here's your chance to find out! Select a beat, choose a scratch, and rock on.


BULLET Incerdibox
Express your musicality.


BULLET Vegetable Orchestra
One of a kind orchestra that performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables.


BULLET Instrument Encyclopedia
You can search, browser by type or find by geographical origin, information about instruments from around the world.


BULLET Women Musicians
Get information about individual historical women musicians.


BULLET Introduction to Reading Music
This webpage introduces the most important topics in reading music in a very easy to understand way.


BULLET World Music Composer
Use recordings of instruments from around the world to create your own musical composition.


BULLET Jazz for Young People
Find about the history of jazz and its artists through recordings, readings, photographs, video, and fun activities.


BULLET World Music for Children
Meet Daria who has traveled the globe to share music that inspires, empowers and is just plain fun!


BULLET Jazz in Time
Follow this interactive timeline through the development and history of America's classical music: jazz.


BULLET Young and Young at Heart!
Sing along to some of your favorite songs.


BULLET Young Dancers
Get advice on how to get ahead in the world of dance.

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Arts and Crafts

BULLET 100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys
Step-by-Step instructions for creating over 100 original paper projects.


BULLET The Imagination Factory
Find creative ways to recycle by making art.


BULLET 100 Home-Made Gift Ideas
Gift ideas for any occasion.


BULLET Kids-R-Crafty
Have fun with these activity sheets, coloring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes and more in both English and French.


BULLET 101 Duct Tape Crafts
Fun and easy duct tape projects and activities.


BULLET Kea Coloring Book
Choose one of the topics, holidays, transportation, fairies and more, to color.


BULLET 101 Things to Do With a Pumpkin
Find recipes ideas, crafts, games and fun with a pumpkin.


BULLET Kendra's Coloring Book
Lots of pictures to color right on the web or to print out. 


BULLET Access Art
Be creative with these online workshops.


BULLET Learn to Draw
Learn to draw the easy way.


BULLET Animation Station
Watch your drawings come alive.


BULLET Learn to Knit & Crochet
Read about differences between knitting and crochet, and get some project ideas.


BULLET Art Attacks
Try some of these art projects and have some fun!


BULLET Learn 2 Scrapbook
Start your own scrapbook and fill it with memories.


BULLET Art Games
Create art and play games online while learning about painting and sculpture.


BULLET Little Artist Coloring Pages
Color pictures of the alphabet, numbers, and bears.


BULLET The Art of Puppetry
Explore the history of puppets and learn how other cultures use them.


BULLET Looney Tunes Activity Sheets
Have lots of fun with your favorite toon!


BULLET Arts & Crafts
Find lots of links to crafts to keep you busy everyday of the year.


BULLET Make-a-Flake
Create your own virtual snowflake.


BULLET ArtsyFartsy
A place to be creative.


BULLET Make Beliefs Comix
Make your own comic strip.


BULLET The Art Zone
Interactive art you can make online.


BULLET Make Do and Mend
Create a puppet from recycle materials, name it and write your puppet story.


BULLET Aunt Annie's Craft Page
A new craft project every week. Fun for all!


BULLET Make Stuff
Follow these step-by-step instructions for do it yourself projects.


BULLET Bedazzled
Interactive online fashion magazine.


BULLET Making a Diorama
Learn how to make your own diorama using this step-by-step process.


BULLET Beginning Sewing
From basting to buttonholes, seams to stitching, this site provides the beginner with the basics for sewing.


BULLET Mondrimat
A simple system which lets you experiment with space, color and visual rhythm.


BULLET Bottlecaps to Brushes
Discover the endless possibilities of creating art.


BULLET Native American Basketry
Discover a variety of basket weaving techniques.


BULLET A Brush with Wildlife
Learn how to use art principles like balance, contrast, movement, and proportion to compose a powerful art composition.


BULLET Oatmeal Box Pinhole Cameras
Find out how to make your own camera from a cardboard box.


BULLET Build Your Own Gyroscope
Choose a shape and set the pattern and create a beautiful drawing.


BULLET Paint by Numbers
Learn about this painting technique that became very popular in the early 1950's.


BULLET Build Yourself Wild
Turn your self-portrait into a wild creature.


BULLET Paint Pictures Online
Use the mouse as a paintbrush and paint the pictures.


BULLET Calligraphy
Practice pen strokes on different papers.

Papel Picado
Learn how to make your design by cutting shapes into tissue paper.


BULLET Cartoon Studio
Learn how your favorite cartoons are made and then create your own.


BULLET Paper Crafts
Watch these craft videos for many different projects.


BULLET Casting and Construction
Learn how to make sculptures out of clay and plaster.



The Paper Project
Explore the structure of paper.


BULLET Cellophane Crafts
Find craft activities with projects that use cellophane.


