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Chapter 26.88
Zoning Administrator


26.88.010 Creation and purpose.
26.88.020 Duties and authority.

26.88.010 Creation and purpose.

The office of the Zoning Administrator is hereby created within the Department of Public Safety. The Building Commissioner may, with the approval of the Director of Public Safety, appoint one (1) or more additional members of his department, as well as members of other City departments who have a particular skill or competence to act for the Zoning Administrator. The term "Zoning Administrator" as elsewhere used in this zoning ordinance shall be deemed to include such appointees.
(Ord. 59979 23 (part), 1986.)

26.88.020 Duties and authority.

The Zoning Administrator shall enforce and perform those tasks necessary for administration of this zoning code. In addition to, and incidental to this authority, the Zoning Administrator:

A. May conduct inspections of all buildings, structures and land uses to determine compliance with this zoning code;

B. Shall approve all zoning certificates and make and maintain records thereof;

C. Shall approve all certificates of occupancy, and make and maintain records thereof;

D. Shall receive, check for compliance with the various submission requirements contained herein, file and forward to the appropriate officials or bodies all applications, special permits, variances and amendments to this zoning code and seek the recommendations from such officials and bodies as are required to properly enforce this title;

E. Shall forward to the Board of Adjustment all papers constituting the record upon which actions appealed from are taken;

F. May report in writing to the Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen on the administration of the zoning code with special attention to enforcement problems and deficiencies in its contents, procedures and standards;

G. Shall sit as ex officio Secretary on the Board of Adjustment, without a vote;

H. Shall notify in writing, if any violations of the provisions of this zoning code are found, the persons responsible for such violation. In giving this notification, the zoning administrator shall indicate the nature of the violation and order the action necessary to correct it. The zoning administrator shall order discontinuation of any illegal use of land, buildings or structures, removal of illegal buildings or structures or of illegal additions or alterations, discontinuance of any illegal work being done, or take any other action authorized by this zoning code to ensure compliance with or to prevent violation of its provisions;

I. May grant or deny minor waivers from the enforcement of requirements of this zoning code in accordance with standards stated below, provided, that any person aggrieved by any such decision of the Zoning Administrator may appeal to the Board of Adjustment pursuant to Chapter 26.84 and no fee shall be paid for filing such an appeal:

1. To permit the reduction in the number of required parking spaces for joint use of parking facilities when evidence shows that the peak parking demand of the different uses occurs at different times,

2. To increase, by not more than twenty-five percent (25%), the maximum distance that required parking spaces may be located from the uses served,

3. To vary the size of the required parking space to allow for dedicated small car parking areas in parking lots which have a low turnover, such as parking for office uses. The small car spaces may be permitted to be seven and a half (7.5) feet by sixteen (16) feet in size,

4. To vary the front, side or rear yards, required of a main or accessory building to allow it to conform to the existing setbacks of abutting or adjacent property,

5. To vary the front, side or rear yards, required of a main or accessory building if evidence is provided showing a need for reduction of yard depths to provide for a permitted use that cannot be provided for by any other permissible means,

6. To increase the height of any accessory structure, and

7. To permit minor repairs or alterations of a nonconforming structure.
(Ord. 67401 2, 2007: prior: Ord. 59979 23 (part), 1986.)

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