BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Title 17

St. Louis City Revised Code (annotated) has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

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Title 17



17.02 Definitions

17.04 Traffic and Transportation Administrator  

17.06 Enforcement and Obedience

17.07 Automated Traffic Control Systems

17.08 Traffic Control Devices

17.08 Part I In General

17.08 Part II Traffic Regulations

17.10 Speed Regulations

17.12 Turning Movements

17.14 Emergency Vehicles

17.16 Miscellaneous Traffic Rules

17.18 Motorcycles and Motorized Bicycles

17.20 Pedestrians Rights and Duties

17.22 Loading Zones and Entrance Clearances

17.23 Commercial Vehicle Loading

17.24 Parking

17.26 Election Day Parking

17.28 Street Cleaning

17.30 Trucks

17.32 Equipment Required on Vehicles  

17.34 Traffic Violation Bureau  

17.36 Bicycles and Similar Devices  

17.37 Motorized Scooters  

17.38 Snow Emergency  

17.40 Penalties


17.50 Pedestrian Travel

17.52 Vehicle Licenses

17.53 Operation of Motor Vehicles Without Maintaining Financial Responsibility

17.54 Repossession of Vehicles

17.55 Cruising

17.56 Vehicle Towing Code

17.56 Part I Abandoned and Illegally Parked Vehicles

17.56 Part II Removal

17.56 Part III Impoundment and Redemption

17.56 Part IV Final Disposition

17.56 Part V Miscellaneous Provisions

17.58 Parking of Vehicles Underneath City Hall and Municipal Courts Building

17.60 Parking of Vehicles on Grounds of Juvenile Detention Center

17.61 Parking on Rutger Street

17.62 Parking Meters
17.62 Part I Parking Meter Commission
17.62 Part II Installations and Temporary Removals
17.62 Part III Payment, Collection and Penalties

17.63 Parking Violations—Incapacitation of Vehicle by City

17.64 Limited Access Streets

17.66 Restricted Use on Locust Street

17.68 Regulation of Trucks by Weight

17.69 Vehicles Transporting Flammable Liquids

17.70 Parking in Forest and Wilmor Parks

17.71 Reserve Parking for Circuit Attorney's Office Vehicles

17.72 Reserve Parking for Police Vehicles

17.73 Parking of Recreational Motor Vehicles

17.74 Overdimensional Vehicles

17.75 Parking for Excise Division Investigators

17.76 Parking for Disabled Persons

17.77 Space Requirements for Disabled Parking

17.78 Vehicle Noise

17.79 Parking for Neighborhood Stabilization Officers and Business Assistance Specialists

17.80 Overnight Parking of Recreational Vehicles

17.82 Child Passenger Restraint System
17.83 Wireless Telephones
17.84 Safety Belts
17.86 Bridge Toll Gates
17.88 Parking—Stacking Devices
17.90 Central West End North Residential Parking District

17.91 Hartford Street Residential Parking District

17.92 Waterman/DeGiverville Residential Parking District

17.93 Parking in the Third Ward
17.94 Motor Vehicles Used to Facilitate Violations

17.95 Maryland Avenue Parking District

17.96 Parking for Division of  Health Employees

17.97 Parking around Mel Carnahan Courthouse

17.98 Parking of Medical Examiners’ Vehicles

17.99 Parking Commission Finance Corporation

17.100 O’Fallon/West Florissant Residential Parking District

17.101 Buckingham Court Residential Parking District

17.102 Laclede-Forest Park-Newstead Parking District

17.103 Kentucky and Talmage Residential Parking District

17.104 4500 Block of Chouteau Avenue Residential Parking District

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