BULLET Paper Toys
Just print, fold, cut and glue.


BULLET Chinese New Year Origami Page
Lots of paper folding activities here.


BULLET Paper University
Explore the world of paper. 


BULLET Clay Crafts
Whether you whip it up from scratch or buy some in the store, you'll find instructions for dozens of adorable insects, animals and household treasures.


BULLET Pencil Portrait Drawing
Get tips for drawing portraits in pencil.


BULLET Collage Machine
Create a collage arrangement using this online machine.


BULLET Pigments in Paintings
Check out what artists have used it all to make pigments.


BULLET The Color
Color-in pages online and send them to friends or save them in your picture gallery.


BULLET Pixel Face
Choose a portrait and use different colors and brushes to change the picture.


BULLET Color, Cut and Create
Find pages to color and draw.


BULLET Play Dough
Sculpt some cool things with these fresh ideas.


Provides you with a crayon box with lots of pictures to color online.


BULLET Playdough Recipes
Have fun with these playdough recipes that you can make right at home.


BULLET Coloring Easter Eggs
There are many creative techniques to make a variety of colored Easter eggs.


BULLET Preschool Coloring Book
Get out the crayons and print out these pages for lots of coloring fun.


BULLET Coloring Pages
Printable coloring pages including fun animal coloring sheets, pictures of people, stuff you can color online and more!


BULLET Punky Doodle's Coloring Club
There are coloring pages to keep you busy all day long.


BULLET Coloring Pages
There are many activity pages to choose from.


BULLET Puppet Crafts for Kids
Learn how to make puppets out of socks, canvas, paper and more!


BULLET Coloring Page of Dr Seuss
Print out these coloring and activity sheets.


BULLET Recycling Trash to Treasure!
Make games and crafts with recycled materials.


BULLET Coloring Pages 24
An online kids coloring book.


BULLET Safety Bear Coloring
Safety pages for you to print and color.


BULLET Coloring Site
Over a hundred images to color.



Safety Pin Projects
Create wearable art with safety pins.



The Coloring Spot
Free printable coloring pages in many categories.


BULLET ScrapColoring
Use colorful patterns, gradients, fabrics, papers and textures to do some online coloring.


BULLET Construction Projects
Lots of ideas for projects.



School Crafts
Ideas to decorate your notebooks, pencils, lockers schoolbag and more!


BULLET Craft Elf
Get free craft instructions, ideas, patterns, and projects.


BULLET The Scribbler
Create a masterpiece with stick figures.


BULLET Craft Finder
Lots of crafts to choose from, you can search by holiday, occasion, or type of craft.


BULLET Sculpture
Learn more about sculpture and have fun using these plans.


BULLET Crafts for Kids
Watch these videos that show you how to do lots of fun crafts.



Silly Putty U
All you need to know about the stuff in that famous egg-shaped container.


BULLET Crayola Creativity Central
Find arts and crafts projects and ideas for fun.


BULLET Simple Pop-ups You Can Make
Make pop-ups with these simple lessons.



Create Your Own Silk Screen
Follow in the foot steps of Andy Warhol.


BULLET Spring Crafts
Create a garden of flowers.


BULLET DLTK's Crafts for Kids
This site is filled with printable crafts including templates, party invitations, printable cards for all occasions, and printable coloring pages galore!


BULLET Spring Crafts
Spring has sprung! Enjoy these flower, garden, and bug crafts.


BULLET Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Let your imagination run wild with these Easter egg decorating ideas.
BULLET Summer Fun
Crafts and recipes to make summertime more fun!


BULLET Exploring Origami
Origami, the art of paper folding, began in China.


BULLET Teen Seams
Check out these fun to sew projects just for teens!


BULLET Exposure
A beginners guide to photography.


BULLET Thanksgiving Activities
Here are some fun Thanksgiving crafts, online, songs, greeting cards, coloring pages and more!


BULLET Farm Animal Coloring Pages
Get facts and pictures to color of farm animals from around the world.


BULLET Tie Dye Fun
Tie Dye projects that use more than just a tee shirt.


BULLET Figure it Out
Take a drawing lesson on how to draw the human body.


BULLET Toy Theater Animation Station
Watch your drawings come alive.


BULLET Finger Knitting
Follow these directions to create something you can wear.


BULLET The Toymaker
A little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera... all for you to make.


BULLET Fingerprint Characters
Get step by step directions on how to make various creatures with fingerprints.


BULLET Trash Matcher
Here’s a list of craft ideas using recycled materials.


BULLET First Palette
Explore these crafts, art activities, and pintables.


BULLET Transportation Crafts
Be creative with these fun craft ideas.


BULLET Free Coloring Sheets
Find coloring sheets to print, and color.


