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BOARD BILL NO. [10] 113


An ordinance enacted pursuant to Section 56.540, Revised Statutes of Missouri to repeal Ordinance No. 68542 relating to the Office of the Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis, allocating the positions established by said Section 56.540, R.S.Mo. to classes with grades and a schedule setting minimum and maximum salaries for such grades by repealing Section Two and replacing said Section with provisions of this ordinance, providing that such salaries be paid bi-weekly; providing for payment of overtime wages on an hourly basis at the bi-weekly rate when such overtime is authorized as necessary by the Circuit Attorney and containing an emergency clause.


SECTION ONE. Ordinance No. 68542 is hereby repealed and, in lieu thereof, the following provisions are enacted.

SECTION TWO. The following positions of the Office of the Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis, authorized by Section 56.540, R.S.Mo., are hereby allocated to a grade in the following Section with the rates therein established, to wit:

Title Code Grade

First Assistant Circuit Attorney 1601 21M
Chief Trial Assistant 1602 20M
Chief Warrant Officer 1603 20M
Chief Misdemeanor Officer 1604 20M
Special Assistant Circuit Attorney I 1605 15P
Special Assistant Circuit Attorney II 1606 17P
Attorney I 2361 15P
Attorney II 2362 17P
Attorney III 2363 18P
Attorney IV 2367 20M
Attorney Manager 2364 20M
Administrative Assistant 1622 14M
Administrative Secretary 1614 14G
Chief Clerk 1617 13G
Chief Investigator 1630 15P
Clerk I 1112 8G
Clerk II 1113 9G
Clerk III 1114 11G
Clerk IV 1115 13G
Computer Operations Manager 1361 15P
Computer Operations Supervisor 1327 13P
Computer Operator I 1323 10G
Computer Operator II 1324 11G
Computer Operator III 1325 12G
Grand Jury Stenographer 1615 12G
Investigator IA 1633 10G
Investigator I 1631 13G
Investigator II 1632 14G
Investigator III 1634 15G
Legal Secretary 1134 12G
Paralegal 2365 12G
Secretary I 1131 9G
Secretary II 1132 10G
Secretary III 1133 11G
Social Worker 6141 13G
Telephone Operator 1161 8G
Typist Clerk I 1121 8G
Typist Clerk II 1122 9G
Victim Services Counselor I 1642 13G
Victim Services Counselor II 1643 14G
Victim Services Supervisor 1644 15P


The following is hereby adopted as the salary pay schedule for all classification grades of positions in Section Two of this ordinance, beginning with the biweekly pay period starting the effective date of this Ordinance. The following bi-weekly pay schedule for all grades shall become effective with the beginning of the first pay period following effective passage of this ordinance:


5 686 1030
6 747 1121
7 816 1222
8 889 1332
9 968 1452
10 1000 1584
11 1151 1726
12 1254 1882
13 1387 2082
14 1596 2394
15 1715 2754
16 2111 3166
17 1843 3643
18 2163 4198
19 3212 4817
20 2615 5539
21 3747 5982
22 4308 6460
23 4651 6979

SECTION THREE. The Circuit Attorney, in making appointments to the positions authorized by Section 56.540 R.S.Mo., shall make said appointments within the classes and grades set out in Section Two of this ordinance, and to an amount of pay within a grade; provided further that the Circuit Attorney may, in her sole discretion, change the classification, grade and amount paid to a person appointed as she determines to be required. The Circuit Attorney may establish probationary rates of pay for classes of positions established in this pay ordinance. Such probationary rates may be less than the rate paid to a regular employee.

SECTION FOUR. The salary for grades of positions shall be paid bi-weekly.

SECTION FIVE. The annual rate of employee compensation shall be twenty-six (26) times the bi-weekly scale of pay for the grade applicable to the employee's position. No employee shall be paid at a rate lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum of the salary range established for the grade to which his/her class has been allocated. Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing the Circuit Attorney from paying less than the maximum provided in this ordinance.

SECTION SIX. (A) Employees occupying positions allocated in Section Two to a grade of G or lower, or to a grade of 18P or lower, may be eligible to receive, in addition to the regular salary, pay for overtime hours authorized by the Circuit Attorney. The rate of such overtime pay shall be subject to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as applicable, and shall be allowed on the basis of hours worked and the bi-weekly rate of pay. Compensatory time may be allowed in lieu of overtime pay as provided by law. Employees occupying positions allocated to a management grade designated by the letter "M" following the grade number are ineligible to receive additional compensation for time worked over that ordinarily required.

