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Chapter 24.28


24.28.010 Appeals from decisions of the Preservation Board--Generally.

24.28.010 Appeals from decisions of the Preservation Board--Generally.

In reviewing decisions of the Preservation Board under Sections 24.20.120 and 24.40.060, the Planning Commission shall be limited to determining the correctness of the provisional decision by reviewing the record as adduced before the Preservation Board in light of the applicable and appropriate standard. The Planning Commission may consider both oral and written arguments but no new or additional evidence may be considered. The Planning Commission may continue or adjourn the meeting, or schedule additional sessions to permit full consideration. The Planning Commission shall issue its decision within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the review, provided, that if a majority of the Planning Commission finds the matter is unusually complex or that argument is unusually extensive, or both, issuance of its decision may be deferred until not later than sixty (60) days after the conclusion of the consideration. The Planning Commission shall, in writing, affirm, reverse or modify the decision of the Preservation Board. No request for reconsideration or rehearing shall be allowed. The Planning Commission shall give written notice of its decision to all affected parties. The decision shall constitute notice to the aggrieved party of the finality of the Preservations Board's decision for purposes of Section 536.110 RSMo. The Planning Commission may promulgate rules, consistent herewith, and with other applicable law, concerning the conduct of review of provisional decisions from the Preservation Board.
(Ord. 64925 3, 2000: prior: Ord. 64689 53, 1999.)

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