BULLETSt. Louis City Revised Code Title 3

St. Louis City Revised Code (annotated) has been converted to electronic format by the staff of the St. Louis Public Library. This electronic version has been done for the interest and convenience of the user. These are unofficial versions and should be used as unofficial copies.

Official printed copies of St. Louis City Revised Code may be obtained from the Register's Office at the St. Louis City Hall.

Title 3

3.02 General Provisions

3.04 Mayor

3.06 Board of Aldermen

3.08 City Courts

3.10 Law Department

3.12 Board of Police Commissioners

3.14 City Marshal

3.16 Legal Services

3.17 Circuit Attorney

3.18 Register

3.20 Recorder of Deeds

3.22 Coroner

3.24 Fire Department

3.24 Part I.General Provisions

3.24 Part II. Bureau of  Fire Prevention

3.24 Part III. Fire Alarm System

3.24 Part IV. Legal Defense of Firemen

3.24 Part V. Arson Investigation Detail

3.24 PART VI. Mutual Fire Protection Services

3.26 Board of Public Service

3.28 President of Board of Public Service

3.29 Equipment Services Division to Department of President of Board of Public Service

3.30 Department of Public Utilities

3.32 Department of Streets

3.36 Department of Welfare

3.36  Part I. Director of  Welfare

3.36 Part II. Commissioner of Children's Services

3.36 Part III. Board of Children's Services

3.36 Part IV. Commitment of Delinquent Children

3.36 Part V. Bellefontaine Farms

3.36 Part VI. Meramec Hills

3.36 Part VII. Division of Adult Services

3.36 Part VIII. Board of Adult Welfare Services

3.36 Part IX. Board of Commissioners of the Bryan Mullanphy Emigrant and Treveler's Relief Fund

3.36 Part X. St. Louis Area Agency on Aging

3.36 Part XI. Relocation Services

3.36 Part XII. Youth Services

3.36 Part XIII. Human Resources Planning and Development Officer

3.36 Part XIV. Office of Consumer Affairs

3.36 Part XV. Office of the Disabled

3.38 Department of Health and Hospitals

3.40 City Emergency Management Agency

3.42 Human Development Corporation

3.43 Information Technology Services Agency

3.44 Civil Rights Enforcement Agency

3.45 Special Events

3.46 Model City Agency

3.47 Community Development Administration

3.48 Planning and Urban Design Agency

3.50 Libraries—Deposit of City Reports

3.52 City Journal

3.54 City Vehicles

3.56 Public Buildings and Property

3.56 Part I. City Hall ans Municipal Courts

3.56 Part II. Henry W. Kiel Auditorium

3.56 Part III. Soldier's Memorial Building

3.56 Part IV. Refreshment Stands in Public Buildings

3.56 Part VI. U.S. Flag in Public Places

3.56 Part V. Discrimination in Public Places

3.57 Arts and Humanities Commission

3.58 Athletic Commission

3.59 Affordable Housing Commission

3.60 Charity Solicitations Commission

3.62 Convention Center and Auditorium Commission

3.64 Convention and Tourism Bureau

3.66 Commission on Crime and Law Enforcement

3.67 Metropolitan Corrections Commission

3.70 Municipal Bridge Commission

3.74 Planetarium Commission

3.76 Youth Commission

3.78 Agency on Training and Employment

3.80 Regional Criminal Justice Computerized Information Processing Service

3.81 Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board

3.82 Land Reutilization Authority

3.83 Tax Increment Financing Commission

3.84 Planned Industrial Expansion Authority

3.85 Land Clearance For Redevelopment Authority

3.86 Neighborhood Rehabilitation

3.87 Neighborhood Improvement Districts

3.88 St. Louis Transition Center for the Homeless

3.90 First Source Jobs Policy

3.91 Professional Sports Facility

3.92 Memorandums of Understanding

3.94 Transfer of Agreements

3.96 Forest Park Advisory Board

3.97 Professional Service Contracts

3.98 Professional Service Agreements

3.99 Living Wage

3.100 Public Records

3.105 Gateway Mall Advisory Board

3.110 Public Works Contracts

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