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BULLET Aesop Fables
This is a collection of tales from the Greek story teller, Aesop.


Read stories and poems by other kids and submit your own writing for others to see!
BULLET Aesop's Fables
Online collection of 655+ Aesop's Fables with illustrations.


BULLET King Features
From the Amazing Spider-Man to Zits, find a comic to tickle every funnybone!


BULLET African / African Americans
Here's a list of recommended books, reading lists, and bibliographies of children's books about Africa or African Americans.


BULLET Learn to Read
Practice with phonics, then read the silly stories.


BULLET Alice in Wonderland
Go on an interactive adventure with Alice and her Wonderland friends.


BULLET Lemony Snicket
You have reached the right place: the official Lemony Snicket site.


BULLET Amazing Adventure
Listen to stories as you read them, then try out the neat activities.


BULLET Lil’ Fingers Storybooks
A collection of animated stories that parents can read with their toddlers, designed with features like large text, bright colors, big buttons which make navigating through the stories easier.



American Folklore
Read folklore from every one of the 50 United States.


BULLET Literacy Center
Try fun learning activities in English, Spanish, German and French.


BULLET Anne of Green Gables
Read up on your favorite character, look at pictures in the photo gallery, watch Anne videos, and much more!


BULLET Little House Fun & Games
Celebrate Laura Ingalls Wilder's famous series where you can take a quiz on the book you think you know best, make your own journal, and try out new recipes.


BULLET Archie Comics
Visit Archie and his friends to play games, solve puzzles and more.


BULLET Magic Tree House
Travel through time and around the world with Jack and Annie.


BULLET Around the World in 72 Days
Follow Nellie Bly on her record breaking journey.


BULLET Make Your Own Comic Book
Pick out the pages you want to use and write and illustrate your own book.


BULLET Artemis Fowl
Catch up on this 12 year old genius, criminal mastermind.


BULLET Meet Harry Potter
Includes chapter excerpts from his books and fun and games with Harry.


BULLET AudioStories
Listen to some of your favorite stories.


BULLET Mexican Folklore
Read ghost stories, myths, legends and wonder tales from all over Mexico.


BULLET Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
Read books that were published in the United States and Great Britain during the 1600's.


BULLET The Mighty Book
You'll find original stories, songs, games and puzzles, plus scores of classic books, poems and songs.


BULLET Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff
Read poems, stories, tongue twisters, do printable mazes, get tips for budding authors, there are favorite quotes and fill-in-the-blank poems to complete.


BULLET Mother Goose
Here you’ll find the rhymes and a list of links to many other Mother Goose sites.


BULLET Book Finder
Let "Sherlock Bailey" help you find a book of interest to you! Search by title or author, or select your current grade, reading level, and subjects that interest you.



Mother Goose Finger Plays
Finger plays for all seasons.


BULLET Book Hooks
Bookhooks is an online book report publishing center, where young readers can publish illustrated book reviews online.


BULLET Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes
Enjoy reading the pictures in your favorite nursery rhymes.


Listen and read along stories about fairies, trolls and unicorns.



Mr. Man or Little Miss
Have fun with Roger Hargreave's Mr. Men and Little Miss book characters.


BULLET Browse Inside
Try out books before you buy! Take a Sneak Peek at books before they go on sale, or read 100% of selected titles.


Storyteller Mrs. P will read classic stories with read along options.


BULLET Captain Underpants
Find action and laughs with this graphic novel super hero.


BULLET My Story Maker
Choose a character, take them on an adventure when you create your very own story.


BULLET Child Heroes
Read the essays about how these kids became heroes.


BULLET Mystery Spot
Unravel the science-based clues where you read the interactive mystery stories.


BULLET Children's Books Online
Read these stories online, anytime.


BULLET MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
Solve mysteries, read scary stories, and learn magic tricks.


BULLET Children’s Books On-Line for Free
Read antique children's books published in the 19th and early 20th century.


BULLET Myths and Legends
Brush up on Greek and Roman mythology.


BULLET Children's Literature
Read some classics at the Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room.


BULLET Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales
Read these traditional stories from around the world.


BULLET Children’s Stories
Read fairy tales, interactive stories, nursery rhymes, and holiday stories.


BULLET Mythweb
Learn about the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.


BULLET Children’s Storybooks Online
Read original stories with color illustrations for young children as well as older children and young adults.


