BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 23.10 Division I Abuse of Water Privileges

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Chapter 23.10
Abuse of Water Privileges


23.10.010 Abuse requires meter.
23.10.020 Use of meter to determine excessive water use.
23.10.030 Water shut off.
23.10.040 Misuse of water--Abusing waterworks.

23.10.010 Abuse requires meter.

Any person to whom a bill is issued for the use of water at a flat rate who shall use or allow to be used, water from the premises designated in his bill for any other purpose than that specified therein, or shall allow any person not having paid for the use of water from such premises to use water from such premises, or who shall allow any hydrant to remain exposed to public use, or shall suffer or permit any unnecessary waste of water therefrom, or shall negligently suffer or permit the water to waste because of the plumbing fixtures being out of repair, or otherwise, shall be deprived of the privilege of having a flat rate assessed against the premises. The Water Commissioner shall place a meter on that connection and the water supplied to those premises thereafter shall be paid for at the meter rates prescribed by ordinance.
(Ord. 48646 5 (part), 1958: prior: 1960 C. 550.010: 1948 C. Ch. 55 13 (part).)

23.10.020 Use of meter to determine excessive water use.

The Water Commissioner is authorized to place a meter on any connection to the City mains, at his own discretion, for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of water flowing through such connection, and should he find that there is an excessive use of water on such premises, payment shall be made thereafter at meter rates.
(Ord. 48646 5 (part), 1958: prior: 1960 C. 550.020: 1948 C. Ch. 55 13 (part).)

23.10.030 Water shut off.

Any consumer of water through a metered connection who shall continue to allow the unnecessary waste of water through defective plumbing, carelessness or otherwise, after the Water Commissioner has notified him of such defect shall have the water shut off from his premises, and it shall not be again turned on until such time as he may be able to show evidence satisfactory to the Water Commissioner that the unnecessary waste of water will be discontinued. Such consumer shall not be entitled to any claim for damages due to his water supply being shut off.
(1960 C. 550.030: 1948 C. Ch. 55 14.)


34.23 Rules as to shutting off supply

34.188, 34.195 Cutting off water supply

34.90 Grounds for refusal to supply

23.10.040 Misuse of water--Abusing waterworks.

Any person violates this chapter who shall himself, or by any of his family, agents, tenants, or servants, take water from the waterworks without a permit for the use of water, or who shall without lawful authority open any fireplug, stopcock, valve or other fixture appertaining to such works, or who shall injure, deface or impair any part, or appurtenance of the waterworks, or shall throw or cast anything into the reservoirs of the works.
(Ord. 63245 5, 1994: prior: Ord. 48646 6, 1958: 1960 C. 550.040: 1948 C. Ch. 55 15.)

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