BULLETSt. Louis City Revised Code Title 11

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Title 11


11.02 Solid Waste Disposal

11.02 Part I Definitions

11.02 Part II Refuse Collection And Disposal Generally

11.02 Part III Refuse Container Requirements

11.02 Part IV Garbage Collection Permits

11.02 Part V Sanitary and Demolition Landfills

11.02 Part VI Violations and Enforcement

11.03 Solid Waste Management District

11.04 Weeds

11.05 Relocation Policy

11.05 Part I Adoption—Enforcement

11.05 Part II General

11.05 Part III Adminstrative Matters

11.05 Part IV Relocation Notices and Assistance

11.05 Part V. Payments for Moving and Related Expenses

11.06 Redevelopment Procedures for Blighted Areas

11.07 Procedures for Obsolete Areas

11.08 Rodent, Insect and Pest Control

11.08 Part I Fumigation—Permits and Licenses

11.08 Part II Fumigation—General Regulations

11.08 Part III Rat Control

11.10 Public Drinking Fountains

11.12 Odorizing Gas

11.14 Transportation of Certain Substances on Streets

11.15 Transportation of Radioactive Materials

11.16 Privies

11.18 Littering

11.20 Insane Persons

11.22 Lead Poisoning

11.24 Dangerous Drugs, Medicines and Insecticides

11.26 Fluoride

11.28 Abortions

11.30 Rendering Plants

11.31 Smoke Free Air Act

11.32 Smoking

11.32 Part I Sports Arenas

11.32 Part II Public Areas

11.32 Part III Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors

11.33 Conduct on Public Transportation

11.34 Air Pollution

11.35 Asbestos Inspection and Abatement

11.36 Food Handling and Display

11.38 Food Inspection and Supervision

11.40 Adulteration

11.42 Restaurants

11.42 Part I. Food Code

11.42 Part II Food Care

11.42 Part III Licenses—Gross Receipts Tax

11.42 Part IV Emergency First Aid Procedures

11.44 Markets

Part I City Markets

Part II Open Air Farmers and Produce Market

11.46 Milk

11.48 Meat and Meat Products

11.50 Fish and Fish Products

11.51 Frozen Desserts

11.51 Part I Definitions

11.51 Part II Permits

11.51 Part III Inspection and Examination and Standards

11.51 Part IV Santitation Standards for Plants

11.51 Part V Miscellaneous ReguIations

11.52 Comfort Stations

11.54 Contraceptives

11.56 Disease and Disease Prevention

11.56 Part I General Provisions

11.56 Part II Communicable Disease

11.56 Part III Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11.56 Part IV Quarantine

11.58 Nuisances

11.58 Part I Abatement

11.58 Part II Conditions Numerated

11.60 Drugs

11.60 Part I Inhaled Gases

11.60 Part II Part II Drugs and Derivatives

11.60 Part III Contorlled Substance Possession

11.61 Paraphernalia for Use With Illegal Drugs

11.62 Births, Deaths and Burial

11.62 Part I Moving Dead Bodies

11.62 Part II Burials and Crematories

11.62 Part III Disinterment

11.62 Part IV Cemeteries

11.62 Part V Bureau of Vital Statistics

11.62 Part VI Morgue  

11.64 Hazardous Substance Cleanup

11.66 Open Storage of Sand and Gravel

11.68 Commercial Blood Vendor Registration

11.70 Tire Storage

11.72 Roominghouse or Hotel Detrimental to Neighborhood

11.74 Diphenhydramine

11.75 Ephedrine or Pseudo Ephedrine

11.76 Distribution of Free Tobacco Products

11.78 Laser Beams

11.79 Swimming Pool Regulations

11.80 Satellite Dish Antennas, Satellite Antennas or Other Similar Devices

11.81 Groundwater


Art. I 1 (25) Nuisances, etc.

Art. I 1 (26) Location of businesses and occupations.

Art. I 1 (29) Construction of buildings and maintenance of premises.

Art. XIII 14-C Department of health and hospitals.

Art. XIII 15 (e) Department of public safety--Building commissioner.


Article XII. Public health and welfare.

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