BULLET Nursery Rhymes
Learn all of the lyrics to the most traditional nursery rhymes with their origins, history and meanings.


BULLET Classic Audio Stories
Listen to stories while you read along!


BULLET Official Peanuts Website
Read the comic strip for the day and find information about the Peanuts gang and it’s creator Charles Schulz.


BULLET Clifford
Play a game or read a story and go on an adventure with Clifford, the Big Red Dog.


BULLET Old Picture Books
Read old story books that will turn the pages with a click of the mouse.


BULLET The Comic Zone
Read your favorite comic online.


BULLET Open Library
Choose from a wide selection of children's books to read.


BULLET Create Your Own Comic
Make your own comic strip or comic book using your favorite Marvel Super Hero Squad.


BULLET Origami Stories
A collection of paper folding stories.


BULLET Curious George
Have some fun with Curious George, the Man with the Yellow Hat, and all their friends.



Oxford Owl
Fun reading activities and games!


BULLET Digital Collection of Children's Literature
Choose from more than 100,000 titles published in Great Britain and the United States from the early 1700s through the present.



Peter Rabbit Fun and Games
Have fun and play games while learning about the history of Peter Rabbit.


BULLET Diorama crafts
Follow the instructions to make four different dioramas.


BULLET Poetry on Their Terms
Watch the winners of the 2013 7GP Poetry Contest.


BULLET Dogo Books
Get ideas on what to read next.



Pop-up and Movable Books
Take a tour through the history of these delightful books from the nineteenth century to the present.


BULLET Edward Lear’s Nonsense Works
Have a laugh with these limericks dating back to 1861.


BULLET Read Along with Stories and Songs
Read along with the stories and sing along with the songs.


BULLET Emperors New Suit
Read the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Then have fun with the drag-n-drop game where you dress up the emperor in outrageous cartoon costumes.


BULLET Read Print
Read books, poems, and short stories online.


BULLET Eric Carle
Here's a short video of him reading his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


BULLET Reading Planet
Play interactive reading games, write stories, read book reviews and learn about a featured author.


BULLET A Europe of Tales
Explore traditional tales from Scotland, Finland, Iceland, Italy, and Britain.


BULLET Reading Rants
Go beyond Sweet Valley High and the Hardy Boys with some of the best reads for teens here!


BULLET Fables, Fairy Tales, Stories and Nursery Rhymes
A big selection of Aesop's Fables, Hans Christian Andersen fair tales, Grimms fairy tales, and Mother Goose nursery rhymes.


BULLET The Real Mother Goose
The full text and illustrations of "The Real Mother Goose" can be found here.



Fall Poems
A collection of fall rhymes and poems.


BULLET Rebus Rhymes
Now everyone can read these Mother Goose Rhymes with these pictures.


BULLET Fizzy Funny Fuzzy!
Read some fun poetry.


BULLET Silly Books
Have fun reading and playing with these animated books.


BULLET Fractured Fairy Tales
Rewrite fairy tales with your own happily ever after ending.


BULLET Smories
Smories are original stories for kids, read by kids.


BULLET Fact Fragment Frenzy
Use this interactive tool for finding facts in nonfiction text.


BULLET Solar Folklore
Read myths and legends from different cultures about the sun.


BULLET Franklin and Friends
Have fun playing games and watching videos of Franklin and his friends.


BULLET Spaghetti Book Club
Children's book reviews written and illustrated by kids for kids.


BULLET Frontiers for Young Minds
A scientific journal edited by and for kids.
BULLET Speakaboos
Watch classic children's stories.


BULLET Fun Summer Poems
Poems and rhymes about summer.


BULLET Spotlights
Where the spotlight features colorful illustrations with articles.


BULLET Fun With Spot
Have fun playing with Spot and create your own Spot story.


BULLET The Stacks for Kids
Find books to read, learn about the authors, games and more.


BULLET Games and Books
Play games with some of your favorite book characters.


BULLET Starfall
Read animated books and then play the interactive games.


BULLET Garfield
The Official site for the big orange cat.


BULLET Story Bud
Enjoy classic tales from around the world after you choose whether to read or listen to them, or do both at the same time.


BULLET Giggle Poetry
Have a laugh reading these poems!


BULLET Storybird
Read, write and discover stories you'll always remember.


