BULLETSt. Louis City Revised Code Title 8

St. Louis City Revised Code (annotated) has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

Official printed copies of St. Louis City Revised Code may be obtained from the Register's Office at the St. Louis City Hall.

Title 8

8.02 Licenses

8.04 Merchants and Manufacturers Tax Equalization Board

8.06 Business License Tax

8.07 Graduated Business License Tax

8.08 Entertainment License Tax

8.10 Cigarette Occupation Tax

8.12 Contractors

8.12A Contractors

8.13 Alarm Businesses

8.14 Ambulances

8.16 Arcades

8.18 Auctions and Auctioneers

8.20 Banks, Brokers, Insurance and Bonding Companies

8.22 Barbers

8.24 Bathhouses

8.25 Bed and Breakfast Establishments

8.26 Billiard and Pool Rooms

8.28 Bottle Registration

8.28 A Brick Dealers

8.29 Cable Television

8.29A Cable Television Franchise
8.29B Cable Television Franchise Renewal--St. Louis Tele-Communications
8.29C Broadband Internet Access

8.30 Commission Merchants and Merchandise Brokers

8.32 Dance Halls

8.34 Dance Studios

8.36 Detective Agencies

8.37 Domestic Partnerships

8.38 Embalmers

8.40 Employment Agencies

8.41 Firearms Manufacture

8.43 Horse-Drawn Vehicles

8.44 Information Date Bureaus

8.46 Insurance Adjustors

8.50 Junkyards

8.52 Laundries and Dry Cleaning

8.54 Manufacturers

8.55 Massage Therapists and Massage Facilities

8.56 Merchants

8.58 Miniature Pony Tracks

8.60 Mining

8.62 Motor Buses

8.64 Motor Carrier Transportation Brokers

8.66 Motor Fuel Dealers

8.68 (Repealed)

8.70 Parking Stations

8.72 Pawnbrokers

8.74 Photographers

8.75 Plumbers

8.75A Private Security Personnel

8.76 Public Garages

8.78 Public Photographic Studios

8.80 Real Estate Agents and Brokers

8.82 Secondhand Dealers and Junk Dealers

8.82 Part I Secondhand Dealers
8.82 Part II Junk Dealers

8.83 Service Stations

8.84 Solicitations

8.86 Solid Fuel

8.88 Steam

8.90 Stockyards, Sales Stables and Cattle Dealers

8.92 Street Railways

8.96 Surveyors

8.97 Tattoo Parlors

8.98 Taxicabs and Service Cars

8.98 Part I Definitions and Exemptions
8.98 Part II Certificate of Convenience and Necessity
8.98 Part III Taxicabs - Insurance
8.98 Part IV Taxicabs - Licensing
8.98 Part V Regulations for Taxicabs
8.98 Part VI Registration of Taxicab Drivers
8.98 Part VII Taxicab and Drivers - Responsibilities and Regulations
8.98 Part VIII Director of Streets - Taxicab Duties and Responsibilities
8.98 Part IX Service Cars
8.98 Part X Hotel and Motel Courtesy Transportation Vehicles

8.100 Theaters, Shows and Other Public Amusements

8.100 Part I General Provisions
8.100 Part II Shows, Exhibits and Roundabouts
8.100 Part III Theaters
8.100 Part IV Theatrical Employment Agenicies
8.100 Part V Golf Courses
8.100 Part VI Athletic an Sporting Events

8.102 Ticket Brokers

8.104 Towel Supply Companies

8.106 Undertakers

8.108 Vault Cleaners

8.108A Vendors

8.108A Part I Vendors License
8.108A Part II Sidewalk and Vehicle Vendors
8.108A Part III Festival Vendors
8.108A Part IV Itinerant Vendors
8.108A Part V General Provisions

8.109 Vendors at Fairs and Festivals

8.110 Wreckers

8.114 Miscellaneous Vocations

8.116 Location and Operation of Certain Businesses


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