(B) Contingent upon the declaration of the City's Board of Estimate and Apportionment that a fiscal crisis exists in the City so as to warrant the mandatory implementation of furloughs of City officers and employees, the Board of Aldermen hereby authorizes such mandatory implementation of furloughs. As used herein the term "furlough" shall mean time off without pay. In the event furloughs are implemented, the Circuit Attorney shall issue, consistent with this ordinance, such guidelines as are necessary for setting out a process for furlough implementation. A "furlough" will not affect any employee's benefits including, but not limited to, health insurance, pension calculations, anniversary dates, or any employee service rating or eligibility for promotion. The Circuit Attorney will still be required to make all appropriate deductions for health insurance and pensions from the accounts for employees under the Circuit Attorney's control.

All employees, except for employees on duty on the following dates in offices where the Circuit Attorney's responsibilities and state statutes require designated employees to be on duty on the following dates, shall be "furloughed" for eight (8) hours on the following dates:

February 21st May 9th
October 11th November 26th
December 31st

The Circuit Attorney shall pay employees required to work on the above-referenced days for such work and shall require such employees to take eight (8) hours of furlough on an alternate day. All employees in positions which have been determined to be exempt pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act shall be required to take an additional forty (40) hours of furlough time in addition to the days designated above which must be taken in eight (8) hour increments no later than June 18, 2011. The Circuit Attorney shall prepare a list of dates from which such exempt employees may choose additional "furlough" dates in eight (8) hour increments, and shall require each exempt employee to take a minimum of five (5) eight (8) hour increments as "furlough" in addition to the "furlough" dates specifically listed above.


The Circuit Attorney shall grant holiday leave with pay, holiday pay, or compensatory holiday time off in lieu of pay to employees working full-time who are paid a bi-weekly rate on the following days:


Third Monday in January Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 12 Lincoln's Birthday
Last Monday in May Memorial Day
July 4 Independence Day
First Monday in September Labor Day
November 11 Veterans' Day
Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day
December 25 Christmas Day

The Circuit Attorney shall not grant holiday leave with pay, holiday pay, or compensatory holiday time off except as provided in this Section. At the end of FY 11, the paid holiday schedule will revert back.

Employees working full-time and paid a bi-weekly rate whose pay is established in this compensation ordinance shall receive leave with pay, pay or compensatory time off in lieu of pay as holiday compensation in an amount that is proportionate to the number of hours the employee is regularly scheduled to work in a day or shift. For example, employees working an average of forty (40) hours a week, five (5) days a week, eight (8) hours a day shall receive eight (8) hours of compensation for the holiday; employees working an average of forty (40) hours a week, four (4) days a week, ten (10) hours a day shall receive ten (10) hours of compensation for the holiday.

When the day of observance of a holiday is changed by State or Federal law, it will be so observed by the City of St. Louis. When the day of observance of a holiday is changed by State or Federal executive action, the Mayor shall determine the day of observance by the City of St. Louis. When one of the above enumerated holidays occurs on Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as the holiday. When one of the above holidays occurs on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the holiday.

The Circuit Attorney shall determine the manner of granting holidays. When full-time employees are required to work on a holiday they shall be entitled to compensation for the holiday and the hours actually worked. Compensation for the holiday shall be in an amount proportionate to the number of hours an employee is regularly scheduled to work in a day or shift.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, when a City holiday falls on an employee's regularly scheduled day off, the employee shall be entitled to have compensatory time added to his/her balance in an amount proportionate to the number of hours regularly scheduled in a day or shift.
The holiday compensation procedures established by this section shall apply to full-time employees paid a bi-weekly rate. Part-time bi-weekly paid employees shall be compensated for holidays in proportion to the percentage of time they are regularly scheduled to work. Employees paid on an hourly or per performance basis shall not be entitled to holiday compensation.

In the event that the holiday schedule established in this section is revised, employees who are granted compensatory time in lieu of all holidays shall have their leave benefits adjusted accordingly.
SECTION EIGHT. Emergency Clause. This being an ordinance for the preservation of public peace, health and safety, it is hereby declared to be an emergency measure within the meanings of Sections 19 and 20 of article IV of the Charter of the City of St. Louis and therefore shall become effective immediately upon its passage and approval by the Mayor.

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