BULLET City of St. Louis Department of Personnel Administrative Regulation NO. 148

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The official Employee Wellness Program for the City of St. Louis ("BeeFit") is administered by the Department of Personnel in partnership with and the support of BJC Health Systems, Inc.

The Employee Wellness Regulation of the City of St. Louis is designed to encourage City of St. Louis employees to select and participate in BeeFit Program approved training, education, wellness and healthy lifestyle activities focused on individual development, health and wellness. The City believes this will result in personal and professional growth and a reduction in lifestyle-related risk factors.


The purpose of this administrative regulation is to establish an official City approved Employee Wellness Program within the City Service.


The City's Wellness Program is designed to increase individual employee health and wellness awareness and empower City employees to make positive educational, health and wellness enhancing lifestyle choices while engaging in practices that will benefit their quality of life through City approved and documented wellness related programs. In this way, the City Employee Wellness Program, BeeFit, is designed to provide a return on investment (ROI) through increased productivity; decreased absenteeism; an overall healthier workforce leading to decreased health related expenditures; and increased quality of life for participating employees.


A. Department Heads

1. Appointing authorities and their designees are encouraged to allow employee participation in documented wellness activities officially approved by the BeeFit Program.

2. As part of the department, division or agency wellness program, it is recommended that an Agency Wellness Coordinator be appointed. While fulfilling his or her wellness responsibilities, the Agency Wellness Coordinator shall work closely with the City Wellness Coordinator.

3. Appointing authorities within the various departments, divisions and agencies are asked to allot their respective Agency Wellness Coordinators with sufficient time and resources to administer the wellness programs within their respective areas. The appointing authorities are required to maintain records of time allocated to the Agency Wellness Coordinators for purposes of administering said wellness programs in order to document participation and ascertain ROI.

B. City Wellness Coordinator

The City Wellness Coordinator will provide guidance and recommend programming while working in conjunction with the Department of Personnel and the City's Wellness Committee, of which BJC Health Systems is currently a member. Additionally, the City Wellness Coordinator will have the authority and responsibility to:

1. Meet with the City's Wellness Committee regularly, discuss policies and procedures and recommend changes related to the BeeFit Wellness Program to the Committee and the Director of Personnel.

2. Develop strategic wellness related programming according to best practice standards; research and remain abreast of current trends in wellness programs and industry standards.

3. Provide assistance to appointing authorities and Agency Wellness Coordinators in implementation of wellness policies and procedures.

4. Assist appointing authorities and Agency Wellness Coordinators in developing increased employee awareness of all employee wellness policies and procedures.

5. Provide assistance to Agency Wellness Coordinators in all wellness related areas through training sessions, discussions, meetings, materials, investigations, and on-site visits.

6. Serve as the chief liaison and spokesperson for the BeeFit Wellness Program.

7. Maintain all necessary and appropriate records and documentation of participation, in accordance with grant requirements, City policy, and observation of applicable HIPAA laws, etc.

C. Agency Wellness Coordinator

1. Assist in development and implementation of the department, division, or agency wellness program.

2. Maintain liaison with the City Wellness Coordinator and other Agency Wellness Coordinators within the City.

3. Advise his/her appointing authority, as appropriate, concerning employee wellness related matters.


Funding for the City's approved wellness programs will be provided through the Department of Personnel budget subject to appropriation of funds. Currently, grant funding is also provided through the City's partnership with BJC Health Systems, Inc.


A. Departments are encouraged to allow up to three (3) hours of paid administrative leave (in accordance with and subject to department operational requirements) per employee per week to allow participation in BeeFit Program approved, documented wellness related activities.

B. The granting of paid administrative leave for participation in BeeFit approved programs will be contingent upon departmental workload considerations and other operational requirements, and will be subject to the approval of the appointing authority. However, appointing authorities and their designees are strongly encouraged to allow participation in BeeFit Program wellness activities whenever possible in accordance with this administrative regulation.


Each department is required to keep accurate records of paid administrative leave granted to individual employees for participation in BeeFit Wellness Program activities. These records will be used to document actual participation in said BeeFit activities, as well as help determine the ROI for the City for the BeeFit Program.

1. Employees participating in approved BeeFit Wellness activities must complete a BeeFit Wellness Program Request form (attached) requesting paid administrative leave for participation in the BeeFit Wellness Program designed to track participation in the City's wellness program; these forms shall be signed by the employee, approved by the appointing authority, collected by the departmental payroll clerk, and then a copy forwarded to the Employee Benefits Section of the Department of Personnel for review and retention.

2. Employees participating in approved BeeFit Wellness activities shall further document their participation by using the sign in sheets that shall be provided by the BeeFit Program. The sign in sheet shall then be signed by the individual coordinating or instructing the particular BeeFit program in which the employee is participating. Said sign in sheet should verify the name of the approved BeeFit
wellness related activity, that the employee was present, and also verify the date and time the employee was present.

3. Employees shall complete a weekly BeeFit Wellness Time Sheet (attached). The BeeFit Wellness Time Sheet is to be retained in the employees' department.

4. The Department of Personnel and/or the appointing authority reserve the right to audit records at any time and without prior notice to the employee. This includes verifying actual participation in BeeFit Program activities as listed on the request for paid administrative leave (BeeFit Wellness Program Request) form completed and signed by the employee and appointing authority against the actual BeeFit Program sign in sheets, the BeeFit Wellness Time Sheet and any other valid source of documentation of actual BeeFit program participation.

5. Employees who in any way falsify or otherwise misrepresent participation in the BeeFit Program, as documented by the request for administrative leave (BeeFit Wellness Program Request) form, BeeFit Programs sign in sheets or BeeFit Wellness Time Sheets, shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, pursuant to the provisions of Administrative Regulation No. 117.


The Department of Personnel will collect BeeFit Program participation data, and once sufficient program data has been generated, will conduct an analysis of the BeeFit Wellness Program in order to determine its impact on the health of the City workforce and its overall ROI.

Any questions regarding this regulation should be referred to the Employee Benefits Section at 622 3200.


Richard R. Frank
Director of Personnel

BeeFit Wellness Program Request form
BeeFit Wellness Time Sheet

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