BULLET Good Night Stories
Read or listen to a story before going to bed.


BULLET Storyline Online
Listen to stories read by members of the Screen Actors Guild.


BULLET Goosebumps
Enter the official Goosebumps site, if you DARE!


BULLET Storynory
Stories you can listen to.


BULLET The Guardian Children's Books
Here you will find reviews of books as well as interviews with authors, news, quizzes and galleries.


BULLET Story Place
Listen to stories, play with on-line activities, print out activities, and check out the reading list.



Harper's Children
Search for a good book to read.


BULLET Story Starters
Use prompts that explore the themes of Adventure, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. or Scrambler and get ideas for character, plot, and setting.


BULLET Harry Potter Game Show
Test your Harry Potter knowledge.


BULLET The SurLaLune Fairy Tales Site
Enjoy over twenty annotated fairy tales including Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel, and Rapunzel. Over 1,000 illustrations are included along with a frequently asked questions section.


BULLET Inkless Tales
Have fun learning with games, animated alphabet, stories, poems, science, math, music and more.



Teen Ink
Read some of the most creative work written by teens.


BULLET Into the Book
Try the online interactive activities to help improve your reading skills.


BULLET Teen Reads
Teens can browse through the cool new book lists, read book reviews and check out the author interviews.


BULLET If You Love to Read
Read the chapters of a true story about an American girl who goes to an English boarding school.


BULLET Teens Read Week
Look for the latest young adult reads, popular titles, and weekly polls.


BULLET International Children's Digital Library
Read the best stories from around the world.


BULLET This Book Belongs to…
Create bookplates for your own library.


BULLET Junie B. Jones
Laugh yourself silly with Junie B. Jones, the world's funniest first grader.


BULLET Three Little Pigs
Read different versions of this folktale.


BULLET Kids Mysteries
Look for mystery’s to solve, scary stories to read and magic tricks to perform.


BULLET Treasure Island
Learn about the author, the characters of the book, tropical islands, pirates, buried treasure and more!


BULLET KidsBookshelf
KidsBookshelf offers book reviews, an author/illustrator spotlight writing and drawing contests, crafts, recipes, coloring pictures, and much more!


BULLET Variations on the Theme of Cinderella
Cinderella stories written by children in 5th and 6th grade.


BULLET Kids’ Corner
Features the stories of Beatrix Potter. Read or listen to the classic story, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit."


BULLET We Give Books
After you read a book online a physical book will be donated to a child in need through literacy programs around the world.


BULLET Kids Love a Mystery
Celebrate mysteries with links to free online mysteries, scary stories, bios of great mystery authors.


BULLET Who’s Who & What’s What
Find out who is who and what is what from the books of Dr. Seuss.


BULLET Kids on the Net
For those aspiring to be a writer, submit your stories and read from others.


BULLET The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Read Frank Baum's classic on line.


BULLET Kids Post
Games, news, puzzles, and fun activities for kids.


BULLET World of Peter Rabbit
Have fun with Peter Rabbit and friends from Beatrix Potter.


Read reviews of the newest titles, interviews with the coolest authors and have fun with trivia games, word scrambles and more!


BULLET World of Tales
Read Fairy Tales, Folktales and other stories from around the world.


BULLET Kids Storytelling Club
Get tips to make your stories unforgettable.

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Newspapers & Magazines

BULLET Amazing Kids Magazine
Everything in the magazine, from articles to painting is contributed by kids, just like you!


BULLET Midlink Magazine
Online magazine created for middle and high school students around the world.


BULLET Beeswax
Get pictures and news from around the world.


BULLET Miss O ‘Zine
Get the latest news in movies, activities, travel, music and lifestyle.


BULLET Boy’s Quest Magazine
Filled with fun activities and exciting reading.


An online magazine packed with interactive stories and fun activities.
BULLET ChannelOne
Bringing together young people from around the globe to learn about and discuss everything that's on their minds -- from issues in the news to what happens in school.


BULLET National Geographic Kids
Find photographs, pictures, animal facts, cool links, games and more.


BULLET Click Magazine
Try these fun and creative projects on and off line.


BULLET New York Times Learning Network
Links and resources related to current events and journalism.


Read news stories about U.S. and world events as well as features on popular topics such as sports, entertainment and science & technology.


BULLET Newsround
Get news and current events, including entertainment, science, and sports for the U.K.