BULLET Turkey Crafts and Activities
Make your holiday more festive with these ideas.


BULLET Friendship Bracelets
Instructions on making friendship bracelets to create your own friendship's bracelet and one for a friend.


BULLET Twisty Noodle
Coloring and worksheet pages for you to print and enjoy.


BULLET Garfield's Comic Creator
Create your own comic strip.


BULLET Valentine's Day
Create your own Valentine cards, do crafts, make recipes, play party games for all ages.


BULLET Get the Picture
Learn about great photographs and the approaches these photographers used to make them.


BULLET Ventrilo-Quick
An on-line reference guide to learning basic ventriloquism.


BULLET Gift Making Ideas
Ideas for gifts you can make yourself for any occasion.


BULLET Very Best Kids
Discover cooking and baking ideas, exciting crafts and activities!


BULLET hikaru dorodango
Get your hands dirty sculpturing balls of mud that shine.


BULLET Warhol's World
Take this quiz and discover Andy Warhol's art work and what type of artist he wanted to be.


BULLET Homemade Playdough Recipes
Lots of recipes to make different kinds of playdough.


BULLET What Is a Print?
Watch cool interactive demos of each art form from etching, woodcuts, lithography, and screenprints.


BULLET How to Color Eggs
There are many creative techniques to make a variety of colored Easter eggs.


BULLET Winter and Snowman Crafts
Keep warm while making these chilly crafts.


BULLET How to Draw Manga
Learn how to draw many characters in well-illustrated, easy-to-follow steps.


BULLET World Ceramics
Explore and learn about the many ways ceramics have been made, used, and decorated throughout the world.


BULLET The Idea Box
Find lots of ideas to keep you busy with crafts, games and yummy treats!
BULLET The World of Color
Learn how colors interact, mix with each other, and affect images.

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Television, Movies and Radio

BULLET The Big Cartoon DataBase
Check out this searchable database of cartoons, animated feature films, that includes screenshots, episode guides, and more.


BULLET My Pop Studio
Be the producer and create music pop star, edit a TV show or publish a magazine.


BULLET Caillou
Have some fun with games and activities with Caillou and his friends.


BULLET Nickelodeon
Shows, schedules, games, and other fun stuff.


BULLET Cinema: How are Hollywood Films Made?
Explore the process, from the screenwriter's words to the editor's final cut.


BULLET The Official Harry Potter Website
Go behind the scenes at Hogwarts. J.K Rowlings' Harry Potter an the rest of the gang are brought to life in Warner Bros.


BULLET Deaf Planet
From Canada, the first TV show in American Sign Language.


BULLET Pandora
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Listen for free.


BULLET Design a Satellite
Design a satellite that will send TV signals to places far across the country.


BULLET Panwapa
Travel the world's oceans and meet new Muppet friends.


BULLET Discovery Kids
Check out your favorite shows on the network and go on cool adventures.


Play a guessing game, read knock-knock jokes or even meet the stars of Arthur, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Storytime, and other PBS shows.


BULLET Disney Radio
Radio station just for kids with music, shows, and fun.


BULLET Penelope's Radio
Listen to music and stories.


BULLET Don’t Buy It
Find the secrets to television, radio, magazines, and the web, advertising.


BULLET Rugrats
Find plenty of fun filled activities to keep you busy.


BULLET Encyclopedia of Television
Includes more than 1,000 original essays from more than 250 contributors and examines specific programs and people, historic moments and trends.


BULLET Saturday Morning Forever
Find information about Hanna-Barbera cartoons and cartoon characters and even watch a few cartoons.


BULLET Film Street
Learn some fun and exciting film making techniques.


BULLET Sesame Street Videos
Have fun watching some of your favorite Sesame Street segments.


Here you can watch some of the coolest videos people have made.


BULLET Sesame Workshop
Every day is a sunny day spending it with your Sesame Street friends.


BULLET George of the Jungle
Swing with George in a wild playground packed with quirky creatures, creepy villains and wacky wilderness adventures!


BULLET Spunky Town
Watch some original cartoon series on the web.


BULLET High School Musical
The official site with photos, music, quizzes, and more.


BULLET Time Warp Trio
Join Time Warpers Joe, Fred, and Sam in a round of Sound Detective. Listen to a mystery noise, then decide where it belongs in history.


Parent approved videos to watch including cartoons, animal videos, Disney characters, songs and much more!


BULLET Toon Find
Search for cartoons in this database.


BULLET Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
Play the fun activities, sing-along with song lyrics, and find fun facts about Mister Rogers and his world of make believe.


BULLET Why Waste Time On Television?
Find out why you should bother watching TV.
BULLET Muppet World
Explore the world of the Muppets with Miss Piggy, Kermit, Gonzo, and more.
Watch these videos some are created by kids but all are parent approved.

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