BULLET City of St. Louis Department of Personnel Administrative Regulation NO. 110

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Policy Statement on Classification Reviews
In recent years, the Department of Personnel has responded to a rather large number of requests that individual classification reviews be conducted on currently filled positions. A substantial number of these requests were, of course, initiated due to the restructuring of positions necessitated by the reduction in the City workforce over the last several years. The purpose of this memorandum is to reiterate the Department of Personnel’s policy with regard to the reallocation of positions.

The Civil Service Rules provide that competitive examinations shall be held in order to determine which employees shall be promoted. The competitive examination process has in the past and continues to be the preferred method of promoting employees. While there is also provision for reallocation of incumbents without an examination process, it is important to note that the Rules list specific conditions which must be met in order for the reallocation to take place. These are as follows:

(1) The reallocation of the position is based upon the accretion of new duties and responsibilities and the incumbent was continuously employed in the position during such accretion of duties and responsibilities.

(2) The added duties and responsibilities were related to and supplemented the original functions of the positions.

(3) There is evidence that such additional duties were assigned to the position solely to increase the efficiency of the City of St. Louis.

Appointing authorities should give careful consideration to these factors prior to requesting job studies. The Department of Personnel will not conduct classification studies on currently occupied positions unless it is evident that all of the above conditions have been met. To be more specific, it is inappropriate to reallocate an employee to a higher class based upon the employee's detail to or acting service in a different position.

It is the responsibility of management personnel to motivate employees to expand their breadth of knowledge and to develop new skills to improve the productivity and efficiency of the workforce as a whole. It is further the responsibility of managers to encourage employees to compete in promotional examinations whenever possible. Additionally, members of my staff are available to counsel employees on career development and the Employee Development Division offers a wide variety of courses to assist employees in improving their job skills.

I know I can count on your cooperation in a collective effort to reinforce the basic foundation of the merit system. If you have any questions concerning this memorandum, please contact the Classification and Compensation Division of the Department of Personnel, 622-3565.

September 5, 1985

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