An online magazine where you can share your ideas and opinion.


BULLET Scholastic News
News, special reports, games and movies set up for kids by Scholastic.


Keep up with current events.



Student News Net
Offering news for kids in grades 3-5.


Read the latest news articles.


St. Louis' online newspaper, Post-Dispatch offers today's news.


BULLET Here There Everywhere
This news for kids can show you how you are connected to the world and learn about the people and events shaping it.


BULLET Time for Kids
Read the news magazine online edition every week.



Imagination Café
Feed your mind with articles on careers, animals, history, sports, science, and celebrities.


BULLET Tween Tribune
Keep up with current events with these news stories.


BULLET Kids News
Read the top stories on animals, people, space and more.


BULLET Weekly Reader
Read current events, find out the Word of the Day and even do a crossword puzzle.


Read daily features and news stories from the KidsPost page of the Washington Post.


BULLET Yak’s Corner
Follow Yak as he reports on news and big stories, goes on the road, and comes up with fun Yaktivities for you to do!


BULLET Kidsville News
A fun publication with topics covered include art, finance and animals.


BULLET Youngzine
Learn about current news and events shaping the world.


Have your say about games, movies, sports, pets, travel and more.

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BULLET 100 Greatest Books for Kids
Browse by age group, fiction or nonfiction etc...
BULLET Marvel Universe
Find biographies of the 5000+ characters, places, and things that inhabit the Marvel Universe!


BULLET Best Children's Books
Find the ideal book for any topic and reading level.


BULLET MuggleNet
Games, recipes, gossip, speculation--it's all about Harry Potter!
BULLET Book-A-Day Almanac
Get recommendations on what to read everyday.


BULLET Mystery Writing
Learn what it takes to create a truly spooky story.


BULLET Bookopolis
Explore new books and get suggestions for your next read.


BULLET The Page at Pooh Corner
This site is dedicated to the Winnie-the-Pooh stories created by A. A. Milne.


Search for the best online texts, book reviews, reading lists, author information, book news, and more.


BULLET Page By Page
Discover out how books are made starting with where the idea came from, all the way to what happens after the book is printed.


BULLET Braille Bug
Learn all about this system of writing used by the blind through games, secret messages and information about Louis Braille and Helen Keller.


BULLET Poetry Splatter
Finish writing silly poems by filling in the blanks.


BULLET Charlotte's Web: Activities and Resources
You'll have fun with this collection of activities that includes a letter from E.B. White, in which he answers some frequently asked questions.


BULLET Read Kiddo Read
Look for a great book to add to your reading list.


BULLET Children's Literature Web Guide
The Children's Literature Web Guide is a site containing extensive information on on new works and providing links to various related Web pages.


BULLET Sherlock Holmes on the Web
Everything you always wanted to know about the great detective.


BULLET Children’s Picture Books
Find information about children's picture books of all kinds, how to select the perfect picture book, and a wealth of suggestions.


BULLET Wands and Worlds
Here are some great suggestions for fantasy books to read. Choose from categories like Dragons, Fairies, Magic, Trolls, and Wizards to find the flavor of fantasy you like best.


BULLET Disney's HooZoo List
Where you can find information on many Disney characters, as well as information on their alternate life in the comics.


BULLET Wizard Challenge
Take the challenge to see how much you really know about Harry Potter.


BULLET FlamingNet
A source for reviews and recommendations on past, present, and future preteen, teen, and young adult books.


BULLET Wondermind
Take an adventure into your own wonderland and explore the science of your brain.


BULLET Girls Series Book 1840-1991
A checklist of American fictional series books for girls published between 1840-1991.


BULLET Word Builder
Unscramble the letters to make a word.


BULLET Limerick Factory
Create your own wacky limericks.


BULLET Young Authors Workshop
A unique site for would-be-writers.


BULLET Lexile's Find-A-Book
Build a custom reading list on the subjects that interest you the most.

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BULLET America Writes for Kids
Select authors by state.



Megan McDonald
Author of the Judy Moody books.


BULLET Andersen Fairy Tales
Listen and read classic folk stories and fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.


BULLET Missouri Writes for Kids
Have you read any books written by these Missouri authors?


BULLET Author Name Pronunciation Guide
A collection of brief recordings of authors & illustrators saying their names. Hello, my name is . . .


