BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 25.12 Contractors to Post Signs

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Chapter 25.12
Contractors to Post Signs


25.12.010 Specifications of signs.
25.12.020 Definitions.

City Counselor Ops.: 8769

25.12.010 Specifications of signs.

Every contractor and subcontractor erecting, altering, repairing, with the exception of minor repairs, repairs, removing or demolishing of any building or other structure for which a building permit is required under the provisions of the building code of the city to place and maintain a sign on the front of the premises where such work is being performed at least two (2) feet in height and two (2) feet in width, setting forth in letters of at least two (2) inches in height and two (2) inches in width the name, address and telephone number of the contractor or subcontractor thereon during the period of time from the beginning of such work until the completion of such work by such contractor or subcontractor.
(Ord. 50062 1, 1960: 1960 C. 410.010.)

25.12.020 Definitions.

The term of "contractor" for the purpose of this chapter shall mean the person, firm or corporation engaged by the owner of the property, his agent, lessee or tenant to perform work requiring a building permit. The term "subcontractor" shall mean the person, firm or corporation engaged by the contractor to perform a part or portion of the work to carry out the terms of the contract or agreement with the owner, his agent, tenant or lessee of the owner.
(Ord. 50062 2, 1960: 1960 C. 410.020.)

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