BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 24.36 Preservation Review Districts

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Chapter 24.36
Preservation Review Districts


24.36.010 Established.
24.36.020 Public hearing required--Notice.

24.36.010 Established.

Preservation Review Districts may be established by ordinance for areas of the City in which the Board of Aldermen finds, by ordinance, reviews of the effects of demolitions on the area are in the public interest. Prior to adoption of a Preservation Review District ordinance, (1) the alderman for the ward in which the proposed district is located shall have requested the Cultural Resources Office and the Preservation Board to assess the architectural and/or cultural quality of the proposed district, and (2) within forty-five (45) days thereafter the Cultural Resources Office and the Preservation Board shall have reported its findings to the Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen. The Cultural Resources Office and the Preservation Board shall assess the proposed district as having (1) high historic district potential; (2) possible historic district potential; (3) low historic district potential; (4) demolitions within the last two years in excess of the average for similar areas in the City. Districts which are reported as being in categories (1), (2) or (4) may be designated Preservation Review Districts. Preservation Review District ordinances may be repealed by ordinance at any time without Cultural Resources Office or Preservation Board action.
(Ord. 64689 55, 1999.)

24.36.020 Public hearing required--Notice.

No ordinance designating a Preservation Review District shall be adopted until the aldermanic committee to which the bill is assigned shall have conducted a public hearing on the bill. Notice of the hearing shall be given in a newspaper of daily circulation and in the City Journal at least ten days prior to such committee hearing.
(Ord. 64689 56, 1999.)

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