BULLET St. Louis City Revised Code Chapter 17.94 Motor Vehicles Used to Facilitate Violations

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Chapter 17.94
Motor Vehicles Used to Facilitate Violations


17.94.010 To be towed.
17.94.020 Court date.
17.94.030 Conditions for release of vehicle.
17.94.040 Redemption--Disposal.

17.94.010 To be towed.

Any motor vehicle used to assist or in any manner facilitate a violation of any City ordinance relating to auto repair, littering, dumping, prostitution, solicitation for prostitution, or towing when a person or persons have been charged with violating a City ordinance pertaining to said enumerated offenses may be made incapacitated or towed by, or at the request of the police department or the City, be driven to the lot that is used for towed motor vehicles.
(Ord. 63787 1, 1996.)

17.94.020 Court date.

Any person charged with a violation whereby a motor vehicle is being held for evidence pursuant to this ordinance shall have a court date within four work days of the violation date.
(Ord. 63787 2, 1996.)

17.94.030 Conditions for release of vehicle.

Any motor vehicle being held pursuant to this chapter shall only be released upon notification by the warrant officer for municipal violations that the motor vehicle is no longer necessary for prosecution and upon payment of towing and storage charges.
(Ord. 63787 3, 1996.)

17.94.040 Redemption--Disposal.

If said motor vehicle is not redeemed in the manner and within the time as prescribed by chapter, it can be disposed of in the same manner as an abandoned vehicle.
(Ord. 63787 4, 1996.)

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