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Chapter 21.36
Port Authority Commission


21.36.010 Appointment--Terms--Qualifications--Salaries.
21.36.020 Port Advisory Committee.
21.36.030 Powers and duties of Commission.
21.36.040 Budget preparation.
21.36.050 Jurisdiction.

Prior ordinance history: Ord. 56707: 1960 C. Ch. 299

For provisions on port district, see Ch. 26.116; for rental and lease rates, see Ch. 21.10

City Counselor Ops.: 10146

21.36.010 Appointment--Terms--Qualifications--Salaries.

Pursuant to the requirements of Section 68.045 R.S.Mo. (1978, as amended), the method of appointment, terms, qualifications and salaries of the Port Authority Commission of the City shall be as follows:

A. The Port Authority Commission of the City shall consist of seven members as follows: the Director of Streets shall be a member of the Commission; the Chairman of the Transportation and Commerce Committee of the Board of Aldermen shall be a member (or such other committee to which, pursuant to the rules of the Board of Aldermen, bills affecting the Port District are assigned); five additional members shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen, and shall serve at his discretion for a term of four years except that the terms of the appointive members serving on the Commission on the date this ordinance becomes effective shall continue until their normal expiration dates.

B. Not more than four members of said Commission shall be of the same political party. All members shall be residents of the City. No member shall have a direct, indirect or beneficial interest in any business or enterprise engaged in port related activities. No member shall have any financial interest directly or indirectly in the profits of any contract or business transaction of or with the Port Authority nor shall have any direct or indirect interest in any property, supplies, facilities or equipment sold, purchased or let to or by the Port Authority.

C. The Commission shall have the authority to establish such bylaws, rules and regulations as are necessary for the conduct of its business. All members of the Commission shall serve as such without compensation.
(Ord. 59240 2, 1984: prior Ord. 57326 2, 1977.)

Editor's Note:

Ordinance 59240 was approved August 6, 1984.

21.36.020 Port Advisory Committee.

A Port Advisory Committee is established, the membership, number thereof, duties and organization to be recommended by the Port Commission, for the purpose of providing counsel to the Commission on port activities and port development. Membership on said Committee should include persons having knowledge of the port and may be persons participating in port related business or enterprises. The members of said Committee shall have no vote. They shall, subject to the recommendation of the Commission, be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
(Ord. 57326 3, 1977.)

21.36.030 Powers and duties of Commission.

In addition to the powers granted local port authorities delineated in Chapter 68, Section 68.010 through 68.070 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, Supplement 1975, the Port Authority Commission of the City shall also have the following powers and duties:

A. Study all aspects of safety within the Port District and to establish regulations and standards not subject to federal regulation with respect to mooring, freight, and material handling, fire protection, watercraft, construction, obstructions, personnel and other such matters in the interest of public safety. Any and all such regulations made by the Commission shall be effective for a period of six months and no longer unless such regulation is continued in effect by the Board of Aldermen by the passage of a duly enacted ordinance. Any and all regulations made by the Commission may be nullified or set aside by a duly enacted ordinance of the Board of Aldermen. Any and all such regulations made by the Commission shall be printed in the Journal at least thirty days prior to the effective date thereof.

B. Study and establish land, mooring and related facility use within the Port District and to recommend any zoning changes required to effect such use and to recommend any proposed zoning changes within the Port District.

C. Study and recommend action on any port facilities and methods and funding by the City and study and recommend action on construction of any private port facilities and funding requiring City action.

D. Study and recommend any fees, lease rates, cargo rates or other charges by the City deemed necessary and proper for port development.

E. Investigate operating and financial practices of any port related enterprise operating public owned facilities and to recommend to authorized agencies appropriate corrective action.

F. The Port Authority Commission shall have the general duty to develop industrial facilities within the Port District in addition to those duties delineated in Chapter 68 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, Supplement 1975.
(Ord. 57326 4, 1977.)

21.36.040 Budget preparation.

A. The Port Authority Commission shall annually prepare a budget request for employment of personnel and such other reasonable expenses but not limited to supplies, equipment, printing, contractual services, etc., necessary to carry out the business of the Port Authority. After approval of the Port Commission, the Chairman shall submit said budget request for appropriation from the Port Development Fund, subject to limitations as hereinafter provided, through the City budget process.

B. All gifts, contributions, grants and donations accepted by the Commission shall be deposited in a special cash account known as Port Development Fund and shall be used solely for the purpose indicated.

C. All fees, cargo and lease revenues, land sale revenues and other charges made by the City for port related activities in the Port District and not dedicated to bond retirement shall be deposited in the Port Development Fund.

D. The Board of Estimate and Apportionment shall give first priority to appropriation from the Port Development Fund to the port authority budget, related research and development study, promotion expenditures, maintenance of City owned port facilities, and acquisition and development of land. Any excess funds shall be transferred to general revenue.

E. The Board of Aldermen, from time to time, may appropriate general revenue or other funds to this account for such expenditures, if needed, or for special purposes.

F. The Port Authority Commission may authorize the Chairman and/or Port Administrator of the Commission to disburse such funds as are budgeted or authorized by the Board of Aldermen.
(Ord. 57326 5, 1977.)

21.36.050 Jurisdiction.

The Port Authority Commission of the City shall have jurisdiction over the Port District established in Ordinance 56939, approved March 21, 1975, and as may be amended from time to time.
(Ord. 57326 10, 1977.)

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