BULLET Robert Munsch
Learn about this author and read some of his stories.



Author Tracker
Look up information on your favorite author.


BULLET Walter Dean Myers
Meet the author.


BULLET Authors and Illustrators
Find all sorts of information about your favorite authors and illustrators.


The author of the middle-grade novella Chess Rumble and other young adult novels.


Check here for the latest books and information about authors and illustrators.


BULLET Meet Bobby Norfolk
Meet one of St. Louis's premier storytellers.


BULLET Hamsters Take the 10 Minute Bedtime Tour
Join the hamsters in a delightful bedtime tour from Peggy Rathmann's book.


BULLET Linda Sue Park
Visit the website of author Linda Sue Park, Winner of the 2002 Newbery Medal for "A Single Shard".


BULLET Heather Brewer
Author of the vampire series.



Ridley Pearson
Information on best selling suspense writer.


BULLET Jennifer Brown
This author is a two-time winner of the Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award.



Dav Pilkey's Extra Crunchy Website-O-Fun
Meet Dav Pilkey in comic book form! Explore his books, videos, games and book app! Be sure to check out "Fun Stuff" for more activities and silly facts.


BULLET Meg Cabot
Online home of the author of The Princess Diaries series.


BULLET Jack Prelutsky
Read some of his silliest poems.


BULLET Children's Poet Laureate
Features Mary Ann Hoberman, children's poet laureate, reading from her own work, as well as from favorite collections of classic children's poetry.


BULLET Rick Riordan
The official site of this multi-award-winning author.


BULLET Christopher Paul Curtis
Learn about this author who's second novel, Bud, Not Buddy, is the first book ever to receive both the Newberry Medal and the Coretta Scott King Author Award.


BULLET J.K. Rowling Official Site
Jump aboard the Hogwart Express to come on a fantastic adventure at the official JK Rowling Website.


BULLET World of Roald Dahl
A celebration of imagination of this famous author and cool creative thinker.


BULLET Charles R. Smith
This author, photographer and poet talks about his books and creative process.


BULLET Matt de la Peña
His books have won awards and one novel will be released as a motion picture.



Paul Volponi
Read excerpts from this teen novel author.


BULLET Diary of a Whimpy Kid
Here you can learn about Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series.


BULLET Scott Westerfeld
The official site of this Young Adult and science-fiction novelist.


BULLET Sharon Draper
Ms Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer.


BULLET Seussville
The official site of Dr. Seuss.


BULLET Sharon G. Flake
Her books are a way to motivate readers to explore the joys of reading.


BULLET Shakespeare for Kids
Read the fun facts about Shakespeare’s life and times and enjoy the from word jumbles to weird words to trading Shakespearean insults and quotations to acting out the scenes from scripts written for kids.


BULLET Neil Gaiman
Official site of writer and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman.


BULLET Aaron Shepard's Folktales
Read his retold tales from around the world.


BULLET Jan Greenberg
Meet the author that writes about art and artists.


BULLET Mark Twain's House
Take a tour of Mark Twain's boyhood home located in Hannibal, Missouri.


BULLET Nikki Grimes
Official site of this award winning author.


BULLET Mark Twain in His Times
Learn how Mark Twain and his works were created and defined.


BULLET Gwendolyn Heasley
Meet the author who now lives in New York City and thinks she eats too much mac and cheese for an adult.


BULLET Wendelin Van Draanen
American author of children's books.
BULLET Kevin Henkes
Official site for the award-winning author and illustrator whose books include the Mouse books and Olive's Ocean.


BULLET Videos in the Stacks
Watch book trailer videos and video interviews with authors, plus famous celebrity with book recommendations.


BULLET Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Ideas on finding the right book to read.


Learn about the author and get the stories behind his books.


BULLET Brian Katcher
Keep up to date with the author of "Playing With Matches" and "Almost Perfect".


BULLET Betty Wright
She dreamed about writing stories and books almost as soon as she was old enough to read them.


BULLET Lois Lowry
The official site for this children's and young adult author.


BULLET Writers Speak to Kids
These authors share what inspires them and how they create characters.


BULLET David Macaulay
Meet this Caldecott award winner and go behind the scenes to see how he creates his books.


Website of the YA author.


BULLET Anne M. Martin
Find out more about The Babysitter's Club and other series by the author.
BULLET Young Authors Workshop
A unique site for would be writers.

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