BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 20.52 Street Lighting

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Chapter 20.52
Street Lighting


20.52.010 On private streets.
20.52.020 Lighting of utility easements.

20.52.010 On private streets.

The Comptroller and the Director of Public Utilities are authorized to contract to furnish, operate and maintain street lighting along private streets upon annual payment in advance of the cost to the City of maintenance, operation and remaining undepreciated costs.
(Ord. No. 68604, 21, 3-16-2010.)

20.52.020 Lighting of utility easements.

The Department of Public Utilities is authorized and directed to provide lighting of utility easements throughout the City which such lighting installations are to conform to the same design criteria as that established for the City alley lighting program. Said department shall be authorized to let contracts to accomplish this program through the Board of Public Service or in such manner as shall be authorized under the Charter for such program. The utility easement lighting program shall not be extended to include those public places which have been vacated for public surface rights for vehicle, equestrian, and pedestrian travel as recommended by the Board of Public Service and in accordance with Charter authority and all in conformity with Section 14, Article XXI of the Charter. Funds to pay for such program shall be appropriated from general revenue and be a part of the operating budget for said installation and all other necessary or reasonable expenses related thereto. Continuation of the lighting installation program and the operation of and maintenance of same shall be contingent upon adequate appropriations in the general operating budget of the Department of Public Utilities.
(Ord. No. 68604, 21, 3-16-2010.)

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