BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 17.98 Parking of Medical Examiners’ Vehicles

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Chapter 17.98
Parking of Medical Examiners’ Vehicles


17.98.010 Prohibited where.
17.98.020 Placards.
17.98.030 Allowed where.
17.98.040 Display of placards.
17.98.050 Unlawful possession of placards.
17.98.060 Penalties designated.

17.98.010 Prohibited where.

The parking of vehicles, except for vehicles used and designated by the Medical Examiners Office, is hereby prohibited:

A. On the south side of Clark Street from the east line of 13th Street to a point 103 feet east of the east line of 13th Street,

B. On 13th Street from 15 feet south of the south curb line of Clark Street to a point south along the Medical Examiner's building and extending to the alley, and

C. Along the south side of the Medical Examiner's building, north of the alley, and from the extension of west wall of the building to the alley and to the extension of the east wall of the building to the alley.
(Ord. 65599 1, 2002.)

17.98.020 Placards.

The Medical Examiner shall issue placards designating the vehicle is being used by the Medical Examiner's Office and said placards shall be conspicuously displayed in any vehicle parked in said restricted area.
(Ord. 65599 2, 2002.)

17.98.030 Allowed where.

Employees for the Medical Examiner as designated by the Medical Examiner, when on official duty, shall be allowed to park, without payment of fees, at any parking meter or contrary to posted "No Parking" zones. In no event will parking be allowed in front of fire plugs, mail boxes, bus stops, wheelchair ramps, within 30 feet of a curbline of any intersection, nor within disabled parking spaces unless vehicle displays a permanent Missouri placard or license plate for the disabled.
(Ord. 65599 3, 2002.)

17.98.040 Display of placards.

Each authorized individual shall display one (1) placard, approved by the Medical Examiner, in either the front or rear window of private or city vehicles, to indicate that the individual is on official City business and is exempt from parking fees, citations, and parking tickets, in accordance with this chapter during normal working hours. The Medical Examiner shall not issue such placards to any person not under the supervision of the Medical Examiner. The Medical Examiner shall have the authority to request cancellation of parking tickets issued contrary to this chapter.
(Ord. 65599 4, 2002.)

17.98.050 Unlawful possession of placards.

It shall be unlawful for any person to have in their possession, use or display a placard indicating the placard was issued by the Medical Examiner when it was not issued by the Medical Examiner.
(Ord. 65599 5, 2002.)

17.98.060 Penalties designated.

Any person convicted of a violation of this chapter shall be punished by a fine of not more than ($500.00) five hundred dollars or imprisonment for not more than 90 days in jail or both such fine and imprisonment.
(Ord. 65599 6, 2002.)

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