BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 23.48 DIVISION III Underground Conduits

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Chapter 23.48
Underground Conduits


23.48.010 Permit--Application.
23.48.020 Board to notify interested persons of proposed conduit.
23.48.030 Regulations.
23.48.040 Free use of duct for police and fire communication.
23.48.050 Terms defined.

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Power company, by acceptance of terms prescribed by ordinance, obtained authority to erect poles and string overhead wires in district outside of the restricted underground district. Frolichstein v. Cupples Station Light, Heat & Power Co., 201 Mo. App. 162, 210 S.W. 90 (1919).

23.48.010 Permit--Application.

Whenever any person affected by this article (chapter) shall elect, or shall find it necessary in order to comply with the order of the board, to place in underground conduits, wires, tubes or cables which have been ordered removed as provided for in Section 23.44.190, he shall notify the board of public service to that effect and shall file with the board an application for a permit to construct underground conduits, manholes and appurtenances for this purpose. The application shall state in detail the street or public place in which the proposed conduits, manholes and appurtenances are to be constructed and be accompanied by a plat showing the number and size of the ducts in such proposed conduit and the route thereof. This proposed conduit shall be subject to the approval of the board.
(1948 C. Ch. 50 68: 1960 C. 582.010.)

23.48.020 Board to notify interested persons of proposed conduits.

Upon receipt of an application and a plat as provided in Section 23.48.010, the board of public service shall immediately notify, in writing, each person whose wires, tubes and cables have been ordered removed, that it has received such application and that for a period of fifteen days it will continue to receive similar applications for the construction of conduits in the street or public place named in the notice from all persons who may elect or may find it necessary to place in underground conduits their wires, tubes and cables which have been ordered removed as provided by this title. At the expiration of this period, the board shall consider the application and shall, if it approves it, issue permits in accordance therewith.
(1948 C. Ch. 50 69: 1960 C. 582.020.)

23.48.030 Regulations.

The work of constructing and installing conduits, manholes and appurtenances shall conform to such regulations as may be prescribed by the board and shall be done under the supervision and to the satisfaction of the department of public utilities.
(1948 C. Ch. 50 70: 1960 C. 582.030.)


Consent by "municipal authorities" required by statute for the laying of electrical conductors means the legislative authorities acting by ordinance. Holland Realty & Power Co. v. City of St. Louis, 221 S.W. 51, 282 Mo. 180 (1920).

23.48.040 Free use of duct for police and fire communication.

Every person constructing conduits, manholes and appurtenances as provided for in this Chapter shall lay in each line of conduit one duct for the exclusive use by the city for the police and fire alarm telegraph and telephone system owned and operated by it. The location of this duct shall be designated in the permit. The duct so reserved for the use of the city shall be laid, constructed, and the use thereof permitted free of cost to the city.
(1948 C. Ch. 50 71: 1960 C. 582.040.)

23.48.050 Terms defined.

The terms "streets" and "public places" as used in this Chapter shall not be construed as including alleys. Nothing contained in this Chapter is intended, nor shall be construed, as granting a franchise.
(1948 C. Ch. 50 72: 1960 C. 582.050.)

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