BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 22.36 Dwight F. Davis Tennis Tournament Center

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Chapter 22.36
Dwight F. Davis Tennis Tournament Center


22.36.010 Created--Location.
22.36.020 Fund.
22.36.030 Contract.

City Counselor Ops.: 9585

22.36.010 Created--Location.

There is created the Dwight F. Davis Tennis Tournament Center. The Tennis Tournament Center shall be located in Forest Park in the City and shall be under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, which shall be responsible for the staffing, operation and maintenance of the tournament center. This tournament center shall consist of the number of tennis courts as is practicable and a stadium for educational, recreational, and spectator use.
(Ord. 52952 1, 1965.)

22.36.020 Fund.

The Comptroller is authorized and directed to create a separate fund account to be known as the "Dwight F. Davis Tennis Tournament Center Fund." All moneys received by the City for the purposes set forth in this chapter shall be deposited in the fund, and all moneys appropriated by the City for the purposes described shall be deposited in the fund. The moneys in the fund shall be kept separate and apart from all other moneys and things of value of the City. The Comptroller is authorized to disperse the moneys in the fund for the purposes set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 52952 2, 1965.)

22.36.030 Contract.

The Mayor and the Comptroller shall be authorized and directed to enter into and perform on behalf of the City an agreement by and between the City and the Dwight F. Davis Memorial Tennis Center (a not-for-profit corporation) (hereinafter referred to as "Center"). The contract shall provide:

A. That the "Center" shall conduct fund raising activities for the planning, creating, developing, and constructing of the tennis tournament center;

B. That the City will when financially able assist in the cost of the tournament center;

C. That a fund be created by the "Center" for the moneys collected;

D. That the "Center" will donate and transfer to the City the money so collected;

E. That the "Center" will keep an accurate account of moneys received and disbursed and the Comptroller shall cause an audit at his convenience;

F. That the City accept the moneys so collected and place those moneys in a separate account to be known and designated as the "Dwight F. Davis Tennis Tournament Center Fund";

G. That the City will cause the planning and construction of the tennis tournament center and the "Center" shall have opportunity to object in writing to the plans and, further, that the Board of Public Service shall settle any dispute which shall arise as a result of the plans;

H. That the City will retain all right, title, and interest in the tennis tournament center;

I. That no benefit or profit or other thing of value will inure to any individual, person, firm or corporation;

J. For the disposition of the surplus of funds through an educational or memorial grant connected with the operation and educational and recreational features of the tennis tournament center; and

K. Other things as are deemed necessary and proper for the furtherance of the intent expressed herein.
(Ord. 52952 3, 1965.)

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