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BOARD BILL NO. [11] 258


An Ordinance recommended by the City of St. Louis Planning Commission, requiring residential and commercial bicycle parking under the Zoning Code for all new construction or renovations equal to or in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000); containing definitions; bicycle rack construction requirement, bicycle rack site requirements, bicycle parking requirements, exemptions, off-street parking reduction, an administrative waiver provision and a severability clause.

WHEREAS, the Board of Aldermen and Mayor adopted Ordinance 68663, the "Complete Streets" ordinance, which provides guidance for "Appropriate accommodation for bicycles, pedestrians, transit users and persons of all abilities;" and

WHEREAS, replacing vehicle trips with bicycle trips can decrease congestion, improve air quality and contribute to healthy lifestyles; and

WHEREAS, secure and convenient bicycle parking encourages increased bicycle ridership; and

WHEREAS, cities which have adopted bicycle parking ordinances have shown a measurable increase in bicycle trips; and

WHEREAS, the current Zoning Code does not require bicycle parking accommodations; and

WHEREAS, amending the Zoning Code to add new regulations regarding bicycle parking will promote and encourage healthy and active lifestyles as well as sustainable urbanism.


SECTION ONE. The following new definitions are hereby added to the Zoning Code:

Bicycle parking space.

A four (4) feet by six (6) feet space provided for locking two (2) bicycles to a City approved bicycle rack.

Bicycle rack.

A stationary device anchored to the ground providing a stable frame to which two (2) bicycles may be conveniently secured. Common examples of preferred bicycle racks include "inverted-U", "post and loop", or "A" racks, and a creative design rack as defined and regulated herein.

Creative design rack.

Any rack other than the standard "inverted-U," "post and loop," or "A" rack.
SECTION TWO. The following new regulations pertaining to bicycle parking are hereby added to the Zoning Code:

26.16.085 Bicycle parking requirements.

A. Bicycle Rack Construction Requirements.

1. Bicycle racks shall be made of steel tubing one (1) inch to four (4) inches thick, containing two (2) locking points between one (1) feet and three (3) feet off the ground and a gap near the bottom for pedal clearance, enabling one to lock a bicycle frame and one of the wheels with a standard U-Lock

2. A bicycle rack must be able to accommodate two (2) bicycles in an upright position. Bicycle racks that support the wheel but not the frame of the bike shall not be used to fulfill a bicycle parking requirement.

3. All creative design racks shall be capable of securing two (2) standard bicycles. The creative design rack shall provide a minimum of two points of contact with the bicycle. The design of a creative rack, including the installation details, shall be reviewed and approved by the Building Commissioner

4. All bicycle racks shall be securely anchored to the ground or building structure.

B. Bicycle rack site requirements.

1. Bicycle racks installed pursuant to and required under this ordinance shall be installed on private property. Bicycle racks installed in public streets or alleys require separate approval from the Streets Department and an Encroachment Permit from the Board of Public Service and shall not be used to fulfill a bicycle rack site requirement.

2. Bicycle rack shall be at least three (3) feet from any curb, so as not to impede ingress and egress to and from parked vehicles.

3. Bicycle racks shall be at least two (2) feet from the nearest building. Bicycle racks shall allow at least five (5) feet of American Disabilities Act compliant clearance on one or both sides of the rack.

4. Bicycle rack shall be at least two (2) feet from other objects, including but not limited to utility vaults, fire hydrants, and street lights.

5. Bicycle rack shall be at least five (5) feet from curb cuts and accessibility ramps.

6. Bicycle rack, including attached bicycle, shall maintain a minimum four (4) feet of unobstructed walkway for pedestrian traffic at all times.

7. Bicycle racks shall not be located directly in front of an exit or entrance of a building.

8. Bicycle racks shall be located in well-lighted, highly visible areas to minimize theft and vandalism.

9. Bicycle racks shall be located no further from the building than the nearest automobile spaces, other than those spaces for persons with disabilities.

10. Safe and convenient means of ingress and egress to bicycle parking facilities shall be provided.

11. Bicycle rack area shall not interfere with accessible paths of travel or accessible parking as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended.

12. When a bicycle rack is installed adjacent to another bicycle rack, an aisle separating the racks, with a minimum four (4) feet of clearance measured from tip to tip of bike tires, shall be provided.

13. Bicycle parking spaces adjacent to automobile parking shall be located so as to protect bicycles from damage.

14. In cases where bicycle parking spaces are not visible from the primary street, signage shall be used to direct cyclists safely to the bicycle parking spaces.

15. Indoor bicycle racks provided pursuant to Section 26.16.085(D)(3) of this ordinance shall only be required to meet the construction and site requirements of Sections 26.16.085(A)(1 and 4) and (B)(8, 10, 11 and 13) of this ordinance. In addition, if such racks are installed on a wall of a structure, the bottom of the rack shall not be more than three (3) feet off the ground.

16. In parking lots and parking garages, physical barriers, such as posts or bollards, shall be provided so as to prevent a motor vehicle from striking a parked bicycle.

C. Bicycle parking requirement.

Bicycle racks shall be required in the City of St. Louis for the following actions requiring issuance of a building permit: all new construction and renovations equal to or in excess of $1,000,000. Bicycle racks shall be provided in accordance with the following tables. When calculating the minimum number of bicycle racks required results in a fractional number, a fraction more than one half (1/2) shall be rounded to the next highest whole number:

1. Multi-Unit Residential:

Number of Dwelling Units Required Number of Minimum Bicycle Parking Racks

Less than 12 0
12 or more 1 per every 6 dwelling units

2. Non-Residential:

Gross Floor Area Required Number of Minimum Bicycle Parking Racks

0 - 6,000 sq. ft. 1
6,001 - 10,000 sq. ft. 2
Over 10,000 sq. ft 1 per every additional 10,000 sq. ft.

3. Industrial and Hotel/Motel:

Number of Employees Required Number of Minimum Bicycle Parking Racks
0 - 20 0
21 - 50 1
Over 51
1 per every 50 employees

D. Exemptions.

1. This ordinance shall not require in excess of twenty (20) bicycle parking racks for any property.

2. The following uses are exempted from the above requirements: Funeral Homes and Mortuaries; Car Washes and Automobile repair shops.

3. In the "I" Central Business District bicycle parking shall not be required, pursuant to Section 26.16.085(C)(1-3). However, if off-street automobile parking is provided, a minimum of one bicycle rack per every twenty off-street automobile parking spaces, or fraction thereof, shall be provided. The required bicycle parking may be provided within an enclosed structure, and shall not be required to be accessible to the general public.

E. Off-street parking reduction for bicycle parking.

The total number of vehicle off-street parking spaces required under the Zoning Code shall be reduced at the ratio of one (1) automobile off-street parking space for each one (1) bicycle space provided. The total number of required automobile off-street parking spaces, however, shall not be reduced by more than ten (10) percent for any newly developed or rehabilitated structure.

SECTION THREE. The following new provision allowing for an administrative waiver for bicycle parking is hereby added to the Zoning Code under the Zoning Administrator's duties:


8. To vary the number of bicycle racks required under Section 26.16.085(C) of this ordinance if site requirements required in Section 26.16.085(B) cannot be met by means of direct access from a street frontage.

SECTION FOUR. Severability Clause.
If any provision, clause, sentence, paragraph or word of this ordinance or the application thereof to any person, entity or circumstances shall be held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the other provisions of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid provisions or application, and to this end the provisions of this ordinance are declared severable.

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