BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 24.48 Administration and Enforcement

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Chapter 24.48
Administration and Enforcement


24.48.010 Administration.
24.48.020 Enforcement--Generally.
24.48.030 Penalty for violation--Generally.
24.48.040 Savings provision.

24.48.010 Administration.

The Preservation Board with the prior approval of the Planning Commission may issue regulations consistent with this title to facilitate administration of this title. Copies of any such regulations shall be made available for the public in the Office of the Preservation Board and furnished to the City Register.
(Ord. 64689 65, 1999.)

24.48.020 Enforcement--Generally.

The Preservation Board and the Cultural Resources Office shall each have the power to enforce this title and to restrain any violation thereof. In addition to other available remedies, the Preservation Board may institute any appropriate action or proceeding in the name of the City to restrain any construction, alteration or demolition in violation of this title, to correct or abate any such violation or otherwise to enforce this title. The City Counselor shall represent the Preservation Board in any such suit at the request of the Preservation Board.
(Ord. 64689 66, 1999.)

24.48.030 Penalty for violation--Generally.

Every person convicted of a violation of any provisions of this title shall be subject to the punishment set forth in Section 1.12.010 of the municipal code. Each day that any violation shall continue it shall constitute a separate offense.
(Ord. 64689 67, 1999.)

24.48.040 Savings provision.

Any act done or right vested or accrued, or any proceeding, suit or prosecution had or commenced in any cause before the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title shall not be affected by this title; but every act done, or right vested or accrued, or proceeding, suit or prosecution had or commenced shall remain in full force and effect to all intents and purposes as if prior law had remained in full force and effect. No offense committed and no liability or penalty incurred prior to the effective date of said ordinance, shall be discharged or affected by this title; but prosecutions and suits for such offenses, liabilities or penalties shall be instituted and proceeds with in all respects as if this ordinance had not taken effect.
(Ord. 64689 68, 1999.)

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